New Orleans Looting

So Hurricane Katrina did make a mess of Orleans. Yes, the power was out and the roads were flooded. The sewage system was flooded and chemical works did contaminate the water. The National Guard were in Iraq instead of Louisiana where they should have been and people did need food. Firms apparently did say have the food and water BUT........... what happened  wasn't quite what they meant. The media showed the looting then the political correctness cut in. They couldn't find any white looters so they stopped showing  [ black ] looters. They weren't saying much about the murders, rapes and cannibalism either. Look for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

HAL TURNER was unkind enough to point out the colour of these business men. Does this make him racist or honest? Source -



Shopping at the free counter, Orleans style.


Looting does not always work.


Of course if you are a copper it is different. Stroll not run. You are the law. You are armed.


Typical inmates of Orleans?,,225270,00.jpg


This is from Biloxi, Mississippi which is not far away. How do they think of these names?,,224526,00.jpg


Whites Saving Blacks While Gangs of Blacks are Killing Whites!
Are we fools for our pains? You just might wonder. Are the media going to make a big play out of this one? Somehow I think not.


Whites in New Orleans are Facing Rape and Genocide at the Hands of Black Mobs
It is not quite genocide but it is murder and racially motivated. This is multiculturalism in action with the benefit of an almost total news black out. Agendas are operational in Orleans and news rooms.

Typical Orleans locals?


From Africa in our Midst: Lessons from Katrina


From Africa in our Midst: Lessons from Katrina


She is not the only one with problems but no help is forthcoming. From Africa in our Midst: Lessons from Katrina


Advance to Contact in Orleans or a bit too nonchalant?


He didn't have the staying power.


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New Orleans Aftermath
here for looting pictures like the one below.


Fill her up takes on a different meaning in New Orleans.


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