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Maurice Pinay is the pseudonym used by priests who did not go along with the perversion of Catholic Church doctrine that came out of the Second Vatican Council. That is why they published The Plot Against the Church in 1962 as a warning to the Bishops attending the Council. It is based on deep historical knowledge of the Jews.

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The Plot Against the Church is a book which documents the two-thousand year holy war and civilisational struggle between the Catholic Church and Talmudic Judaism. It was authored anonymously in 1962 by a group of Catholic clergymen and released under the name of Maurice Pinay, intended to act as a forewarning to attending bishops at the Second Vatican Council. The authors believed there to be and set out to document a Jewish-Masonic-Satanic conspiracy to destroy the Catholic Church and Christianity.

The book was originally published in Spanish, but has since been translated into other languages. It begins by exposing modern political movements, for instance the Jews behind Communism, the Jewish involvement in Freemasonry and its anti-Christian crimes. The book then traces the seed of this deep back into history to what it calls the Synagogue of Satan (the Talmudic religion); the Jewish deicide of Jesus Christ, early murders of Christians and persecution of the Apostles. It also states the Jews were behind the persecutions of the Roman Empire under Nero, through influence over his wife. It documents how the Jews attempted to undermine Christianity through infiltration of the clergy and acted as a fifth column, promoting heresies such as Arianism in alliance with the Jews of Alexandria.

Christians fighting back are cited as St. John Chrysostom, St. Ambrose and St. Cyril. The general struggle in the Middle Ages is documented, focusing on Spain and northern Italy amongs other places. It speaks highly of the Dominican Order as the Church's most efficient defenders in history against the Jewish conspiracy and states that although the initial purpose of the Jesuit Order was positive, it suffered Judeo-masonic infiltration. It criticises National Socialism based on opposition to percieved anti-Slavic "racial-chauvinism", suggesting that had the Germans done more to enlist the Poles and Ukrainians as genuine allies, the Satanic Jews and Bolshevism may have been defeated.

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