Maybe People ARE Waking Up After All?


This comes from The Home of the Green Arrow at Maybe People ARE Waking Up After All?


Given that we're told we are in a "post democratic era", and we're told we are all part of a "global economy", and with global immigrant movements the size of the population of Brazil EACH YEAR.

Given that we have scientists treading a political path to persuade us with deceit, lies, hidden data, and false research of the non-event of man made global warming whilst giving us an earth shattering excuse that if we pay more taxes and cripple our economies we will somehow be "better off".

Given that the entire world suffers from a recession. Caused by a failure of a 'free for all' economic model based on an unbridled capitalism which has made the elite more millions whilst billions are made poorer.

Given that politicians require those same people to pay for the cost of their failure with higher taxes, collapsed home values, and cuts in services, despite millions of people suffer economic and social deprivations along with practical genocide as we see higher unemployment whilst weak Liberal politicians bring in more immigrants to take our jobs.

Given that they impose cultural change on us which will annihilate the indigenous people of Britain within 40 to 50 years unless immigration is reversed.

Given that politicians have presided over nothing but lies, treason, fiddles, cultural suicide, a doubling of national debt, two wars, and an intentional ignoring of the basic rights of Britons to have their own national identity, or a democratic say, or a government which serves the interests of their people including a fulfilment of their basic duty to protect our sovereignty.

Given that we are at war in two countries despite 6 years have passed and over 600,000 people have been killed and yet we're none the wiser of any reason despite our troops are first into battle and are the first to die, whilst immigrants back home cause pandemonium with our people, our culture and our laws.

Given that Britain, like Europe, like America, like Canada, like Russia and like Australia, are all suffering cultural and economic suicide due to mass immigration at times when our own people are jobless and suffering deplorable crimes from immigrants and oppressive laws from the state that's only aim is to make their lives more miserable.

And despite from here to Virginia, all across Europe and down to Canberra, media and politicians are ready only to vilify those who have something to say about it, by calling them 'racists', 'deniers' and fascists if they speak out.

And despite the Labour Party, Tories and LibDems, all support a hammer throwing gang of fascists who seize any moment to blacken the names of British people who's only object is to seek to rescue our country in the face of a media that supports and adopts government policy which advises it to discriminate against the British National Party, whilst it alone remains the only political party to have consistently warned against these things.

The media wonders why a recent poll (conducted in America but surely also reflecting opinion here), shows that only 36% of people trust them.

Maybe people ARE waking up after all?