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If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.
George Orwell
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Blair Is A War Criminal On The Run

31 July 2012

Policeman Killed After Murdering His Wife
A former police detective jailed for life for murdering his partner in front of their two young children was found hanged in his cell today. Peter Foster, 36, who was found guilty of murder last month was discovered by staff at Lewes Prison in the early hours of this morning.

Foster stabbed Detective Constable Heather Cooper, 33, before dumping her body in Blackdown Woods, near Lurgashall, West Sussex, in October last year.
He looks guilty before you go any further into the matter. One wonders why any jury ever believed his evidence. They are all trained liars but some look reasonable. Was it suicide or was he sorted out by someone else? It matters not. There is a bit less evil in the world.


Policewoman Gets Eighteen Months For Fraud
Jailed: Ex-policewoman claimed her daughter had cancer so she could have A YEAR OFF to take her to show jumping events

When police officer Rachel Hewitt told bosses her teenage daughter was desperately ill with cancer they did everything they could to help. She was given compassionate leave, favourable shifts and time off sick – because of depression – as her daughter was battling for her life, a court was told. It went on for two years but, incredibly, it was all a sham. Hewitt, 39, invented the cancer story so she could go to show jumping events with her two daughters, who were both fit and well.

Yesterday she was jailed for 18 months for abusing the trust of her police employers and the colleagues who donated cash to help her supposedly sick child.
It takes eighteen months to make a copper which is to say a trained liar, one who commits perjury as a matter of course.


30 July 2012

Britons Evaded £200 Million In Tax - Guardian Moans While Doing The Same
British clients of an HSBC-owned private Swiss bank that is the focus of a major HM Revenue & Customs investigation are alleged to have evaded tax by an amount likely to exceed £200m, the Observer has learned.

The potential scale of the tax loss will heighten pressure on trade minister Lord Green, who was chairman of HSBC's private banking division during the period the HMRC is investigating. He is already facing questions from MPs about the bank's links to Mexican drug cartels and terrorists that came to light this month in a devastating US Senate investigation. Emails released as part of that investigation showed Green was twice warned about compliance failures and allegations that huge sums were laundered by Mexican drug gangs through a subsidiary of HSBC.
The Capitalist Swine who run the Guardian and propagandize Useful Idiots for the communists have ingenious arrangements for beating the tax man. So does Blair. The plain fact is that Tax is extortion used by politicians to pay off special interests.


Inside England's Most Profitable Area Of Arable Farming
Inside Britain's secret cannabis factories: How criminal gangs are turning our shuttered shops and disused warehouses into drug farms........ The number of cannabis ‘factories’ has doubled in the past four years, and the criminals have become so brazen that they think nothing of taking over a building in the city centre.............. Once again, there’s a clear production line from infant plants through to the mature examples, which take between eight and 12 weeks to grow.........

In fact, this is one industry where Britain is showing every sign of cutting imports and increasing domestic production. Once a major importer of cannabis, the UK now grows the majority of cannabis consumed across the nation, according to the ACPO......... all to feed a British public who, according to the last British Crime Survey, are showing a rise in cannabis consumption; around 2.2 million people aged 16 to 59 use the drug........

But for all the endeavour of the police to bust the factories, when it comes to illicit drugs the overwhelming evidence indicates that all too often the laws of supply and demand outstrip the laws of the land

The average size of a plant, according to growers, would be around 5oz; although it can reach 10oz. Growers would expect to make £100 to £120 per ounce – so one plant could make around £500 or more in profit.
The laws of supply and demand are working. Government sabotage puts prices up while making quality unreliable. One major bonus is local production boosting our Balance of payments. It reduces unemployment. Your accountant will confirm that there significant advantages in the tax position. Drug Legalization makes lots of sense.


Blacks Kill One Of Their Own
A 16-year-old boy who died after being stabbed in the leg by gatecrashers outside a birthday party has been named as Ben Morutare. It is believed the teenager from Walsall, West Midlands, who was known as 'Lil' Ben', died as he tried to protect a friend who was being attacked in nearby Smethwick on Friday night.

A brawl reportedly broke out between two groups and police were called to the disturbance at Smethwick Home Guard and Old Comrades Club just before 1.30am.
The Mail does not tell us the perpetrators were black. The Guardian pretends it never happened. Using facts would confuse their Useful Idiots. The agenda matters more.
Tragic: 16-year-old Ben Morutare died from a stab wound to the leg after being attacked outside a party in Smethwick, West Midlands
This one will be African rather than Caribbean. They cheat more.


29 July 2012

Aurora Colorado Killer Being Used For Major Disarmament Propaganda
The Dark Knight massacre gunman James Holmes has claimed his 13th victim after it was announced that pregnant survivor Ashley Moser suffered a tragic miscarriage. Ashley Moser was eight weeks pregnant when Holmes burst into an Aurora, Colorado cinema theater on July 20th and opened fire killing 12 people and injuring 58 others.
These massacres are a modern phenomenon occurring where people do not have enough guns. The Armed Citizen makes people safer. The Daily Mail is getting as bad as The Guardian, feeding us socialist propaganda such as:-
Outrage over billboard comparing Obama to Dark Knight shooter which says President has 'killed thousands' - It's true of course but that is just a detail. They were only foreigners.
Two more Colorado shooting victims laid to rest in heart-breaking funerals in Ohio and Texas
'Convince me not to kill her': Terrifying moment kidnapped girl saw gun put to her friend's head by sex trafficker
UK shamed into blocking £16m aid to Rwandan 'warmonger' fuelling civil war in neighbouring country
UN treaty to crackdown on international trade in small arms is met with 'greatest force of opposition'… from the NRA
That is one day's cull. The last one indicates the real reason for this flood of propaganda. It is also a lie.  Take the point that if the perpetrator had been a black it would have been blacked out.
Message: The sign compared Barack Obama to Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes
Someone at Ralph Smeed On State-ism saw through the lies, the propaganda, the agenda.

Black Police Get Away With Murdering An Englishman
The last time I saw my brother,  we sat opposite one another firing ideas back and forth. I was working as a copywriter in Nairobi,  desperately trying to come up  with wacky radio advert ideas for car batteries........

Barely a day later, Alexander was dead. Having been arrested by the Kenyan police  in the early hours of the morning, he collapsed in custody after suffering a fatal blow to  the head. Handcuffed by the police to the bed, he died in hospital later that afternoon. He was just 28.

The needless and premature death of a loved one is tragic enough. But in Alexander’s case, it has been compounded by a series of smears, lies and cover-ups. To anyone with even  a basic knowledge of the facts, the circumstances leading to my brother’s death are  all too clear. But more than two months since the incident, no one has been arrested, let alone charged with the killing. And those investigating the case have been the least able, or willing, to uncover the truth.
Blacks murder an Englishmen. Where is the outrage from the white Racists who hate their own?


Israel Obstructs The Peace, And Is Paid Handsomely For It
The right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu has serially defied and insulted foreign leaders, including US President Barack Obama; given the settlers virtual free rein; blocked peace talks with the Palestinians; intimidated and marginalized human rights groups, UN agencies and even the Israeli courts; and fuelled a popular wave of Jewish ethnic and religious chauvinism against the country's Palestinian minority, foreign workers and asylum seekers.....

And yet, the lower Israel sinks in public estimation, the more generous western leaders are in handing out aid and special favours to their wayward ally. The past few days have been particularly shameless. 
Gilad Atzmon, who is that rare beast, an honest Jew told us Jews Buy All Western Politicians For Less Than One Main Battle Tank. I think they cost rather more but his point is very sound.


Israeli Judge Accused Giving Fraudulent Evidence
Israeli judge accused of doctoring transcripts steps down as judicial representative.........
Tel Aviv District Court Deputy President Alshech was harshly criticized in the June report for illegally making both technical and substantial corrections to a court transcript, in order to strengthen a complaint she submitted to the Israel Bar Association against an attorney, Refael Ergaz.

Judicial sources believe Alshech stepped down from the post to reduce the punishment she might receive. Grunis is yet to decide whether she should be merely disciplined or to initiate her removal from the bench altogether.........

Bar Association spokesperson Effi Naveh said: "This was a necessary action that should have been carried out two months ago, immediately following Goldberg's report ... [the] report is unprecedented, and in order to salvage public trust in the judicial system, she must be immediately disciplined or removed from the bench."
Public trust in Israeli judges, if there is any comes from Jews. Palestinians know that Israeli judges are bent, just like Israeli law makers - see Racism in Israel on the point. It may come to pass that they will put her in the same prison as Tzachi Hanegbi, the justice minister.


Israeli Newspaper Writes About Evil. Jews Whine, Jews Hate Truth
They [ Jews ] resent newspapers that report and thereby publicize difficult and disturbing aspects of our country from the neglect of Holocaust survivors to the treatment of the middle classes. Most of all, they see no reason to focus on the problems faced by foreign workers, refugees and Palestinians.

In certain circles, it has become axiomatic that the foundation of the State of Israel marked the beginning of the messianic era. God is on the side of the Jews and moral challenges, especially those relating to anyone outside the religious Zionist camp, must be ignored.
Palestinians do face problems; problems such being murdered, robbed, raped, imprisoned, starved. Their problems are inflicted deliberately, systematically, with malice aforethought by the vicious criminals who run the bandit state of Israel. Of course when Jews face problems they squawk loud and long. They do it even when the alleged problem is a figment of the imagination or grossly exaggerated. The Holocaust® Story is a very profitable example. As to the oppression see The Bureaucracy Of Occupation written by a Jew, which is not available from Amazon.


28 July 2012  

Englishman Jailed For Killing Indian - Racist Newspaper Gloats
Kiaran Stapleton, 21 – who had referred to himself in court as "psycho" – was convicted of murdering the 23-year-old Indian postgraduate student in the early hours of Boxing Day in a random and unprovoked shooting in Manchester city centre. A jury took just 90 minutes on Thursday to decide he was guilty......

The judge said Stapleton had committed a "truly wicked act" and was "highly dangerous" and posed a high risk of serious harm to other people.

He told Stapleton: "In my judgment, this was no impulsive act on your part. It was a piece of cold-blooded, controlled aggression." He said Stapleton had shown the most callous disregard for his victim in laughing and smirking after he shot him and also through his behaviour during the trial, when he frequently grinned and laughed in the dock........ Initially, police regarded the attack as racially motivated, but their investigation found no evidence to support this assertion.
It sounds as though the Englishman was a lunatic. It sounds as though the Guardian is run by Racists who hate England


Vicious, Black Racist Walks Free. Racist Media Cover Up For Her
A WOMAN launched a tirade of abuse during a road rage attack on a terrified mum taking her two children to nursery.

Leanna Greenwood, 30, wept as she was spared an immediate jail term by magistrates in Bristol for the 15 minutes of abuse and threats directed at victim Tanya Thelwell. Greenwood, 30, followed Mrs. Thelwell's car, before getting out and circling the vehicle screaming abuse and threats. She even moved her red Peugeot car because commuters were beeping their horns – intentionally slamming her door against her victim's car – so she could continue the barrage.

A shaken Mrs. Thelwell had to ask someone to take her two upset children into nursery following the attack in Speedwell........

The court heard it was the second time Greenwood had been convicted of a road rage incident and had been handed a suspended prison sentence on the last occasion.

Yesterday magistrates told Greenwood: "This offence is so serious that only a custodial sentence is justified. It was a sustained attack in front of children and was a road rage incident. But because of your personal circumstances we are not going to send you to prison today."
Vicious black with previous walks away laughing up her sleeve while Emma West was the target of a Racist hate campaign fronted by the  Guardian. She was also the victim of a malicious prosecution. Worse yet they put her in prison before trying her on the pretence that she was a lunatic. Her fault was that she was an Englishwoman who told the truth. She was a Political Prisoner

Black perpetrator
PS See if you can work out who paid for her lawyers? If you are not sure then look in the mirror.
PPS Emma Is Still Being Harassed By Corrupt, Racist Criminals


Pakistani Preacher Gets Away With Attempted Murder
A Muslim preacher who tried to strangle his 16-year old daughter after she refused to enter into an arranged marriage with her cousin has escaped jail. Abid Hussain, 56, grabbed the neck of Rabiyah Abid and said: 'If you don't follow my rules I will kill you' after she rejected his plans for her to wed. Hussain also left the teenager in fear of her life as he battered her about the head at the family home above the mosque he runs at Longsight, Manchester........

Sentencing Hussain Judge Michael Leeming said: 'You're a man of high standing in the local Asian community and take your family, culture and religion very seriously. 'Its clear that these offences were committed in the context of your strict religious and cultural beliefs.
Pakistani walks because he is a Pakistani. A half wit judge and a half hearted prosecution are a good way of convincing foreign rogues to try it on.
Free to go: Abid Hussain leaving Manchester Crown Court where the Muslim preacher who tried to strangle his 16-year old daughter avoided jail
A fat surly rogue


Presidential Candidate Panders To Jews
Romney on to Israel as Republicans launch bid for Jewish vote in US
Mitt Romney will meet with Israeli leaders on the latest leg of his three-nation foreign tour in a move that comes as Republican party strategists are making an aggressive pitch for American Jewish voters. As Romney seeks to woo top Israeli figures like prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, defence minister Ehud Barak, foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman and president Shimon Peres in a series of personal meetings on Sunday, his party back home is preparing a massive ad campaign targeted at Jewish Americans........

At a high-profile ceremony, flanked by major American Jewish leaders, Obama posed for pictures as he put pen to paper on the US-Israel Enhanced Security Co-operation Act. Obama also announced he was releasing $70m to fund Israel's "Iron Dome" short-range rocket shield which is a favoured cause of America's pro-Israel lobby.
It is not so much the votes as the influence. Of course if Romney were honest and competent he would be working for American votes and [ try this idea ] American interests. Obama was put into power by criminal Jews using a Forged Birth Certificate


27 July 2012  

The Olympics Begin. Jews Moan
Chimes set to announce official start of London 2012 Games; opening ceremony to feature farm animals, but no memorial for slain Israeli athletes, despite int'l pleas.

LONDON – Bells will ring in unison throughout the UK on Friday morning, heralding the start of the 2012 Olympic Games in London later in the day.

Big Ben, Parliament’s iconic clock tower, will strike 40 times at precisely 8:12 a.m. for three minutes – the first time it will chime out of sequence since 1952, when it tolled to mark the death of King George VI.
The Jews whine about a few Israelis who came unstuck in 1972 but there is not a word about the thousands of Palestinians they have murdered since then.

It sums up their attitude rather well; complaining about being victims as they rob, rape and murder their way round the world.


Jews Steal Dole Money
Israel’s Channel 10 has no trouble finding haredi ‘full time’ yeshiva students who want to work off the books while still collecting government subsidies for their ‘full time’ yeshiva study.
Do haredi yeshiva students really study all day?
Or are many working in jobs for haredi companies that pay them in cash so that the ‘yeshiva students’ can keep their employment secret – thereby keeping their draft exemptions and government subsidies given to them only because they are full time haredi yeshiva students who do not work?.....

Haredi yeshivot, which are supposed to make sure their registered students are actually studying full time, appear to be complicit in this fraud........ Ynet reports that 9 out of 10 haredi yeshiva students filmed in the Channel 10 sting had “extensive knowledge” in “backdoor dealings that were meant to ensure that no one take their tax-payer supplied stipends.” [ Only 90% are expert thieves? - Editor ].......

One haredi yeshiva student, described as being between 19 to 22 years of age, said that while working under the table has always carried risks, there has also always been a solution if the yeshiva student gets caught. He then mentioned the name of a well known haredi politician Ynet does not identify, saying, "I'll talk to [the politician], NIS 1,500 ($370) and it [the loss of benefits and being forced to serve in the Israel Defence Forces] all goes away.”
Jews are liars, Jews are thieves but those with silly hats do not join the army & murder Palestinians. They are idle, not moral. Of course Jews in politics are not corrupt; they are deeply corrupt.
PS   Police Arrest Three Thieving Jews
PPS Robbing Rabbi Caught - Again

25 July 2012

Murdoch's Editors Charged While Police Get Away With Their Crimes
PM's former aide and ex-News International chief will be prosecuted in connection with hacking of Milly Dowler's phone......

The prime minister's former director of communications and Rupert Murdoch's closest confidante in London have been charged with conspiring to hack the phones of more than 600 people, including the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler and 7/7 victim John Tulloch, over a period of up to six years.......

The others facing phone hacking related charges are Stuart Kuttner, former managing editor of the News of the World, Ian Edmondson, former assistant editor (news), Greg Miskiw, a former news editor, Neville Thurlbeck, former chief reporter, James Weatherup, former assistant news editor, and a private investigator, Glenn Mulcaire. Kuttner faces three charges, while Miskiw faces 10 charges. Edmondson faces 12 charges, Thurlbeck eight, and Weatherup eight. Mulcaire is charged over the voicemails of four people: Milly Dowler, Gilchrist, Smith and Clarke.
None of the police who took bribes to supply government information have been charged. Was it only last week the police thug who perpetrated the G20 Massacre walked away laughing after prolonged and strenuous efforts to get away with it? The police are one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in England.


24 July 2012

31,347 US Gun Deaths A Year. That’s Freedom Alleges Murdoch Propaganda Machine
To read this you will have to pay Murdoch.
If Murdoch's hireling were honest he would point out that most murders in America are carried out by blacks and Hispanics. That would be Racist [ Racism is a Marxist construct. ] It would also be true; running counter to government policy which is to incite Third World Immigration in order to destroy England. Murdoch is doing the anti-gun propaganda as subversives are using the United Nations to set up a worldwide ban on guns for civilians. Crime is the excuse; power is the reason.

Her Majesty's Government Let In Another 60 Thousand Bogus Students Last Year
Ministers were accused of having ‘bottled out’ on tackling bogus students last night - as it emerged some 60,000 may have entered the country last year. The study by the MigrationWatch think tank, based on official figures, suggests more than one in four of all non-EU students entering the country last year were not genuine.

The figures will spur demands for a further toughening of the student regime, and reinforce opposition to Lib Dem calls for students to be removed from the immigration numbers altogether. David Cameron, under pressure from Business Secretary Vince Cable and the higher education industry, is considering taking students out of net migration statistics............

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of MigrationWatch said: ‘We now have clear evidence of abuse on a major scale.
Ministers bottling out? Believe it if you want. I settle for treason with a large helping of self interested corruption. Illegal immigrants generate millions of illegal votes.


Somalis Threaten Canadians
Canada must give young Somali Canadians more opportunities to succeed or they will remain at high risk of being recruited into extremist organizations and gangs, two ministers from the independent government of Puntland in northeast Somalia said.

The government ministers – both are [ allegedly ] Canadian and Somali – echoed concerns from within the Toronto diaspora that youth are turning to criminal activity because they lack job and education opportunities here.....

 “The second generation is lost. And that’s why you see some of them are joining the extremists, recruited from here, elsewhere, in the States and Europe,” he said. “I think that’s where the risk is, and Canada has to focus on this.
The threat is low key for the moment but socialists are importing more foreign undesirables. It will get worse. That is why they are doing it.


23 July 2012 Monica Lewinsky was born on this day in 1973. -  see Monica Lewinsky Turns 44 [ or less ]. Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday that she was crawling around the White House on her hands and knees, and putting everything in her mouth. They grow up so fast, don't they...?.

Colorado Killer Is A Communist, Member Of Black Bloc & An Obama Supporter
Radical Left-Wing & Registered Democrat, Obama Supporter, Occupy Black Bloc Member James E. Holmes Shoots Up Aurora Co Movie Theatre:

White Punk Targeted U.S. Military Service members:
The false stigmas of right-wing Tea Party radicals, once again being shattered in Aurora Colorado.

A radical far Left-Wing and Registered Democrat and avid Obama Supporter, “Occupy Black Bloc Member James E. Holmes Shoots Up Aurora Co Movie Theatre Killing 12 And Wounding 50.

A lone gunman dressed in riot gear and wearing a gas mask burst into a movie theatre in Aurora, Colo., at a midnight showing of the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises” and opened fire, killing at least 12 people and injuring at least 50.

The suspect, James E. Holmes, 24, of Aurora, was caught by police in the parking lot of the Century 16 Movie Theatres, nine miles outside Denver, after police began receiving dozens of 911 calls at 12:39 a.m. MT. Police said the man appeared to have acted alone.........

James Holmes, DOB 12/13/1987: The Batman movie portrays the OWS crowd in a negative vein, the new Batman movie featured the villain as an Occupy Wall Street type. I would first look at the possibility that James Holmes, DOB 12/13/1987, was caught up in the OWS movement took it upon himself to strike back against “THE MAN.

James E Holmes
1690 Paris St, Apt 10
Aurora, CO 80010-2918

James E. Holmes is 24 year old he is from San Diego CA.
Bill Warner private investigator at

Who is the Black Bloc?

The black block is a self-styled anarchist tactic. It is not an identifiable organization. It is a method of creating violence and chaos in the streets. They desire to be an effective street-fighting force to oppose the police. They think they're being bold revolutionaries, when in actuality, they're cowards hiding behind masks, wearing a terrifying uniform.

That uniform is generally all black clothing, and they often carry dowel rods to which black flags have been affixed.

They start fights with the police, they destroy property, they attack other occupiers, and they give the police an excuse to attack us.
The truth is a weapon. So are lies. Lying by omission is a standard technique of the BBC and other propaganda machines. They are running this one to back up the  United Nations moves to disarm civilians, to leave them at the mercy of criminal governments. See the Arms Trade Treaty Conference website to see their version of the truth.
PS More at Colorado Massacre


Head Taxman Is A Tax Evasion Expert
HMRC have announced the appointment of Edward Troup as the new Tax Assurance Commissioner (to take over from Dave Hartnett), and Ian Barlow as the Lead Non-Executive Director to succeed Mike Clasper.
Saw in Private Eye the other day new head Edward Troup quoted as saying in 1999 Taxation is legalized extortion and only valid to the extent of the law. Set a thief to catch a thief? Or set a thief to let his little friends get away with it? To be fair the man is right. Tax is extortion that politicians use to bribe special interests. The Mafia understand them.


22 July 2012 On this day in 1946 Jews did the King David Hotel  job. It was ordered by Ben Gurion, who then aborted the order. Begin, the head of Irgun, did it anyway. Begin murdered 91 people. Begin got the Nobel PEACE Prize  with murder warrants outstanding.

Police Defuse Batman Killer’s Web Of Booby-Traps - Major Propaganda Alert
Bomb disposal experts began disarming the booby-traps with which the Batman gunman rigged his Denver apartment today, as investigators began piecing together his plans to end yet more lives. Police said that one trip wire and…
Killer bought 6,000 rounds
Victims cut down in prime
Death in Denver
He was calm, he waited
This is a major propaganda operation which is being run because the UN is planning restrictions on small arms. Visit the Arms Trade Treaty Conference website to see their story. The Times is just one of the perpetrators. So is the Grauniad. Of course if a black had done it they would have looked for another incident. This is just as much manipulation as the Trayvon story they are using to keep Obama in power and the suppression of his Forged Birth Certificate that they used to get him there in the first place.
PS More at UN Gun Grab Is A Major Power Play To Impose Dictatorship


British Government Sells Free Speech To Ronald McDonald

Corruption is the name of the game - when it is not blatant corruption. Government goons are out there enforcing the regime's Diktat. Every government has its price. At all events Her Majesty's Government does.


21 July 2012 in 1972 it was Bloody Friday, an IRA attack that got nine kills and 130 injuries

Pakistan Will Export Three Million Afghans To The Hellhole They Created
Pakistan plans to cancel refugee status for all Afghans living in the country at the end of this year, leaving some 3 million displaced people – the world's biggest cluster of refugees – facing possible expulsion to a country that many barely know.....

The refugees have become a threat to law and order, security, demography, economy and local culture. Enough is enough," he said. "If the international community is so concerned, they should open the doors of their countries to these refugees. Afghans will be more than happy to be absorbed by the developed countries, like western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia."
Pakistanis prove that Immigration problems can be sorted out. They never will be by the kind of Useful Idiot who writes for the Guardian, far less the criminal Subversives who incite them. Unless, of course the alleged victims move in next door; then they will change their minds in a flash.


Pakistani Policeman Kills Sister For Wearing Jeans
Pak policeman kills sister for wearing jeans
A Pakistani policeman in Lahore allegedly shot dead his sister for wearing jeans, officials said on Saturday. Constable Asad Ali was unhappy with his sister Najma Bibi, 22, for wearing what he considered were "men's clothes", especially jeans, officials said. The siblings often quarrelled over the issue and Ali allegedly shot and killed his sister on Friday. A few days ago, Ali had warned his sister that he would kill her if she did not stop wearing jeans and trousers..... Ali managed to escape and police are conducting raids to nab him, officials said.
Ali is sincere, deeply committed, a man of his word. She won't make that mistake again.
PS Multiculturalism is wonderful. So is tolerance.


East European Pickpockets Flood England, Robbing 1,700 A Day
Britain is in the grip of a pickpocketing epidemic as Eastern European gangs descend on London ahead of the Olympic Games. A surge in sneak street thefts means more than 1,700 people fall victim every day – an increase of nearly a fifth in only two years, according to official crime  figures released yesterday.

At the same time, police warned that professional gangs from Romania, Lithuania and even South America who operate in capitals across Europe are heading to Britain, intent on cashing in on unwitting tourists at London 2012.
Allowing foreign dead beats, free loaders, criminals, wasters etcetera in England is government policy, a damned bad one.


Police Tried To Hide G20 Massacre Perpetrator's Record
The Metropolitan police attempted to keep the disciplinary record of PC Simon Harwood secret from the family of Ian Tomlinson, the newspaper seller he struck with a baton and pushed to the ground at G20 protests, it can now be reported.

Lawyers for the force tried and failed to argue that disclosing the litany of complaints about Harwood's conduct would have breached his privacy, saying the officer's disciplinary history did not have "any relevance" to Tomlinson's death.

Harwood, 45, who was found not guilty of Tomlinson's manslaughter on Thursday, had repeatedly been accused of using excessive force during his career, including claims he punched, throttled, kneed and unlawfully arrested people........

The inquest jury – which concluded last year that Tomlinson was "unlawfully killed" by the police officer – was also prevented from hearing the details of the complaints........

Eventually, the Met was instructed to share the files with interested parties. When lawyers from Tomlinson's family were able to inspect the disciplinary records – which filled five lever-arch folders – they discovered detailed complaints containing several allegations of physical assaults.
The police will do what ever it takes to get away with crime although they tend not to murder witnesses. That is normally too obvious a try on. Perjury  is merely where it begins.


20 July 2012 is the anniversary of the Fort Marcy Massacre in 1993 VINCE FOSTER - The Mirage of Suicide and The Reality of Murder has lots on the FBI cover up.

Police Apologize For Hiring Vicious Thug But Not For Helping Him Get Away With Murder
Simon Harwood cleared of killing Ian Tomlinson, but questions remain
Scotland Yard admits to mistakes over acquitted officer as chequered disciplinary record emerges

Scotland Yard has apologized for re-employing a riot policeman with a chequered disciplinary record after he was acquitted of killing Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in London in 2009. The jury at Southwark crown court, who took four days to clear PC Simon Harwood of manslaughter on a majority verdict, was not told that the officer had been investigated a number of other times for alleged violence and misconduct [ or how he got away with them - Editor ].

Harwood quit the Metropolitan police on health grounds in 2001, shortly before a planned disciplinary hearing into claims that while off-duty he illegally tried to arrest a man in a road rage incident, altering notes retrospectively to justify his actions.

He was nonetheless able to join another force, Surrey, returning to the Met in 2005. In a string of other alleged incidents Harwood was accused of having punched, throttled, kneed or threatened other suspects while in uniform, although only one complaint was upheld.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission described the chain of events around Harwood's rejoining his old force before becoming part of its elite Territorial Support Group as "simply staggering".......

Tomlinson's family said they would now take civil action against the Met, while the force said that it would hold Harwood to account in a public disciplinary hearing.

The Met's deputy assistant commissioner, Maxine de Brunner [ who keeps on getting promoted after 'misleading' Prince Charles - Editor ], conceded that Harwood should never have been allowed to re-join the force........

British juries are notoriously reluctant to convict police for serious alleged crimes carried out on duty. No police officer has been found guilty of manslaughter in 25 years, despite hundreds of cases in which families have alleged wrongdoing.
Mr. Tomlinson was attacked by police criminals thrice that day but still they got away with it. Lying to the family was their first attempt to pervert the course of justice. Using a dodgy medic? Accidental? Believe it if you want. Their real problem was the video. That is why they attack anyone with a camera when they are indulging their taste for brutality. They will do what ever it takes to get away with crime. Buying victims off is just a cost of doing business. It is only taxpayers' money so they don't care about that. The Daily Mail comes nearer to an honest headline than the Grauniad with
Freed, the 'thug in police uniform' - What jury WEREN'T told about the PC cleared of G20 killing of Ian Tomlinson
More on this at the G20 Massacre.
PS If they try it on with you say NOTHING - Resistance to Interrogation explains how and why - then go straight to a doctor with your bruises. It is better to bring criminal proceedings first. Then the pay off will be bigger.


Guardian Lost £44 Million In One Year

Guido Fawkes aka Paul Staines has a cheerful view of the Grauniad's finances. So do lots of people who walked away from it. Buying it is a mug's game.


MI5 Worries About Islamic Terrorists. Her Majesty's Government Imports Thousands Of Them
European security officials are especially concerned about reports that al-Qaeda is recruiting and training Western operatives who have "clean" criminal records and have the ability to travel freely and blend in with European and American cultures........

Jonathan Evans, the head of MI5, Britain's domestic security service, recently provided important context to the threat posed by would-be jihadists. In a rare public address on June 25, Evans said the Olympic Games in London "present an attractive target for our enemies and they will be at the centre of the world's attention in a month or so. No doubt some terrorist networks have thought about whether they could pull off an attack."

"In back rooms and in cars and on the streets of this country there is no shortage of [ foreign ] individuals talking about wanting to mount terrorist attacks here," Evans continued. "It is essential that we maintain pressure on al-Qaeda."
Of course importing vicious lunatics is madness or Treason. Annoying them by sending the Army to kill Islamics in Afghanistan is another lunatic move - or is it a deliberate policy? Another example follows.


Pakistani Beat Her Mother To Death With A Rolling Pin
A MURDER trial had to be halted temporarily when a man translating vital evidence revealed he was only there because his wife – the real interpreter – was too busy. The judge suspended the case when it became clear that Mubarak Lone was failing to translate key phrases fully and even got the oath wrong for a Sikh witness who was giving evidence. It was only thanks to a junior defence barrister, who happened to speak Punjabi, that the problem was spotted......

The fiasco can only be reported today following the conclusion of the trial of mum-of-two Rajvinder Kaur, who was yesterday sentenced to life with a minimum term of 11 years in prison , for battering her mother-in-law to death with a rolling pin......... When the trial recommenced on Monday morning a similar situation unfolded when a new female interpreter from ALS arrived – but once again she was not able to correctly translate words and phrases. The case was only able to continue with the assistance of Kaur’s junior counsel, Sukhdev Garcha.
Her Majesty's Government imports vicious undesirables like this as a matter of policy. Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition import then bribe them to vote Labour.


Fat Black MP Wants A Sugar Tax
Labour fat tax on fizz

Idea ... shadow public health minister Diane Abbott LABOUR are considering plans to slap an extra tax on fizzy drinks in a bid to tackle Britain’s obesity crisis.

Shadow public health minister Diane Abbott floated the idea to the party’s policy review after studying similar initiatives abroad.

But horrified shadow cabinet members have warned the scheme could become “Labour’s Pasty Tax” as it would increase the cost of popular drinks like Coke and Tango.
Abbot should set an example if she is going to be health minister. She is quick enough to whine when people say she is a black racist - see e.g. Fat Ugly Black Moans About Being Called A Racist


IMF Say House Prices Will Keep Going Down
Homeowners face the threat of an “extended housing market slump”, according to an IMF report which also warns that George Osborne may have to change course if the economy fails to pick up in the next six months. Property prices are still too high, despite sharp declines after the 2008 banking crash and could drop by another 10 to 15 per cent relative to people’s incomes. This is likely to further squeeze consumer spending, prolonging the downturn, the IMF added. In a bleak assessment of Britain’s performance, the report warned that Mr. Osborne should scale back his deficit-reduction plans in the next Budget if the economy has not gained momentum by early next year.
This is good news. The bankers generated the housing bubble. The bankers got rich while mugs are forced to carry on paying off huge loans. Young couples will have rent or stay at home. It is a repeat of the South Sea Bubble brought to us by a Scotch comedian called Law. This time it was a malevolent weirdo called Brown. In America it was set up by the Jew, Greenspan. It is all explained in Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds which was published in 1841.


19 July 2012 is the anniversary of the 1969 Chappaquiddick Massacre perpetrated by Ted Kennedy. It did not help his bid to be the president of America.

Obama got away with his background of fraud. Main Steam Media connivance helped him too. 

Obama's Birth Record Is Fraudulent
PHOENIX (AP) -- Investigators for an Arizona sheriff's volunteer posse have declared that President Barack Obama's birth certificate is definitely fraudulent.

Members of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's posse said in March that there was probable cause that Obama's long-form birth certificate released by the White House in April 2011 was a computer-generated forgery.

Now, Arpaio says investigators are positive it's fraudulent.

Mike Zullo, the posse's chief investigator, said numeric codes on certain parts of the birth certificate indicate that those parts weren't filled out, yet those sections asking for the race of Obama's father and his field of work or study were completed........ The Obama campaign declined to comment on Arpaio's allegations...... Courts have rebuffed lawsuits over the issue.

Read the press release from the Sheriff's Office
I have no doubt that Sheriff Joe is right; that Obama is an enemy alien infiltrated into the system. He was a very minor politician known to Rahm Emanuel, a Jew operating in Chicago and the son of a terrorist. It follows on from there. Obama is keeping quiet about this one but he is using the Trayvon story [ as distinct from the Trayvon truth ] to incite Black Rage, to get black votes.

He looks like an insolent rogue.


LA Times Marketing Trayvon Story To Buy Obama Votes
MIRAMAR, Fla.  — In his first lengthy TV interview since killing Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman initially said Wednesday night that he did not regret anything that happened that night. “I feel like it was all God's plan,” he told conservative talk show host Sean Hannity on Fox News. Near the end of  the interview, he backtracked, saying he would tell the teen's parents,  “I'm sorry,” and that he would be open to talking to them about what happened. “I can't imagine what it must feel like. And I pray for them daily,” Zimmerman said.

The media are very good at lying by omission. The whole Main Steam Media line has been to pretend that Mr. Zimmerman is a white man. He seems to think he is Hispanic, just like his Peruvian mother.


Iranian Crook Flees England Private Eye 1318/15
Shahrok Mireskandari, a crooked lawyer is coming unstuck. He scarpered to California whence he is suing the Law Society of England for £50 million. They are chasing him for a much more modest £1.4 million. He has teamed up with another ex-lawyer, Paul Baxendale-Walker  who is now a pornographer. See also Solicitor ordered to pay £1.4 million & struck off


18 July 2012 

Armed Citizen Beats Black Thieves - Daily Mail Propagandist Sneers
A 71-year old man thwarted a robbery at a Florida internet cafe on Friday when he shot two would-be assailants and the entire ordeal was captured on security tape. The two robbers burst through the doors of the Palms Internet Cafe in Ocala and ordered everyone to get down as they waved a handgun at dozens of customers. But they didn't expect Samuel Williams to pull out his own weapon and fire, injuring both of the criminals and saving the lives of his fellow Floridians....

Once he had sufficiently scared them off, he locked the door and waited for the police to come. The two men got into a nearby car and fled, witnesses said..... In the heat of the moment, Mr. Williams managed to shoot Dawkins' left arm and Henderson's left buttock and his right hip.
The Mail is in propaganda mode; telling us that we should be disarmed & helpless before criminals and government thugs. The Mail is lying to us for a reason. Various Subversives are using the United Nations as a weapon to impose world dictatorship, a New World Order. So is the Guardian albeit their propaganda is aimed at a different group - see the UK presses US on arms trade treaty Ahead of UN talks, Britain say treaty should include 'strong provisions on human rights [ of black criminals but not honest men - Ed. ] but see contra UN Gun Grab Is A Major Power Play To Impose Dictatorship. The Armed Citizen makes everyone safer apart from criminals and government goons.
robbers robbers
Perp 1                                          Perp 2


Assad Will Eradicate Entire Syrian People Claims Daily Mail Propagandist Inciting War
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will resort to any means, including the use of chemical weapons, to remain in power his former ambassador has said. Nawaf Fares, the first Syrian ambassador to defect from the regime, added that Assad would be prepared 'to eradicate the entire Syrian people' to shore up his position. Mr. Fares also stated there was a possibility chemical weapons had already been deployed.
The Mail is marketing another criminal war, an invasion by Western armies. There is no Casus Belli, justification for war but American politicians are pushing for an invasion. The right question to ask is who controls them. The answer is the Israel Lobby. You doubt? Read what professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer tell us, the proof they offer and KNOW.
PS Just why was Cameron so keen on attacking Libya? For that matter why did Blair want to attack Afghanistan? They are War Criminals just like Brown, Bush, Obama, you name them. 


Christians United for Israel Give Unconditional Support To Israel After Jew Tears Up Bible
Inside the Christians United for Israel
: Unconditional support for Israel
American Christians from all over the U.S. attend gathering; largely unmoved over MK tearing up New Testament.
Liberal Internet users were quick to point out on Tuesday the irony in the fact that the seventh annual gathering of "Christians United for Israel" (CUFI) taking place in Convention Center in Washington, DC, coincided with a Israeli MK Michael Ben-Ari demonstratively tearing up a copy of the New Testament he received by mail, and throwing it into the trash, calling it " an abominable book that...
You just might wonder whether Christians in America are simple minded fools or not. Read about them in Christian Zionism or
Christian Crazies for some of the evidence. Zionist crazies find them very useful. They are twerps who voted for Bush
PS To read the full article means paying Haaretz.


Anti-Semitism Goes Unreported - By Jews
NB Arabs are Semites. Most Jews are not.
The anti-Semitism that goes unreported
Here's a statistic that you won't see in research on anti-Semitism, no matter how meticulous the study is. In the first six months of the year, 154 anti-Semitic assaults have been recorded, 45 of them around one village alone. Some fear that last year's record high of 411 attacks - significantly more than the 312 attacks in 2010 and 168 in 2009 - could be broken this year.

Fifty-eight incidents were recorded in June alone, including stone-throwing targeting farmers and shepherds, shattered windows, arson, damaged water pipes and water-storage facilities, uprooted fruit trees and one damaged house of worship. The assailants are sometimes masked, sometimes not; sometimes they attack surreptitiously, sometimes in the light of day.
Jews find it convenient to call themselves Semites. Most of them are not while Palestinians are. Jews are keen on Ethnic Cleansing in The Stolen Land , the one they call Israel. Of course when Adolf gave them hassle they whined  loud and long. They screwed Brer Hun big time as well. But there are honest Jews. One such is Amira Hass. She wrote this article. It even got published by Jews. The truth in chains still has power.


17 July 2012

The Real LIBOR Scandal
According to news reports, UK banks fixed the London interbank borrowing rate (Libor) with the complicity of the Bank of England (UK central bank) at a low rate in order to obtain a cheap borrowing cost. The way this scandal is playing out is that the banks benefitted from borrowing at these low rates. Whereas this is true, it also strikes us as simplistic and as a diversion from the deeper, darker scandal.

Banks are not the only beneficiaries of lower Libor rates. Debtors (and investors) whose floating or variable rate loans are pegged in some way to Libor also benefit.......

But the banks did not fix the Libor rate with their customers in mind. Instead, the fixed Libor rate enabled them to improve their balance sheets, as well as help to perpetuate the regime of low interest rates. The last thing the banks want is a rise in interest rates that would drive down the values of their holdings and reveal large losses masked by rigged interest rates........

What was pushing the interest rates lower? The answer is even clearer now. First, as PCR noted, Wall Street has been selling huge amounts of interest rate swaps, essentially a way of shorting interest rates and driving them down. Thus, causing bond prices to rise

Secondly, fixing Libor at lower rates has the same effect. Lower UK interest rates on government bonds drive up their prices.

In other words, we would argue that the bailed-out banks in the US and UK are returning the favour that they received from the bailouts and from the Fed and Bank of England’s low rate policy by rigging government bond prices, thus propping up a government bond market that would otherwise, one would think, be driven down by the abundance of new debt and monetization of this debt, or some part of it.........

The latest news completes the picture of banks and central banks manipulating interest rates in order to prop up the prices of bonds and other debt instruments. We have learned that the Fed has been aware of Libor manipulation (and thus apparently supportive of it) since 2008. Thus, the circle of complicity is closed. The motives of the Fed, Bank of England, US and UK banks are aligned, their policies mutually reinforcing and beneficial. The Libor fixing is another indication of this collusion.

Unless bond prices can continue to rise as new debt is issued, the era of rigged bond prices might be drawing to an end. It would seem to be only a matter of time before the bond bubble bursts.
Doctor Roberts was in the business. He knows what he is talking about. We are being robbed big time. It is going to be an action replay of The Big Short. Insiders will be winners We will be screwed big time.


UN Gun Grab Is A Major Power Play To Impose Dictatorship
The UN Arms Trade Treaty that has been identified by observers as a flagrant threat to the Second Amendment and which Barack Obama is determined to sign has its roots in a 1961 State Department memorandum which explains how the United Nations will oversee “complete disarmament” of the American people under the ruse of preventing war. The UN Arms Treaty has caused so much controversy because it outlines a plan to target “all types of conventional weapons, notably including small arms and light weapons,” according to Forbes’ Larry Bell.

Using the rhetoric of the threat post by terrorists, insurgents and “international crime syndicates,” the UN is busy trying to imply that all weapons are somehow involved in illegal activity on a global scale and should therefore be controlled and regulated by a global authority.........

While the document initially focuses on scrapping nuclear weapons, it later makes it clear that the only groups allowed to own weapons of any kind would be governing authorities, “for the purpose of maintaining internal order,” and the UN “peacekeeping” force itself, which would require “agreed manpower.”
Dictatorship is fun for dictators. Who would decide the "agreed manpower"? The dictators of course.


Israeli Prime Minister Beats Some Fraud Raps - Again
Ehud Olmert is an Israeli politician who has served as Israel's Prime Minister, Deputy Premier, Finance Minister and Mayor of Jerusalem........

Olmert’s remaining time in office was marred by investigations into corruption charges from earlier in his career. The investigations and allegations of corruption led Olmert to announce his resignation in July 2008 as leader of the Kadima Party, and, following a leadership contest, the party leadership was transferred to Foreign Minster Tzipi Livni. Olmert’s term as prime minister officially ended after Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu managed to form a coalition government in March 2009, following a general election.

In August 2009, Olmert became the first former Israeli prime minister to face criminal proceedings, after he was indicted on three corruption charges relating to his time as a cabinet minister and mayor of Jerusalem./p>

On July 10, 2012 Olmert was acquitted of the charges against him in two major cases, and convicted only of breach of trust, in the Investments centre affair.
Haaretz skates lightly over previous fraud investigations. They happened by accident. Politicians appointed a attorney general who was honest. It was a mistake they will not repeat. Double billing, charging two groups for the same thing gets into the realms of the solidly provable but still he walked. Perhaps this tells us more about Israeli judges than Israeli politicians. Albeit they did convict the president of Rape. Regardless of this verdict. Olmert is a war criminal who brought us the Gaza Massacre


Senior Attorney At Prosecutor's Office Does Not Understand How Olmert Got Away With It
A senior attorney at the State Prosecutor's Office said Thursday that she "doesn't understand how [former Prime Minister Ehud] Olmert was acquitted." Anat Savidor, speaking in an Eilat conference of the central district of the Israeli Bar Association, said that Olmert's conviction of breach of trust in the Investment Center case, must constitute moral turpitude.
Lawyers have to beat about the bush. The rest of us can be blunter about not believing the verdict.


16 July 2012 

Englishman Put In Prison After Secret Trial
At 0930 this morning, in scenes reminiscent of Stasi East Germany, 2 police cars and 4 policemen from Merseyside Police arrested British Constitution Group Chairman Roger Hayes at his Wirral home and drove away.

The first his family heard of him was at 18:30 this evening via a telephone call from a Warder in Liverpool prison, to say that Roger had been tried and sentenced to prison. At no time were the family or any other members of the public informed of his arrest, and it is understood that he was tried in a secret court without a Jury.

Denied the right to argue his case, denied the right to a Jury, denied the right for the public to see justice being done, Roger was imprisoned in the secretive gulag system that Britain has become in 2012.

Roger's "crime" is that he has been refusing to pay his Council tax, because along with other state taxes, a proportion of the tax revenue gathered is being sent to the European Union, used to fund unlawful wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, and promote terrorism right around the world. To pay tax under these circumstances is, at the very least, unlawful under Section 15(3) of the Terrorism Act 2000.
Her Majesty's Government is a gang of criminals robbing us to pay for illegal wars that do not serve British interests. Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition is just as vicious but more corrupt. It imports enemy aliens to buy votes.

Blair Is A War Criminal On The Run being protected from justice at our expense. All of the Cabinet are traitors in breach of their Oath of Office


Police Perverted The Course Of Justice
On 25th April 2012 the London Evening Standard reported that a 31 year old female police officer with Southwark’s Sapphire sex crimes investigation unit had falsified a crime report and fabricated the testimony of a victim. The IPCC found the Constable guilty of gross misconduct and dismissed her from the police service.  [ They let her off lightly, they may also have perverted the course of justice. Ditto for Misconduct In Public Office  - Editor ] The investigation revealed a string of claims that officers of the Southwark unit breached rules on rape cases, and had written off allegations as “no crime” incidents.

On 28th April 2012 the Daily Telegraph reported a similar case, where Greater Manchester police detective Dominic Griffiths faked a rape forensic report, failed to send samples for testing, lied to superiors and falsely claimed an exhibit had been lost.
Disgraceful? Yes! Surprising? No! Perjury is a standard working tool in the police. They can so they do.


Assistant Chief Constable Charged With Perverting The Course Of Justice
A police chief and his wife were today charged with perverting the course of justice after she allegedly accepted speeding penalty points on his behalf. Acting Deputy Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police, Gordon Fraser, 48, was alleged to have been behind the wheel of a car when it was registered as going over the speed limit in Scotland. His wife Teresa, 42, is accused of accepting the penalty points on his behalf and claiming she was behind the wheel....

'A criminal complaint was made alleging that Mrs. Fraser had accepted responsibility for a speeding offence allegedly committed by Mr. Fraser on 29 September 2011 in Strathclyde,' she said.

'Having carefully considered all of the available evidence, we concluded that there is sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges against Mr. and Mrs. Fraser and therefore, authorized Hertfordshire Constabulary to charge them with doing acts tending to pervert the course of justice. 'The essence of the charge is that Mr. Fraser, having allegedly committed a speeding offence, falsely informed the investigating authorities that Mrs. Fraser had been the driver of the vehicle in question, and she falsely accepted responsibility for the speeding offence.

'The decision to charge was taken in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors.' Fraser joined the Leicestershire force in June 2009, and was made temporary deputy chief constable six months later.

During his time at West Midlands police, Fraser worked in various roles including Head of Intelligence, Head of Crime and Head of Business and Service Improvement.

He received a national award for the dismantling of serious and organized crime networks and has experience of managing covert operations.
It takes eighteen months to make a police man, which is to say a liar, a hardened liar who will commit perjury at the drop of a hat. Fraser came unstuck outside his own area where he had no influence.


15 July 2012

America Is Going Broke
Scranton, Pennsylvania: where even the mayor is on minimum wage - With shrinking tax revenues, industrial decline and a political stand-off, the city is a symbol of a nation's crisis – some of it self-inflicted.......

A former industrial town of 76,000 citizens, nestling amid the rolling wooded coal country hills of north-eastern Pennsylvania, Scranton is in crisis. Its political system is deadlocked. The city coffers are virtually empty and its debts are huge. Last week the pay packets of all its municipal workers – including firemen, police and the mayor – were slashed to the minimum wage of $7.25 (£4.70) an hour. That effectively equates a life-saving Scranton fire chief with a burger-flipper elsewhere in the US. Not surprisingly, many expect Scranton to go bankrupt soon.

And Scranton is far from the only American community to face this dismal prospect. In the past month three Californian cities – San Bernardino, Stockton and Mammoth Lakes – have all gone bankrupt.
Jobs go overseas.  Goldman Sachs milks the system; it's gigabucks every time. Illegal immigrants import crime, disease, you name it. Sooner rather than later is the prognosis.


14 July 2012

John Terry Beats Malicious Prosecution, Grauniad Wants Blood
John Terry and Anton Ferdinand could each face disrepute charges from the Football Association when it assesses the evidence that was disclosed during the court trial that found the Chelsea captain not guilty of racially abusing the Queens Park Rangers defender last October.

The FA's brief differs to that of the legal process in that it has responsibility for the day-to-day disciplinary process regarding players. The ruling body will now resume the investigation being pursued following the incident, which was halted when the Terry-Ferdinand case became a matter for Westminster magistrates' court.
It is shaping up like the Stephen Lawrence Job. An Englishman is accused so there is a witch hunt. When blacks do evil it is shrugged off by Marxist Subversives like the BBC and the Guardian


Five Blacks Murdered One Of Their Own
A TEENAGER has been jailed for 24 years for the murder of 20-year-old Daniel Famakinwa in south London last year. Ezekiel Charles-Sterling, 19, is the fifth person to be jailed in connection with the murder at a bus stop in West Norwood on August 6. Romelle Bogle, Joshua Chieke, Christopher Perry, all 18, and 19-year-old Adrian Rhodes were found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to a total of 52 years in prison. There was an altercation between Daniel's group and another group of young men who were also waiting at the bus stop, which resulted in Daniel being killed. A post mortem examination later concluded that Daniel died as a result of a single discharged bullet passing through the bone at the top of his leg and redirecting itself into his pelvis and vital organs. The bullet was recovered and submitted for forensic examination.

SENTENCED: (L-R) Romelle Bogle, Joshua Chieke, Christopher Perry and Adrian RhodesThe pistol was later forensically linked to the murder of Daniel and Charles-Sterling, Bogle, Chieke and Perry, were arrested and charged as above on 29 September.
Racism is awful; any Marxist will tell you that but Racism is a Marxist construct. Blacks cannot possibly be racists.

The hit man.



Blacks In New York Shoot 77 In A Week
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly demanded Tuesday to know why the community leaders who rail against stop-and-frisk policies haven’t led demonstrations against the gun violence exploding this summer "There doesn’t seem to be any major community response,” Kelly said.

“Many of them will speak out about stop-and-frisk” but are “shockingly silent when it comes to the level of violence right in their own communities,” he said. Seventy-seven people were shot in New York last week during the heat wave, including a 3-year-old winged by crossfire as he played under a sprinkler in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn......

“Ninety-six percent of our shooting victims are people of colour, yet these community leaders are not speaking out about that,” he said. “I’d like to see some political outcry. . . . I want them to be outraged that a 3-year-old child is shot on the streets.”

About 87% of the 684,330 people stopped and frisked last year were black or Latino. Of those, about 90% were neither arrested nor issued a summons....... The city’s stop-and-frisk policy is being undermined by the courts. Last month, a federal judge approved a class-action lawsuit over the practice, and Manhattan appeals courts have twice tossed out the convictions of teenagers caught with guns.
Blacks get away with crime because they are black. Hispanics ditto.


Three Out OF Four Blacks In Detroit Are Illiterate
In the first case of its kind, the American Civil Liberties Union is charging that the state of Michigan and a Detroit area school district have failed to adequately educate children, violating their “right to learn to read” under an obscure state law. The ACLU class-action lawsuit, to be filed Thursday, says hundreds of students in the Highland Park School District are functionally illiterate.

“None of those adults charged with the care of these children . . . have done their jobs,” said Kary L. Moss, executive director of the ACLU of Michigan....... The most recent state test scores for Highland Park schools show that 65 percent of fourth-graders and 75 percent of seventh-graders were not proficient in reading.

[Editor’s Note: According to this website, the under-18 population of the Highland Park School District is at least 96 percent black. Revealing statistics about the district’s academic performance are available here.]
These schools are largely run by blacks for blacks, presumably. Pupils can't or won't. Teachers don't either but they still draw their pay.

13 July 2012

Iran Might Have Nuclear Bomb In Two Years Allege MI6
We've thwarted Iran's nuke plans, says MI6... but Tehran is only 'two years away from a bomb'
Covert operations by UK, American and Israeli agents 'stopped Tehran’s plans as early as 2008'

British spies thwarted Iranian attempts to acquire nuclear weapons, the head of MI6 has [ claimed/alleged/stated ]revealed. In a rare public appearance, Sir John Sawers said covert operations by UK, American and Israeli agents stopped Tehran’s plans as early as 2008. However the Secret Intelligence Service chief warned Iran was only ‘two years away’ from becoming nuclear armed. This development, he warned, would put pressure on the Americans and Israelis to risk a military strike.
This is propaganda designed to set up another totally unjustified war. Zionist Jews running the bandit state of Israel want to attack Iran using the American army and ours. America has ZOG, a Zionist Occupation Government, just like ours. Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel is one thug  wanting war. He is a compulsive liar. Jews running Mossad say the whole idea is lunacy.


12 July 2012 On this day in 2006 Jews began the Lebanon War 2006 - they left behind a million anti-personnel mines to maim children and other civilians.

Gypsies Gaoled For Brutalizing Slaves
A husband and wife who "brutally manipulated and exploited" destitute men by forcing them into servitude have been jailed for 11 years and four years respectively. James John, 34, and Josie Connors, 31, were convicted of controlling, exploiting and abusing the men for financial gain at a caravan site near Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire.
The Guardian conceals the fact that the perpetrators were gypsies. The Guardian is run by Racists who hate England. The Mail is more honest.

Blacks Murdered One Of Their Own For Thieving
A TEENAGER accused of taking part in a murder in an Old Kent Road betting shop told jurors he thought that the victim “deserved a kicking.” The 17-year-old boy, who cannot be identified because of his age, said he was told 22-year-old Jerry Iyiku had stolen a car belonging to his friend Dagazau Ali, 23.

He was one of a gang of eight men caught on CCTV bursting into E Coomes bookmaker’s in the Old Kent Road, Peckham, to attack Mr. Iyiku on July 19 last year, jurors at the Old Bailey heard. Mr. Iyiku was stabbed in the heart and bled to death on the floor of the shop.........

The 17-year-old is standing trial for the murder alongside Dagazau Ali, 23, Olamide Akanbi, 19, and Olarenwaje Akanbi, 18. Her Majesty's Government are, at best Useful Idiots who have fallen for the Western Guilt story, the idea that we did blacks down and must repay forever more. This is not to say they are not wide open to corruption as well. Of course Her Majesty's Allegedly Loyal Opposition are corrupt, full of hate, importing illegal immigrants to get illegal votes, cheap servants and power.


Illegal Israeli Settlements Remain Illegal Regardless Of Judge's Claims
The settlers [ i.e. fanatical Jews ] and their supporters erupted in jubilation Monday after a committee headed by retired Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy presented its report on the issue of settlements and outposts in the West Bank.......

The hope is that after receiving support from the unimpeachable legal minds who sat on the Levy Committee, the government will feel free to pursue its ideology of settling the West Bank openly........ A development of that kind, however, is highly unlikely.

Prime Minister Netanyahu shot down the bill that was geared to legalize outposts in June not on ideological grounds but in fear of the international political repercussions that such legislation was liable to produce.

The international community uniformly considers all Israeli settlement in the West Bank to be illegal. It does not accept the Israeli argument that the status of the West Bank is disputed; rather, it holds the West Bank to be unequivocally under Israeli occupation. Even Israel’s staunchest friends refuse to accept the legality of its settlement of the West Bank. Needless to say, the Levy Committee report is not going to change that.

Ever since the signing of the Oslo Accords, all the Israeli governments have undertaken before the international community not to build new settlements on the West Bank. In order to placate the settlers, the Sharon government invented the outpost system, which allowed settlers to expand to dozens of new points across the West Bank, while formally distancing the government from that settlement activity and absolving it of any legal responsibility.

The government was able to [ allege/claim ] tell the international community, “we didn’t sanction the establishment of those renegade outposts, and we undertake to remove them.”

On paper, the Israeli government had to maintain the façade, as if the outposts had been established in defiance of its own policy, in order to maintain ongoing working relations with the international community, which, in turn, was prepared to accept the mendacious assertion so as not to make any unnecessary waves.....

To endorse the Levy report is to unmask the ongoing fraud by the Israeli government; it is to admit openly that the government has lent its tacit support to the establishment of the outposts and, as such, to the ongoing settlement of the West Bank, despite promises to the contrary.

In short, to do so would be politically suicidal for Netanyahu.
Choose the judge, choose the verdict. That is how politicians work. Sasson seems to have gone wrong - that is honest or stupid. The other side of the settling, is getting rid of the rightful inhabitants. This is called Ethnic Cleansing unless Jews are the perpetrators. Notice that the settlement idea was started by Sharon the well known mass murder and thief. Corruption, lies, fraud, hypocrisy, murder, these are the way of the Jew. The report from Haaretz is different but not good news for evil. - Israeli Settlements Are Illegal Says Judge In Israel

11 July 2012

Pakistani Terrorists Captured With Weapons
Members of an alleged terror gang stopped by chance while driving on the M1 had a home-made nail bomb in their car, a court heard yesterday. The two Muslim men had a cache of weapons hidden in their Renault Laguna when police stopped them in a  routine insurance check, prosecutors said.........

Police arrested the car’s driver, Omar Mohammed Khan, 27, and passenger Jewel Uddin, 26, as well as a third alleged member of the group, Mohammed Hasseen, 23. Prosecutors believe the trio were planning an attack on a rally in Dewsbury by far-Right group the English Defence League, which was planned for the same day.....

They were arrested on the same day as four other men: a 24-year-old from Moseley, Birmingham; a 22-year-old from Alum Rock, Birmingham; a 22-year-old from Smethwick, near Birmingham; a 43-year-old from Kirklees, West Yorkshire.
Her Majesty's Government imports enemy aliens like these as  matter of policy, as cheap labour. They are traitors on the make. Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition imports them, then bribes them to vote Labour. Power begets money as Blair proved.


Pakistani Bribed Woman Into Fraudulent Marriage
Sham marriage couple rumbled after removing wedding rings rather than exchanging a kiss moments after ceremony
A registry office marriage ceremony was revealed to be a sham just moments after the ceremony finished when the bride and groom hastily removed their wedding rings, a court has heard......

But unfortunately for them the moment was captured by CCTV cameras and it led to the couple, from Slovakia and Pakistan respectively, being arrested for a fake marriage. Further investigations revealed that Tancosova, 35, was pregnant by another man, she had a husband back in her home country and lived with another Slovakian man who was in prison at the time....... Jailing the bride for 12 months at Sheffield Crown Court..... The court heard that her co-defendant Sajid Mehmood, 38, had previously 'fixed' three sham marriages in Sheffield.
More Pakistanis, more crime, more fraudulent votes.


California Homeowner Kills Burglar
DANA POINT, Calif. (KABC) -- A Dana Point resident woke to the sounds of an intruder Monday night, then fatally shot the suspect. The resident has not been charged in the shooting, though the case is still under investigation.......

"The homeowner heard some noises inside his home, checked around initially, did not see anything. Went back into his bedroom, heard some more noises," said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Investigators say the resident then armed himself with a handgun and opened his bedroom door, where the suspected burglar confronted him.
The Armed Citizen makes us all safer. This man might find himself the victim of a Malicious prosecution. Bad law makes bad cases.


Mandela's Old Woman Whines About ANC
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, a giant of South Africa's liberation struggle, has apparently launched a bitter attack on the African National Congress's "shabby treatment" of the Mandela family, according to an unverified email leaked to the Guardian.

The message, purportedly written by Madikizela-Mandela, an ANC MP and ex-wife of the former South African president Nelson Mandela, says the family is "deeply hurt" by the governing party's actions and has been made to feel that "we do not matter" unless "to be used for some agenda".
Mandela was a tool used by the Jews to break the South African government and consolidate their grip on power i.e. diamonds, gold & De Beers for Oppenheimer. His old woman was along for the ride, the freebies, the bungs. Now she does not matter.
PS Winnie Mandela's personal track record is ugly. Thieving was just part of it.


Israeli Government Does Not Want Blacks Either
The border fence with Egypt, which was primarily intended to prevent the infiltration of unlawful labour migrants into Israel, is not scheduled to be completed before early 2013. Until then, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is interested in trying to deter African migrants through other means, namely a negative public relations campaign about the practicability of making the visit to Israel.
If Englishmen say they do not want blacks they get called Racists but the Main Stream Media keep very quiet when Jews are at it but then Racism is a Marxist construct. Marxism is in its turn a Jewish construct with a track record of some 100 million murders to prove it.
PS confirms the hate.


Jews Are More Equal Than Others -
Israeli Inequality Sustained By Citizenship Laws Israel uses the rule of law, namely two separate citizenship laws for Jews and non-Jews, to divide and oppress its minorities, says British journalist Jonathan Cook. Cook, a former reporter for The Guardian and The Observer, now writes for Abu Dhabi’s The National as the only foreign correspondent based in Nazareth, where he’s lived for almost a decade.

Cook’s position in the Arab heartland of Israel puts a different perspective on his reporting: namely that the post-1967 conflict over the occupied territories is best understood as a reflection and continuation of the larger conflict begun in 1948.

**The “loyalty oath” to which Cook refers to in the video was taken out of a law passed in the Knesset on March 28, 2011, a week after the interview.
Ethnic Cleansing is the major policy  of the Zionist thugs who run the bandit state of Israel. But it is different when they are marketing their  [ very profitable ] Holocaust® Story


10 July 2012

Hispanics Tortured & Murdered A Woman To Frighten The Rest
A former elementary school teacher-turned-alleged drug dealer was charged on Thursday in the brutal murder and dismemberment of a 19-year-old woman. Luis Ruiz, 37, allegedly tortured and slaughtered Carina Saunders, whose remains were found stuffed into a duffel bag behind a grocery store in Bethany, Oklahoma in October 2011.

Authorities believe Ruiz, a father of five, murdered Saunders to scare female witnesses so they would cooperate with a drug and human trafficking ring he was allegedly involved in. The death came after Saunders received threatening text messages and reported them to police on October 9, according to The next day, the 19-year-old Mustang High School graduate vanished, and a missing persons report was filed.

Just a day later, police arrested Ruiz on drug-related charges, but he was later released on bond......

Nine months after Saunders' murder, Ruiz was picked up by police on Thursday afternoon on larceny charges after he was allegedly spotted trying to steal from a Sears store in southwest Oklahoma City. Police already had a warrant for his arrest on a murder charge. 
Import foreigners, import aggravation. It is what Her Majesty's Government are doing to England with malice aforethought and Treasonous intent
Police arrested Jimmy Massey, top left, Alejandro Rojas, top right, Michael 'Monster' Knight, bottom left, and Luis Soto, bottom right, on drug charges possibly related to Saunders' murder
One might not be Hispanic but he is a prime candidate for the gallows.


Jews Launder Colombian Drug Millions
British and American drug-busting authorities claim to have smashed one of the most bizarre money-laundering services ever operated for Colombian cocaine cartels: a circle of ultra-religious Hassidic Jews in New York.

The ring is said to be one of the biggest to be 'cleaning' profits amassed by the Colombian coke barons, with the strange twist that it is run by a group from the Jewish community that acts as moral and spiritual guardian of the Orthodox faith.

This is not the first time the Hassidim have been exposed as involved in the big-time drug trade. Last year, the trial ended of a circle run by Sean Erez, a Hassidic who oversaw a massive ecstasy smuggling operation, drawing recruits from the young Orthodox community.

In that case, the drug was smuggled in boxes worn either under traditional Hassidic hats or next to the heart, intended to contain prayer scrolls, or else packed into white athletic socks.........

Zaltzman, under surveillance by the FBI, was stopped by British Customs agents after a tip-off, and found to have $460,000 concealed in his vest. He and another Hassidic orthodox, Aaron Bornstein, were arrested last week, but sources at the Manhattan District Attorney's office told The Observer that a ringleader is still being sought and that the case may go far wider and deeper than the $1.7 billion Zaltzman and Bornstein are accused of laundering.

A warrant is out for the arrest of a third man, Akiva Apter, who remains a fugitive and who sources say might prove to be one of the most important 'cleaners' of drug profits in America.
This is old news but typical news. They are crooks. They always were. It is business as usual.


9 July 2012

Deripaska Versus Cherney, A Fugitive From Justice - Jew Versus Jew
London's latest legal battle between oligarchs from the former Soviet Union kicks off on Monday with a $2.5bn case featuring gun battles and alleged extortion payments at the heart of the fight [ make that a war or, at least a battle - Editor ] to control the country's nascent aluminium industry in the 1990s.

[ The Jew ] Oleg Deripaska, the billionaire metals tycoon whose friendships with [ the Jew ] Lord Mandelson and [ Jew ] financier Nat Rothschild have ensured his name is well known in the UK, is being sued by [ the Jew ] Michael Cherney – an Uzbekistan-born Israeli who claims that he is owed 20% of the shares in Rusal, the aluminium giant controlled by Deripaska........ Cherney, an Interpol fugitive who is wanted for questioning in Spain over a money laundering case, lives in exile in Israel. He filed his lawsuit against Deripaska in 2006 in London on the grounds that he could face assassination if he returned to Russia, where he also fears he might not gain access to a fair hearing and may face "trumped up" charges.......

"According to the Wall Street Journal, the entry ban related to concerns by US law enforcement officials that Mr. Deripaska had ties with organized crime in Russia."
It is alleged that six of the seven Oligarchs who stole 85% of Russian assets [ see Boris Yeltsin on the point ] after the USSR fell are Jews. Which one was Russian? I still do not know.


Police Women Attack Railway Train Guard While Drunk
Two drunken women PCs were arrested after allegedly abusing a train guard who would not let them get a free ride home. Passengers watched the off-duty pair grapple with the uniformed official on a packed platform at Euston Station, in Central London. Bystanders said they were waving their warrant cards at him but he refused to let them board the mid-evening service because they were so drunk. The Midlands-bound train was held up for 10 minutes as officers from British Transport Police (BTP) were called and took the women away.
Police are arrogant rogues, out of control, one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in England.


8 July 2012

Black Attack On Fourth Of July - Main Stream Media Suppress The Truth
Unamusement Park, July 6, 2012
The plan is simple: log in to Twitter and search for interesting combinations of words, like “fireworks, black” and “someone got shot at the fireworks.” I know, I know: super racis’. Indulge me.

Yesterday we checked out Chicago. Today we’ll be exploring Albany, Georgia (72% black, 25% white, 2% Hispanic).

Independence Day Violence in Albany, According to the Mainstream Media

From “Fights disrupt Albany fireworks” (July 4, 2012).

Albany Police suspended the July 4th fireworks show Wednesday night because they say a series of fights put families, who were there to enjoy a night of fun, in danger.

Chief John Proctor said a number of fights broke out in the Turtle Park area where many people gathered to watch the fireworks show. He said it became a safety and crowd control issue, and police officers made the decision to suspend the fireworks.........

The Chief said APD had 85 officers assigned to the event. He said there was no gunfire and there’s no indication that gangs were involved. Proctor blamed the problems on juveniles who were downtown without any adult supervision........

Footage of the troublemakers is curiously absent, though. I wonder why [ Because they are black perhaps - Editor ]

Independence Day Violence in Albany, According to Black People

Let’s search Twitter for “turtle park, black” and other racis’ combinations of words and see what we come up with. As usual, I’ll sort it by date and provide the name of the Twitter user, his or her race, the time, the number of re-Tweets, if any, and the Tweet itself.

  1. Crown_RealistYo, black, 1:32 pm, re-Tweeted 3 times: iTs Goinq Be HOT AF [as fuck] Tommrow At Turtle Park *shrugs* I Ain’t Tryna [trying to] Turn Black .
  2. WeFuck_WeSmoke, black, 10:10 pm, re-Tweeted 4 times: Heard Niggahs Was Fighting At Turtle Park , Black People Don’t Never Get Alone [along]
  3. _iTraniere, black, 10:33 pm, re-Tweeted once: But a nigga couldnt even get into turtle park good before they started fightin && shit . I ran right into it
  4. TayKoBangz, black, 10:38 pm: 90% of the black ppl [people] at turtle park was kids 18 & under
  5. Young_Dwill5, black, 11:53 pm: I know WALB wanted 2 say them black people out there at turtle park dnt know how 2 act…(Ion [I don't] blame em we dnt [don't])
  6. TrillaryCLINT0N, black, 12:25 am, re-Tweeted 8 times: Turtle park was “thick” lol but black folks just get outta line sometimes or maybe that’s just Albany *sigh*
  7. Adorar_Me, black, 6:56 am: Thank god that I was not at turtle park last night
  8. DbabyDestinee, black, 7:39 am, re-Tweeted once: .dont think i want to go to turtle park nxt year..they always fighting..we black..lets get alone [along] lol
  9. iGoBy_Phillip, black, 12:17 pm, re-Tweeted once: Albany herald took this pic of us at turtle park yesterday , lol
  1. williambutler6, black, 1:44 am: Well black ppl [people] we made the news again fighting n shit @ turtle park …#smh [shaking my head]

Recall that “shaking my head” (“SMH”) is how black people traditionally express their displeasure at other black people on Twitter.

So What Did We Learn This Time?
Once again, it is obvious that black people were responsible for the entire “series of fights” that “put families, who were there to enjoy a night of fun, in danger,” necessitating the fireworks show’s suspension by the police who, with only 85 officers, were unable to handle the “safety and crowd control issue.” Once again, it is equally obvious that the mainstream media will not report this little detail, and you’re super racis’ for noticing it.

Furthermore, since — as we all know — black people can’t ever be “racist” (whatever that means), we are once again able to update our Officially Not Racist list. None of this can possibly be “racist,” because a black person said it.

  1. Black people don’t never get along.
  2. Black people don’t know how to act.
  3. Black folks just get out of line sometimes.
  4. Avoid Turtle Park in the future: black people are always fighting.
  5. Black folks have now, finally, got white people scared to come to Turtle Park.
American Renaissance does not just tell us the truth, it gives us the evidence. The Main Steam Media are different; they lie, they suppress the truth. They are propaganda machines. The police keep quiet because telling the truth will cost them jobs, promotion, bad publicity.

7 July 2012 is the anniversary of the 2005/7/7 London bombings. Islamics murdered 52, with 700 injured. They exposed the blatant lie that Ethnic Minorities 'Feel Most British'

Brown's Private Finance Initiatives Will Cost Us £300 Billion
The cost of Britain's controversial private finance initiative will continue to soar for another five years and end up costing taxpayers more than £300bn, according to a Guardian analysis of contracts that were sanctioned by the Treasury. Despite recent coalition criticism suggesting that the government was going cold on the scheme, recently published figures indicate that repayments will continue ballooning until they peak at £10.1bn a year by 2017-18.

The 717 PFI contracts currently under way across the UK are funding new schools, hospitals and other public facilities with a total capital value of £54.7bn, but the overall ultimate cost will reach £301bn by the time they have been paid off over the coming decades.......

Last week, South London Healthcare Trust, which runs three hospitals in south-east London, was placed in administration by the health secretary as it struggled to meet the cost of its PFI obligations.

The headline does not reflect The Guardian's party line but then  The Guardian is a Marxist propaganda machine run by Capitalist Swine. Brown is a financial hooligan, Asset stripper, malevolent weirdo put into Parliament By The Communists to destroy England. He is one of their successes. Heath is another. He used post-dated cheques. He also destroyed our fishing industry There is more on Heath at Paedophilia And Satanism ... The Fabric Of The Web by David Icke. Mr. Icke's accusations are gross. That does not mean he is wrong.
PS Private Eye has been telling us about the gross over charging, the waste, the corruption that are Private Finance Initiatives the PFI for years now. The Graun has just decided to take notice.


Archbishop Of York Panders To Homosexual Lobby
The Archbishop of York spoke out today against anti-homosexual laws being debated in Uganda. Dr John Sentamu, who was born in the country, branded the proposals as "victimising". A private member's bill is going through Uganda's parliament which would see gay and lesbian people sentenced to a minimum of life in prison if convicted of having sex. People who failed to report homosexual acts taking place would risk up to three years in prison while those convicted of having sex with a minor would receive the death penalty........

Sentamu said that while people may have "traditional" views about sexuality, the Anglican communion is committed to recognising that gay people are valued by God.
Sentamu will be aware that adultery is forbidden by the Ten Commandments. Further that sexual perversions are the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. Pandering to their sort is a bid to take over from Williams; to preside over the destruction of the Church of England and of England too. That is why The Guardian approves of him. Since  Queen Elizabeth served out the Maundy Money in York one has to assume that she approves of the fellow. She is, like Williams, a Useful Idiot, one who has been very badly advized.


Jews Recruited Islamics To Do Their Dirty Work In Iran
A series of CIA memos describes how Israeli Mossad agents posed as American spies to recruit members of the terrorist organization Jundallah to fight their covert war against Iran.

Buried deep in the archives of America's intelligence services are a series of memos, written during the last years of President George W. Bush's administration, that describe how Israeli Mossad officers recruited operatives belonging to the terrorist group Jundallah by passing themselves off as American agents. According to two U.S. intelligence officials, the Israelis, flush with American dollars and toting U.S. passports, posed as CIA officers in recruiting Jundallah operatives -- what is commonly referred to as a "false flag" operation.......

But while the memos show that the United States had barred even the most incidental contact with Jundallah, according to both intelligence officers, the same was not true for Israel's Mossad. The memos also detail CIA field reports saying that Israel's recruiting activities occurred under the nose of U.S. intelligence officers, most notably in London, the capital of one of Israel's ostensible allies, where Mossad officers posing as CIA operatives met with Jundallah officials......

There is no denying that there is a covert, bloody, and ongoing campaign aimed at stopping Iran's nuclear program, though no evidence has emerged connecting recent acts of sabotage and killings inside Iran to Jundallah. Many reports have cited Israel as the architect of this covert campaign, which claimed its latest victim on Jan. 11 when a motorcyclist in Tehran slipped a magnetic explosive device under the car of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a young Iranian nuclear scientist.
Mossad murders? Of course! It murdered its new boss because he was not one of theirs.

Jew Kicks Child. Jews Think It Is Fun

Jews Beat Up Woman. Jews Think It Is Fun 

Three Jews Burgled A Synagogue
Three people have been charged by police after an alleged burglary at a synagogue. It is alleged that the trio — all of whom are Jewish — broke into the Beth Shmuel Synagogue in Golders Green, north-west London, on Saturday and stole a set of car keys before taking a vehicle that was parked outside the shul.

A 20-year-old man from Golders Green, an 18-year-old man from Hendon, and a 17-year-old from Finchley all face charges of burglary and theft of a motor vehicle.
Drunk, stupid, malicious, whatever? It is not normal thieving for Jews. That is large scale fraud.


6 July 2012

Bank Of England Forges Another £50 Billion
Central banks around the world signalled their determination to stimulate the flagging global economy on Thursday yesterday, with the injection of £50bn of electronic money into the UK and interest rate cuts in the eurozone and China. The Bank of England warned that recovery was at risk without a boost to its programme of Quantitative Easing after a flurry of economic surveys showed the double-dip recession could stretch into the autumn.........

The Bank of England's monetary policy committee, which sets interest rate policy, said that the total amount of QE would rise to £375bn, while the base interest rate would remain at 0.5%.
The Bank is not even bothering to print money. It just makes it out of nothing. Presumably it is legal but it has precisely the same effect as Forgery. It is used by politicians to bribe special interests while causing inflation and defrauding anyone with savings. The Guardian seems to approve but then is run by Capitalist Swine with ingenious systems for avoiding tax.


Black Criminals Bribe Women Into Sham Marriages
Two young mothers who married illegal immigrants to keep them in Britain have been spared jail. Chantelle Burton, 23, and Ashley McGinn, 24, from Middlesbrough accepted thousands of pounds from Ghanaian nationals Benjamin Kusi and Emmanuel Nyarko to agree to a sham wedding.

A friend of Miss McGinn suggested the money-making scheme on Facebook, Teesside Crown Court heard. She then met sham husband Kusi at Middlesbrough Train Station on February 12 2010, and married two days later on Valentine's Day. She was paid £4,190. Mr. Kusi's working holiday visa was due to expire a few months later, but his illicit marriage meant he could stay in the country permanently.

Miss McGinn informed flatmate Miss Burton of the scam, and two months later Miss Burton was paid £1,260 to wed another illegal immigrant named Nyarko at Manchester Registry Office....

Officers discovered the marriages were a sham when Miss Burton's family told the police, the court heard today.
Did the blacks get exported? We are not told. Did they go to prison? Again we are not told. The tax position has significant advantages. At least her family did the decent thing.


Israel Is Preparing To Make War In The Lebanon Again
Senior IDF officer: Israel is preparing for the next Lebanon war
Officer says instability in Syria could ignite violent confrontation with the Lebanese army, says 'Goldstone report will pale in comparison to what will be here next time.'........

The commander of the IDF's 91st Division, Brigardier-General Hertzi Halevy told journalists on Thursday, "We understand that there is more than one factor, whether this is Lebanese, or whether it will come from somewhere else, that can ignite the border here."

"The Goldstone Report will pale in comparison to what [ the Jews ] will be [ doing ] here next time. There is no choice but to fight against the enemy where he is, and that is in the heart of a populated area. " 
The Jews are murderous thugs prepared to destroy anyone and anything if they want.


Israel Will Refuse UNHCR Probe Cooperation Because Jews Are Guilty As Hell
Israel reiterated Friday that it would refuse cooperation with a UN Human Rights Council fact finding mission to probe Israeli West Bank settlement activity and Jewish building in east Jerusalem.

The Geneva-based council appointed three international jurists to the mission on Friday, eliciting a rebuke from Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor. "The fact finding mission will find no cooperation in Israel and its members will not be allowed to enter Israel and the territories. Its existence embodies the inherent distortion that typifies the UNHRC treatment of Israel and the hijacking of the important human rights agenda by non democratic countries," he said.
Jews care about their human rights. Jews deny that we are human.


5 July 2012

Joke of the Day
Can you believe it? My income tax return form has been sent back to me because, in response to question 4, Do you have anyone dependent on you? I replied 2.1 million illegal immigrants, 1.1 million crack heads, 4.4 million Unemployables, 900,000 criminals in over 85 prisons, plus 650 idiots in Parliament and the whole of the European Commission. They said this was not an acceptable answer! So, who did I miss out?

G20 Massacre Killer Says He  'Can't Remember' How Many Victims He Attacked
PC Simon Harwood, 45, struck the newspaper vendor with a baton and then pushed him to the floor on April 1st, 2009, causing his collapse and death just moments later, it is alleged.
The Met lied to his victim's family to keep Harwood out of prison. The Met used a dodgy medical examiner to give a dodgy verdict to keep Harwood out of prison. The perjury is SOP [ standard operating procedure ]. Perverting the course of justice is the objective. Beating incontrovertible evidence is a problem. Video is what put Harwood in court. That is why the police hate cameras and truth. Their options now are to use  a prosecutor to throw the case or a judge from the funny handshake mob. The Jury is liable to see through the lies. The Jury is our best and last hope of justice. That is why the system hates it.

A surly looking rogue.


4 July 2012

Police Are Vicious Criminals Raping The Vulnerable
Sexual predators in the police are abusing their power to target victims of crime they are supposed to be helping, as well as fellow officers and female staff, the Guardian can reveal. An investigation into the scale and extent of the problem suggests sexual misconduct could be more widespread than previously believed.

The situation raises questions about the efficacy of the police complaints system, the police's internal whistle blowing procedures, the vetting of officers and a failure to monitor disciplinary offences.

Police officers have been convicted or disciplined for a range of offences from rape and sexual assault to misconduct in public office relating to inappropriate sexual behaviour with vulnerable women they have met on duty. Others are awaiting trial for alleged offences, though many are never charged with a criminal offence and are dealt with via internal disciplinary procedures..........

In the past four years, there were 56 cases involving police officers and a handful of community support officers who either were found to have abused their position to rape, sexually assault or harass women and young people or were investigated over such allegations......

Their work was prompted by the case of the Northumbria police constable Stephen Mitchell, 43, who was jailed for life in January 2011 for carrying out sex attacks on vulnerable women, including prostitutes and heroin addicts, while he was on duty.
It takes eighteen months to make a policeman, which is to say a hardened liar who will commit perjury at the drop of a hat. Robert Mark, the last Metropolitan police commissioner who gave reason to believe he was honest said: A good police force catches more criminals than it employs. The Met is the best police force that money can buy and one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in England.

3 July 2012

Blacks Attacking Jews Because They Are Jews
Chaim Amalek had his way, no one would know that mobs of black people are attacking and beating and robbing Jews in the New York area.

Or that they shout anti-Semitic epithets.

Or that they target Jews because “they don’t fight back.”

“Such information can only serve to heighten racial tensions between these two groups,” said Amalek, an alias for New York video blogger Luke Ford. “Let us all look beyond the issue of race (in any event a mere social construct) and instead celebrate our diversity.”

In this case, the New York Post saw a pattern that most other media outlets never see. To some, it was jarring.

“Anti-Jewish crime wave,” read the June headline about a series of recent anti-Semitic attacks. “In the most disturbing incident, a mob of six black teenagers shouting, ‘Dirty Jew!’ and ‘Dirty kike!’ repeatedly bashed Marc Heinberg, 61, as he walked home from temple in Sheepshead Bay (in June.)”

This is one of several black mob attacks on – and robberies of – Jewish people in Brooklyn over the last two years, leaving broken bones and life-threatening injuries in their wake.

The assaults are part of a larger pattern in the New York area and around the country: Black mobs assaulting, robbing, destroying property and creating mayhem – hundreds of times in more than 60 cities.
Blacks are emotional, committed, sincere, proactive [ whatever that means] & effective. Lots of blacks know that the Slave trade was run by Jews. Now they are doing something about it.


Israeli Foreign Minister Is Trying To Beat Fraud Raps
(Reuters) - Lawyers for Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman faced a hearing on Tuesday where they argued against his being indicted on graft charges that would force his resignation and could trigger early Israeli elections. Justice officials announced last April that Lieberman, an outspoken right-winger who heads the ultranationalist Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel is Our Home) coalition party, faced possible charges of fraud, money laundering and witness tampering.

Prosecutors suspect Lieberman of using shell companies and third-party accounts to receive more than $1.2 million illicitly while in public office, including from foreign businessmen with interests in Israel. Lieberman, who denies wrongdoing, is on an overseas trip and will not attend the hearing headed by Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein that could last two days.

Israeli media said his attorneys denied at Tuesday's session that Lieberman had any links to shell companies during his time in public office. The attorney-general could take several more months before deciding whether to put the minister on trial..........

Netanyahu has publicly supported Lieberman, saying in a statement he hoped the foreign minister would "prove his innocence" and "continue to make his public contribution".
Lieberman was due to be charged in February 2011 so he has been getting away with it for more than a year. He is a vicious Racist thug.
Netanyahu is a liar kept out of prison by the current attorney general, one Yehuda Weinstein


Jew In Toronto Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Girl
Toronto Haredi Man Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Minor Girl The Toronto Police Service would like to make the public aware of an arrest made in a historical sexual assault investigation that occurred between September 1990 and September 2000. It is alleged that over a 10−year period the accused sexually assaulted a girl, who was 13 years old at the time of the first assault. The assaults took place in his home and at one of his places of employment. On Wednesday, June 27, 2012, Martin Hyman, 47, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with: 1) Sexual Assault 2) Sexual Interference 3) Sexual Exploitation.
Another Jew, another pervert.


Zionists To Blame For World Drug Trade
In blatantly anti-Semitic speech Iranian VP Mohammad Reza Rahimi says Jews, Talmud incite global narcotics trade. 'Jews think they're a superior race,' he blasts In blatantly anti-Semitic speech, Iranian Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi condemned the "Zionists" and the teachings of the Talmud for "inciting global drug trade and addiction ......

Rahimi, who spoke during a ceremony marking International Day against Drug Abuse held in Tehran on Tuesday, said that it is, in fact, the Judaism, that "teaches (Zionists) how to destroy non-Jews so as to protect an embryo in the womb of a Jewish mother."
Mr. Rahimi is a sound sort of chap but does not seem to have much in the way of evidence IF the Jew reporting him is to be believed.


2 July 2012

Blacks Murder One Of Their Own
A man who was stabbed to death at a busy shopping centre just yards from the Olympic Park has been named by police. Liam Woodards lived locally in Stratford, east London, Scotland Yard said. The 24-year-old victim was knifed after a fight broke out between a large group of males at Westfield in Stratford on Friday afternoon. Mr. Woodards was pronounced dead at the scene and a post mortem examination later revealed he died from a stab wound.

Two other males suffered minor injuries during the attack, which happened in a busy area of the shopping centre called The Street. Five men, aged between 20 and 23, were arrested in connection with the death. A Yard spokesman said that one, aged 23, had been cautioned for affray and released with no further action. The other four remain in custody.
Big gang fight in black area. One comes unstuck. Main Steam Media refuse to tell us they are black. The truth will trickle out later. Then they will be on to a different story and we are supposed not notice the Colour of Crime. Of course if we mention the truth we get abused as Racists by the Main Steam Media or subjected to Malicious prosecution as poor little Emma West found out.



The witness, known officially only as S.D. due to a gag order on publishing his name, was continuing to testify on Monday in the second day of the Holyland trial, a massive corruption case involving allegations of fraud and bribery to advance a large construction project in Jerusalem against Olmert, former Jerusalem mayor Uri Lupolianski, former Bank Hapoalim CEO Dan Dankner and 13 other defendants.....

The bribes were allegedly given to Olmert during the years in which he was mayor of Jerusalem. S.D. said that the bribes included paying off Olmert's debts relating to elections in 1993 and 1999, as well as Olmert's primary election campaign in the Likud against former prime minister Ariel Sharon in 1999.
Olmert is a major war criminal who set up the Gaza Massacre as well as being a thief.


Israeli Prime Minister Was A Murderer & A Terrorist - Main Stream Media Hide The Truth
Israeli president Shimon Peres is calling the late Yitzhak Shamir, dead at 96, a "brave warrior." What does that mean? It means he used terrorism with very important political consequences. As head of the Stern Gang, Shamir authorized the assassinations of Lord Moyne, the British minister in Palestine, in 1944, and Folke Bernadotte, the U.N. envoy (and Swedish count) in 1948.

The Bernadotte murder is particularly important: Bernadotte wanted to internationalize Jerusalem and limit the borders of the new Jewish state. His murder helped shift partition from 55 percent of Palestine to the Jewish state to 78 percent.

But will the obits tell you that? CNN whitewash:

Born in Poland, Shamir moved to Palestine and fought for Israeli independence.... Shamir was a leader of the Jewish Zionist underground group that fought the mandate in the 1940s.

It wasn't just the mandate, he fought the U.N.

There is a shameful statement by Hillary Clinton at the end of that piece.

"From his days working for Israel's independence to his service as prime minister, he strengthened Israel's security and advanced the partnership between the United States and Israel," she said in a statement

Murder is a political tool. So is war. Jews use them both. That is why they control American politicians - so they get to use the American army.


1 July 2012 This day in 1916 was the first of The Battle of the Somme. Thousands were slaughtered by politicians and generals. 

I was brought up with lies all the time . . . that's how you got along. . . . I have lied my entire life
Monica Lewinsky [ a Jew ] Explains All In
The Quote of the Century

Judge The 2010 Gold G-String Award In New Orleans
This is a rare opportunity to exercise your skill and judgment. Have you got what it takes? NB It may not qualify for the Job Seekers' Allowance. See Stormy Daniels, a past winner and think for yourself.


Jewish Pimp Pleading Guilty In Spitzer Case
An Israeli man accused of running an escort service that brought down New York governor Eliot Spitzer in March was set to plead guilty on Thursday afternoon to money laundering, prostitution and conspiracy, according to his lawyer......... "It does appear that there's a continuing investigation," noted criminal defence attorney Gerald Shargel told WCBS-TV. "The manner in which the investigation is being conducted strongly suggests that Gov. Spitzer is a target."
You have to admit that he dealt in quality albeit there is no kindness in her face. You might also wonder why Spitzer got fingered while the rest of her clients walked away. Spitzer did annoy Bush as well as other rich criminals. See Eliot Spitzer Was Screwed for more on this

This is not one of the 18 known pictures of her at Kristen the definitive gallery so she'll have to do until one comes along.


Her Majesty's Prime Minister Picks His Nose In Parliament
The man is a plebeian oaf and a spendthrift swine to boot. The poor Queen has to deal with the man. Does he wash his hands first? See it in glorious Technicolor® if you have the stomach for it. Then watch him clean his fingers on his tie.


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