Obama Explains Obama

Obama chose to write these books or, at all events get them published as his own. What do they tell us? That he is a black who hates us. They do not say that he was put into office by the puppet masters, the Zionist crazies who run America as a fiefdom of Israel. His handler, the Jew Rahm Emanuel knew him. Rahm Emanuel chose him.

Obama Explains Obama
The character of Barack Obama in his own words

This appraisal of  Obama’s character is based on his two books  Dreams from My Father (DMF) and The Audacity of Hope (AOH). The advantage of relying solely on these sources  that  they are not only Obama’s own words  but his considered words.............

3. Obama’s genetic inheritance
If it is  allowed  that genes play a strong role in determining character  both directly through  qualities such as IQ and indirectly through  specific abilities which affect behaviour , for example, the possession of a special talent for music,   what can we learn from his ancestry?

On the bare facts, his father  behaved in a way which, apart from the fact that he got himself an education,  matches the modern stereotype of  the black male. He goes from one woman to another breeding,  incontinently,  hence, Obama’s  various half brothers and sisters.  He leaves Obama’s mother when Obama is still a  toddler and subsequently appears rarely in Obama’s life  From Obama’s account  he provided Obama’s mother with  no money  whatsoever to support  his son and back in  Africa  Obama senior variously abandons and neglects his other women and children, becomes a drunk and ruins his  job prospects by  recklessly  insulting  influential people. Here is Obama’s account of his  half sister Auma  describing his father’s behaviour  towards members of the Kenyan  elite:.......

Obama’s mother,  Anna, a white woman from middle America,  marries first an African then an Indonesian,  neither of which marriage lasts. (For someone of her background to marry one person of  a different race and culture might be put down to love; marrying two begins to look like a political statement. )...... Obama’s description of his mother  portrays her as  a type of Margaret Mead anthropological naif , forever searching  for the right-on approach to  non-white, non-American people while ironically insisting  for most of the time that  Obama be brought up as an American.  Here is Obama describing her attitude towards blacks:..........

An emotionally insecure president who doesn’t really understand political realities, especially economic ones,  represents a tremendous danger to both America and the rest of the world in our present perilous circumstances. The fact that his approval ratings have already dropped to below those of George W Bush at the same stage of his  presidency suggests that the penny has begun to drop with many of those who voted for him. The problem is America and the rest of the world is saddled with him for another 46 months. His election is best seen as an example of mass hysteria [ or a triumph for Jews marketing self destruction - Editor ].
Obama is a wrong one. That is why he got the job.