Operation Sunfire

This comes from Operation Sunfire - Police Hunt 'Dangerous' Men Hiding In UK. Sky mentioned 13, which is the number in a witch's coven but left some out. It makes it easier for the criminals to carry on with their lives of crime. One of those pictured has black blood. They are mainly East Europeans. See more criminals at Most Wanted. Something on the general point is at Colour of Crime.


ROGUE'S GALLERY Mug Shots of Europe's Most Wanted criminals living in the UK

Adrian Vasilescu is wanted for causing grievous bodily harm. He is alleged to have cut a victim's throat using a beer bottle. He is believed to be living in the Manor Park, E12, area of London.

Tato Kakauridze is wanted for murder.


Ion Bobocel is wanted for robbery. It is claimed he hit his victim on the back of the head with a blunt object and then stole the victim's belongings.

Costin Stoica, who is wanted for robbery, is accused of spraying his victim in the face with a noxious substance and stealing her handbag.


Dominik Witczak is suspected of stabbing his victim in the thigh. He is wanted for GBH.


Ioan Cretu is wanted for murder.


Radoslaw Nkaye is wanted for robbery. He is alleged to have used a metal club to threaten and beat his victim with.


Dariusz Glowacki is wanted for rape.


Ndrieim Sadushi is wanted for three murders and an attempted murder in 1997.


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