Operation Trident

Operation Trident is a police group in the Met set up to deal with blacks. It keeps some 300 police off the dole queue.

Operation Trident (Metropolitan Police)
Operation Trident or Trident, is a Metropolitan Police Service unit set up to investigate and inform communities of gun crime in London's black community, with special attention being placed on shootings relating to the illegal sale of drugs. The initiative was set up in March 1998 by members of the black community following a series of shootings in the London boroughs of Lambeth, Camden and Brent. The Chairperson of the Trident Independent Advisory Group (IAG) is Claudia Webbe.

The importance of Trident is such that it was established as a dedicated Operational Command Unit called the Trident Operational Command Unit within the Metropolitan Police Specialist Crime Directorate. In 2004 it expanded with the formation of Operation Trafalgar which investigates all other non-fatal shootings in London.

The aim of the campaign is reached via gun amnesties and adverts encouraging people to phone Crimestoppers with information related to gun crime. These adverts appear in the media, nightclubs, on petrol pumps, phone boxes and on the radio.

As part of Specialist Crime Directorate, Trident is also known as SCD8 and more recently officers within the command have referred to themselves as "the Ocho". As of 2004 only 16 of the initiative's 300 officers were themselves black.
Black crime is a growth industry. One answer is stop importing them.


Operation Trident Run By Liars
UK's Anti-Gun Unit "Operation Trident" present rented replica guns on national TV as recovered il???????? [ illegal guns presumably - Editor ]...............

Here at Mick's Guns we are often asked if we have replica guns to hire out for film and theatre work. We actually have quite a collection, and this collection will significantly increase when Operation Trident are forced to return all of Mick's possessions. You may remember seeing Mick's replica guns used by Operation Trident in their media fiasco, telling the British public they have taken real guns off the street, holding them in certain ways that hid the tell tale signs they were actually replicas and blank firing guns.

They did the same with Mick's Air Arms air rifle, three times in fact in front of the TV cameras, trying to show the media they had recovered a military assault rifle !

If Operation Trident would like to hire any of our replicas to further their campaign of misleading the British public, we will be happy to enter into a hire contract with them at double the normal price !
Genuine film makers and dramatists need only apply!
Policemen lie like they breathe, it come naturally after a while. It takes eighteen months to make a police man which is to say a hardened liar who commits perjury without conscience. Ultimately policemen are in it for the money. Even if they happen to be honest the pay funds their life styles.


Trident - this is a police version of the truth
Trident Operational Command Unit (OCU) is the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) response to gun related activity occurring within black communities in London. Some of this activity is directly and indirectly associated with the illegal sale and distribution of drugs. The levels of violence associated with this type of criminality are extreme, with the use of firearms becoming more prevalent. Although some of the victims have links to organised criminality, the wider victims also include innocent members of the black communities whose neighbourhoods are blighted by the intensity of violence and intimidation associated with gun criminality.

Trident was initially set up in the late 1990ís in and around areas of Lambeth and Brent as an intelligence based initiative. This was in response to the shootings and murders being perpetrated by black criminals on individual members of the black communities. These incidents were made much harder to investigate due to unwillingness on the part of witnesses to come forward through fear of reprisals from the perpetrators of such criminal behaviour..........

Trident has recently expanded and has in excess of 300 officers and 70 police staff engaged in the investigation and prevention of firearm murders and other gun crime affecting Londonís communities.
Is there a special police group to deal with armed Englishmen? Blacks, yes. Englishmen, no.


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