Doing your jumps was the pay off after doing Basic Training. It was a different kind of challenge. The Bundeswehr had their approach too; it was  different again. Then there are parachute operations, the justification for Airborne Forces.

It's a long way down.


RAF Abingdon was where it was  in 1969.


Men Do Selfies In 1944
It was different back then; colour was really big time.


The First Jump 1967

Coming in.


Going, going, gone over England.


Out of a C130 Hercules - at Boscombe Down?


RAF Abingdon and parachute training.


 PJI Tim Samwell, Dispatching, 1 Company from a balloon over Germany.


First jump over. It's just the next one.


Parachute training at Abingdon in 1969


Diepholtz and free fall with the Bundeswehr


Heavy Drop at RAF Hullavington


Heavy Drop at RAF Hullavington.


Heavy Drop at RAF Hullavington. Would you want them to do this to your car?


The Basic Parachute Course at Abingdon in 1969


Robin [ RIP sadly ] at Diepholtz with the  Bundeswehr.


Jumping at Hankley Common back in the 1960s. Were they happy?


Keith and Liam showing how it was done in the 1950s None of this nonsense of having reserves.


Phil, Dave and Gerry waiting to go in a Hercules. The life jackets mean they might have to swim for it.


Modern parachuting. It must be - the picture is in colour.


 Phil with a Hercules at Sennelager circa 1971

Abingdon 1970


Exit practice?

The Trainasium - it was a test of moral fibre.







This looks dangerous.


The rope swing into a net was easy but someone still managed to dislocate his shoulder on it.


This was interesting, stimulating, exciting, challenging et cetera. You could see this because his knees were shaking with fright.