Political Manipulation

This little essay was written by Bruce Schneier who is highly respected in the field of security. Mr Schneier's thoughts apply to politics and politicians too.

Basketball Referees and Single Points of Failure
Sports referees are supposed to be fair and impartial...... Tim Donaghy, referee for the National Basketball Association, has been accused of both betting on basketball games and fixing games for the mob.............. What sorts of systems -- IT, financial, NBA games, [
politics? - Editor ], or whatever -- are most at risk of being manipulated? The ones where the smallest change can have the greatest impact, and the ones where trusted insiders can make that change...
These sorts of vulnerabilities exist in many systems. Consider what a terrorist-sympathizing Transportation Security Administration screener [ or Secretary of Homeland Security and Jew - Editor ] could do to airport security. Or what a criminal CFO could embezzle. The same goes for a corrupt judge, police officer, customs inspector, border-control officer, food-safety inspector, [ President of the United States - Editor ], and so on.
All systems have trusted insiders. All systems have catastrophic points of failure. The key is recognizing them, and building monitoring and audit systems to secure them.
All of this applies to basket ball and politics but in the latter the stakes are that much higher. That is what the United States Constitution was written for. Of course if a man has power over the monitoring system he can get away with it. The next one is about the brutal reality of American politics under a vicious tyrant.


Eliot Spitzer Was Screwed
Eliot tried to stop predatory lenders cheating blacks. That was the end of him even though he was also a Jew.


Supreme Court an important example of committee packing
The American Supreme Court wields great power. Its nine judges are political appointees. It is naked power. Just watch the Jews fight for it. The fact that Hispanics get there indicates that the Jews are anti-white not pro-anyone else.


Pro-Israel Activists Exercise Huge Influence In Congress
As part of their continuing campaign to keep John Sununu out of the U.S. Senate—an effort which failed in 2002, when then-Rep. Sununu (R N.H.) was first elected to “the world’s greatest deliberative body”—pro-Israel PACs bestowed a whopping $44,000 on would-be Democratic opponent Katrina Swett in 2007.In case that name doesn’t ring a bell, Swett is the daughter of the late Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), who was one of Israel’s most ardent champions in the House. Her husband is former Rep. Dick Swett (D-N.H.), who, after two terms in the House and an unsuccessful Senate bid, managed to amass a respectable $95,500 in pro-Israel PAC contributions.
Call it influence or call it bribes. It is very effective. Of course these bungs are merely those that go through the books. All of this is over and above a Congressman's rather useful pay cheques.


How It Is Done - An Approach
Stone is most authoritative on the countries between Germany and Russia, including those powers themselves. On this vast area he excels, leaving those of us of a more Italo- or Hispanophile disposition feeling slightly short-changed amidst the earnest heaviness of it all. He evokes Central Europe’s tatterdemalion post-war plight well, since he seems to know every Bratislava or Budapest back alley, as these countries slipped into the iron grip of sundry Stalinists, many of them radicalised Jews burning with cynicism and self-righteousness, like Jakub Berman [ Jakub Berman ] or Matyas Rakosi [ Mátyás Rákosi - the Bald Murderer & Jew ]. Their modus operandi is worth repeating:

Packing key committees with their own placemen, putting essential details into the small print, preventing opponents from attending meetings, deploying boring and lengthy speeches as a way of emptying a hall of moderate opponents and then taking a snap vote, provided they had the chairman in their pocket.
It is not always Jews; it can be their
Useful Idiots or general purpose crooks on the make.


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