Politics and Politicians - A Modest Proposal

Many men and indeed women too are in positions of trust. If they are in government outfits they may need to have Positive Vetting. PV means that they go through someone's background rather thoroughly too make sure they are clean. It didn't stop Philby and his friends but they joined before vetting became formalized. They were assumed to be English gentlemen and trustworthy. They were not.

Politicians are in positions of power as well as trust. Positive vetting would have much greater value. It would expose liars, fornicators, traitors and cheats. It would certainly have saved us from Mandelson who is now a commissioner in the European Commission, a den of iniquity and corruption in its own right. It might have saved us from Heath with his enthusiasm for choir boys, brown envelopes and treason. Heath was a very bad prime minister but not the worst. Blair might have gotten away with being PVed. His exclusion from power would have been an enormous improvement.

One difficulty with the process is that we do not quite know just what we have been saved from. See Politicians and Political Parties for some of those who should have kept away from the levers of power and the purse strings too. Also Bloody Bill Clinton. He might not be guilty of all of the 31 kills listed and proving anything in Alabama depends on who you know but...........


Labour Party Policy
Labour's paymasters are Jews. They control policy and send Englishmen to their deaths in Iraq. Blair pandered to the Jew, Levy and the Jew(?), Ecclestone. With Brown it is Mendelsohn also a Jew. The names change the agenda does not. Israel über alles.
Jews pull the strings and the puppets dance. Englishmen join the British Army to serve Queen and Country. Traitors send them to war and death for Israel.


Miliband, The Mass Murderer
The grandfather of Foreign Secretary David Miliband has been dragged into the diplomatic stand-off between Britain and Russia - more than 40 years after his death. Last week - as the two countries continued to trade insults over Moscow's refusal to hand over the man suspected of Alexander Litvinenko's murder - Mr Miliband was accused of inheriting a "hatred" of Russia from his Polish-born Jewish grandfather Samuel. The accusation was made by Gleb Pavlovsky, one of President Vladimir Putin's closest advisers, who said Samuel fought under the command of Trotsky in the Twenties, eliminating White Russians opposed to communism.  
There are rival stories. The Daily Mail settles for the proposition that he was not guilty. Trotsky undoubtedly was. The European Jewish Press also likes the idea that he was not guilty.


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