Racism in Canada

Racists in Canada are very awful and all of them are white. Not one is black, brown or yellow. Or so it seems. It is also illegal to discuss these things in Canada - unless you toe the party line. Mr Taylor, an American explains.

Jared Taylor Speaks Truth In Canada
At all events he would have done if lefties hadn't drowned him out. Free speech is something admire when it is their own. For the rest of us it is different. But he writes well. Here is what he said.


Is Racial Diversity Good For Canada?

By Jared Taylor

Prof. David Divine of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, agreed to meet Jared Taylor in a debate on whether racial diversity is a strength or a weakness. Later, he backed out of his agreement, claiming he had been unaware of Mr. Taylor’s background, and was now unwilling to let him speak.

These are [some of] the remarks Mr. Taylor had planned to give.


And I submit to you, ladies and gentlemen, that an assertion — a belief — is all it is. How, exactly, is racial diversity a strength for Canada or any other country? Does it raise per capita GNP? Does it improve crop yields? Does it lower crime rates? Does it reduce green house gases? Does it lower taxes?

No, it doesn’t do any of those things. I’m not sure I have ever heard its boosters say specifically what it does. I will tell you what racial diversity does: It results in conflict, tension, and hostility. At its worst, racial diversity can lead to race riots, racially-motivated murder and assault. At its best, when communities of different races try to live together they simply leave each other alone. The result is relatively peaceful voluntary segregation. Except for a few bohemians, people of different races do not often mingle naturally and happily.

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Now, you probably think that every major Canadian institution from the federal government on down takes the view that racial diversity is a great strength for Canada. In fact, they all agree with me. They all assert most emphatically that racial diversity is not a source of strength but a source of conflict. The only difference is that instead of the word “conflict,” they use the word “racism.” Whatever “racism” may be, they all agree that it is a very bad thing, and that Canadian society is riddled with it.

Now, if there were no racial diversity in Canada, there could be no racial discrimination, could there? So please remember this: Whenever people complain about racism, bigotry, hatred, racial profiling, discrimination, they are not talking about the joys and benefits of racial diversity. They are admitting that it is a source of tension and suffering.


How bad is the race problem? The Ontario Human Rights Commission says “Racial discrimination and racism” are “pervasive and continuing.” The Canadian Race Relations Foundation says “racism is serious and pervasive.” The Canadian Commission for UNESCO says racism “imperils democracy.” The federal Human Rights Commission says “hate and, in particular, its manifestation on the Internet pose a serious threat to the social fabric of Canadian society.”

How can racial diversity be a strength if it gives rise to something that “imperils democracy” that “poses a serious threat to the social fabric of Canadian society?” This question deserves an answer, ladies and gentlemen, but because Prof. Divine is afraid to debate me, I’m afraid it will not get one. In fact, I suspect Prof. Divine is afraid to debate me because he knows this question has no answer.


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So it appears that racism is a very considerable scourge in Canada, but it is reassuring to know that commissions and tribunals and study groups and associations and foundations are beavering away night and day fighting it. They’ll soon have it under control, right? Well, maybe not.

A recent survey by Statistics Canada found that, nearly 50 percent of blacks say they have suffered from discrimination or unfair treatment, as have 33 percent of South Asians and Chinese. (No report by StatCan on whether any whites suffer from racism.) A 2003 report on immigrants living in West Central Toronto found that 68 percent had suffered just from housing discrimination, let alone any other kind of discrimination.


Let us accept, for a moment, the lefty view of all this, namely that racismwhatever that may beis a moral failing that afflicts only whites.

Non-whites — every man, woman and child — are noble, un-offending sufferers, whose sole aim is to be accepted as the loyal Canadians they are. Parenthetically, this seems to be the view of all your “human rights” commissions, too, but no matter. If this view is correct, it means whites are a uniquely defective people who break out in helpless spasms of racism whenever they encounter non-whites.


TORONTO once HAD a very low crime rate and WAS a safe city composed of a HOMOGENEOUS WHITE population of about 98%! But that was all BEFORE the early 1970′s when NON-white immigrants began making their appearance in massive importation numbers resulting in an unprecedented reduction of White residents to only 55% today.

(Note lack of “Canadian content”)

But if that is true, why must whites — and their non-white victims — be put through the ordeal of racial diversity? If, after decades of combating racism, whites are still hopelessly racist — what is gained by an immigration policy that brings in yet more non-whites only to make them suffer at the hands of whites, and that degrades whites by bringing out the worst in them?

Toronto used to be virtually all-white. There couldn’t have been much racial discrimination. Now, all official sources agree that Toronto is a hive of racial discrimination. How has racial diversity therefore been a strength for Toronto or for Canada?

This, therefore, is one problem with racial diversity. The races don’t seem to get along very well. Just look at all this agonizing and hand-wringing over racism. You may choose to blame all the problems exclusively on wicked white people, but why pretend racial diversity is a strength?

There is a second aspect of racial diversity on which Canada is strangely silent. Have the non-whites who are coming and who are increasing racial diversity…. improved the country? I realize this is a taboo question, but let us ask it anyway.


Now, as we saw, Canada is too squeamish to collect crime statistics by race, but the United States is not. We know, for example, that Blacks commit robbery and murder at approximately eight to ten times the White rate, that Hispanics commit these crimes at three to four times the white rate. Hispanics are19 times more likely than Whites to be in youth gangs, and Blacks are 18 times more likely. I would suspect there are equally striking racial differences in Canada, but no one knows because the government doesn’t want to know.

Minorities, Crime and Punishment

http://www.nc-f.org/colorcrime1999.htm (PDF File)


Back to Toronto in 2005, a coalition of 22 black community groups — but let’s stop right there. A coalition of 22 BLACK community groups!? Twenty-two race based associations!?

What do they all do? Why are they needed? Why are they racially exclusive? How many more are there that are not part of this coalition? Are they all glorying in the strengths of racial diversity?


So what are we to conclude from all this? Ladies and gentlemen, let us face facts squarely. Racial diversity in Canada, just as it is in America, is an ordeal. Sometimes, a difficult, agonizing ordeal. It is a source of resentment, guilt-mongering, and endless charges of racism.

If it were a strength, non-white groups would not set up countless race-based organizations to protect and advance their interests. If it were a strength, no one would need diversity managers or sensitivity training. If it were a strength, Canadians would not naturally separate on racial lines.


Let’s return for a moment to the subject of speaking freely. Let’s talk abut white flight. There was a 2004 Toronto Star article about a new Statistics Canada report on the appearance of visible minority neighborhoods in Canada’s big cities.

Whites used to live in these places but they have moved out. According to the Toronto Star newspaper, StatsCan could not bring itself to use the term “white flight,” and (instead) wrote only about “rapid replacement.”

Well, someone apparently wasn’t told about how we are now supposed to talk. That same year, 2004, Toronto city councilman from Scarborough Mike Del Grande told his local paper that “a lot of white people are moving out” of his ward.

Another councilman immediately jumped on Mr. Del Grande: “To hear someone say white people are leaving and Chinese are coming in can be nothing other than a racist comment,” said Joe Mihevc. Poor Mr. Del Grande had to apologize: “I should have said many older residents of the community (are moving out),” he said. “I didn’t say it in a politically correct way.”

Now, what is going on when a city councilman says something that is obviously true, is accused of racism, and is forced to say he should have SPOKEN IN CODE rather than speak clearly? You can’t even describe what is going on before your very eyes, much less talk about why whites are leaving and whether they might even be justified in leaving. This doesn’t sound like a strength to me.

The vice principal of Queens University unbosomed what strikes me as a significant truth about Canada. Recently he was quoted as saying, “Our Canadian culture has been squeamish about gathering race-based statistics because no one wants to see ethnic makeup reduced to numbers on a page. But unless you get this kind of information, you don’t really know if you have a problem.”

Well, yes. How do you even begin to assess whether racial diversity is a strength or a weakness unless you gather the information. Do different groups have different rates of illegitimacy? School failure? Poverty? If they do, does it make [any] sense to add to those groups through immigration? Take crime data. I understand Canada does not keep records of racial differences in crime rates. Too squeamish, I suppose. And yet everyone knows some groups commit more crime than others. Your newspapers talk about it indirectly.


The power of “political-correctness“:

  • You have a left-wing policy that causes damage to the country and, as it defies common sense, you don’t want it openly discussed – call it mass 3rd world immigration?

  • Find a half sensible sounding reason (which would appeal only to the half sensible though) why people shouldn’t even discuss it – it might offend immigrants?

  • Find a derogatory term to scream at those who dare to disobey – RACIST?

  • Put career pressure on those professionals who refuse to toe the line – get them dismissed?


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