Racism in Zimbabwe

Rhodesia was run by Brits and run reasonably well. It was over thrown by communist subversives who knew that the country would be ruined if blacks took over. They went ahead and did it anyway. Now they pretend that it was nothing to do with them just as they pretend that the Bolshevik Revolution with the subsequent millions of murders was nothing to do with them. The BBC and other communist subversives in the media had a major part in that destruction.

The excuse they used was that we were taking advantage of the blacks. It was sufficiently plausible to convince many well meaning people. The next stage in the propaganda war is to make them forget it. Global Warming is a typical diversion and just as fraudulent.

The Case for the Theorem:-
Rhodesia was founded by Cecil Rhodes and it was named after him. It started as Northern Rhodesia and Southern Rhodesia around 1906 - see Rhodesia. It fell in 1980. Mugabe took over and it has been down hill all the way since. Rhodes got on well with the Boers,  Matabele and Shona. When he was buried in the  Matobo Hills, Matabele chiefs, for the first and probably the only time, gave a white man the Matabele royal salute, Bayete. He was respected as a great man. He established a government and a system which gave order and progress. People got education and medicine. Farming worked well too. Maize was grown and exported.

Now under Mugabe people starve. He has also got inflation up to a monstrous level [ Zimbabwe inflation hits 1593.6% ]. German hyperinflation was in the same order. Part of the problem is gross incompetence. The main issue is evil. He robbed white farmers on the grounds that their farms would be given to poor blacks. He enriched his cronies. Major election fraud is normal. Murdering Matabele was a job for the army, one of the few done well.

One of the things that civilized governments get more or less right is tax farming. The best approach is to rob the punters but leave them enough to live on and a bit to have fun with. Bread and circuses is the cynical Roman formulation. Mugabe robbed people blind and let the machinery of life fall apart.

He is mad, bad and dangerous to know. But because he is black the subversives pretend that it is just one of those things. Compare this with the abuse that Ian Smith, an honourable man and the previous Prime Minister. It is very different.

Herewith are some sources from the Wikipedia. It is part of the Zionist controlled media. Its editors enforce the party line but it does cultivate a reputation for taking it down the middle. It doesn't usually tell the lie direct. Its dishonesty lies more in omission and innuendo. These are more difficult to prove.

The Times has a rather more honest view of the thug that runs the place:-

Beating up the leader of the opposition can be tempting. Mugabe can resist anything except temptation.

Are the biggest tribe in Rhodesia.


Ian Smith
Served King and country during the war years. He flew Spitfires. Politics came later. Notice the Wiki is far more critical of him than of Mugabe, the murderer and economic disaster. He was the Prime Minister of Rhodesia until it was defeated in 1980.


Robert Mugabe
Is a very nasty bit of work and about par for an African dictator. He has done much the same as the Bolsheviks did to Russians after 1917 which is to say killed millions. Notice that the Wiki uses the word claim a lot in their article - see  Words as Propaganda Tools. They do not however use the word racist except against Mugabe's opposition.


Inside Mugabe's crumbling state
At the end of a week that saw protests violently crushed, Chris McGreal reports from Zimbabwe on a nation sliding into chaos.
Chris McGreal is a good reporter. He wrote well about the evil that is perpetrated in Israel. He tells us that things in Zim are not bad; they are dreadful. He is right but it is important to look at what he doesn't tell us about; the causes rather than the effects. The left wing agenda doesn't allow that.


In recent years, the population of the Ndebele in Zimbabwe has been diminishing, primarily due to the Gukurahundi, a genocide that was carried out by the Zimbabwean government on the Ndebele. Other causes are migration to other countries, especially South Africa in search of jobs, after-effects of the Gukurahundi, and the economic crisis that has gripped Zimbabwe since 2000.
The Wiki has a very casual, indeed down right indifferent attitude to racism when it is blacks that are guilty. Murdering thousands of Matabele doesn't seem to qualify.


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