Sarah Palin

We could do an in depth analysis of her politics. Why bother? You can see for yourself why the Democrats hate her.

Sarah Is Hated Because - Pass
She looks better than Clinton's old woman just for starters

Sarah is a big fan of the Jonas Brothers.


You do need to wear clothes in Alaska from time to time.


Is this really her?


The Wiki picky - whence the rather fetching blouse.


This is probably a different Sarah.


Sarah Shoots A Caribou - Allegedly
Her weapon handling is dreadful but they did actually get a beast. Who shot it? Pass. My guess is her father or their guide. They do not do the gralloch then take the corpse; they butcher it for the meat. If you are walking out with a big load of meat it does make sense. this sequence comes from the same stalk and shows a genuine animal.


Sarah Palin Has Excellent Libel Case Against NYT  [ 30 June 2017 ]
The New York Times is another Propaganda machine with an agenda - and a problem.