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They have to be better than the gloom and doom from the newspapers. But have look at the future with the German  Playboykalender 2020. It could be that bad if Islamics have their way. If you want models try They have them, lots of them. Or try 

You might feel that this page is an example of Degenerate Art or even just degeneracy. Your choice; go or stay.

 Bar Rafaeli is the name. She works in Israel.


She does look rather desirable.


Doesn't she?


Stephanie needs a click to see her at her best.


She is rather nice. Click on the picture to get top quality.


She is a hoity toity little miss.


Another high quality picture. Click on her for more and  better.


Attractive? She is another to click on.


Girl 27 is a nice girl, she has been hiding on my site for ages. Now she is found.


Here is another who was lost.


And a third is back on line.


She has clothes on. Sorry but that's the way it is.


A girl, a mirror and not much else.


She is Simonia. Being blonde is always a good start. She is cheerful too.





Would she do? Would she?


Blue bikini.


A sly look from a tall Miss. Click on her for bigger and better.


Ginger hair is rather unusual and rather nice.


Dreaming or swimming?


Someone in brown.


She looks a bit worried and rather attractive.


Rachel is posing for the camera. Click for the full size version.


Blonde, naked and nice.


Veronica is her name.


Here she is again.


This time she is on the beach.


An arrogant little snippet.


This one is even more supercilious.


She has got a sun tan and looks a lot nicer.


Feathers and frills maketh woman.


A girl is well dressed - not over dressed.


Stormy Daniels is the proud winner of the Gold G-String Award and even has a write up in the Wikipedia.


Here she is again and her message is clear.


She is clean. She is female. She is beautiful.


She might enjoy a night at home.


She is flexible.




She is having a stretch.


A girl needs clothes in dismal surrounding like these.


Clothes make her boring. I am sorry but she was the best I could find that time.


Dressed to thrill.


An apple caused trouble in the Garden of Eden.


A challenge in pink.


A pair of shoes make her well dressed.


I hope she is more than a teaser.


Ginger is as ginger does.


She is ginger too and well dressed - not over dressed.


It is a black and white question and she has the answer.


She likes the sun, when it comes out, if it comes out.


She likes flowers.


She doesn't look at all happy but she is female.


Disgruntled is the look. Some are nicer than others.


She is happier, isn't she?


Bikinis are back even if she looks suspicious.


No bikini here. No bikini needed.


She looks nice, thoughtful too.


She is wet, she is clean.


She is wet too but not quite so content.


Wet again and rather desirable.


Wet and blonde too. It can't be bad.



Dry and cheerful  She'll do.


Chiaroscuro is the name for the light and dark. They go well with her.


Back to colour with someone rather big.


Big Girl is the title and the truth.


She does look nice. Being blonde is a good start.


She looks a bit worried to me.


She might fall off that thing.


Bikini Girl is the title. It fits.


Blondes have built in advantages.


Someone needs cheering up.


Undignified and decidedly naked.


She does look cheerful.


Another slightly odd pose. Click for the bigger version.


She is definitely a female woman.


A beach girl.


A home loving girl?


Do you believe everything you read?


Calm and confident is the style.


She has a nice smile. Click for a bigger version.


She is still being a beach girl.


She looks healthy and confident.


What is she up to?


She is all girl and happy too.


A sensual pose.


Would she? Will she?


Blondes forever.


She has the camera this time.


Thoughtful in black.


Blondes and beaches. Beaches and blondes.


She is getting wet.


Beaches are the places to be.


Is she just a little bored?


Are you tired dear?


She looks just as nice in the mirror.


Black hair is not a favourite.


What is she up to? Click for the full size version.


This suggests goings on.



A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.


Her trousers are rather unusual. Are they body paint?


Rather nice?


This is Toni Benz.


Tanya Sokolova just has to be a Russian. She doesn't look very happy.


Blonde with a car.


Eliot Spitzer hired her then she was used to break his career in politics. He upset men. She pleased them.


Hillary Duff is the name. She looks quite nice.


Mara Carfagna is her working name and she turned up out of the blue.


This is a fine, up standing lass.


Clock watching is the way to go with Veru.


A red head this time but in an artistic pose.


Bossy Boots by name or just by nature?


Bikini girl. Is she sly or shy?

Blonde? Not quite but getting on that way.


Blonde in pink and rather attractive.


Lady in Red

Sexy or what?

She could even be a real blonde.


All lit up.


A black beauty don't you think? OK then, make that red.


Elisha is her name.


Blonde with bikini - not a bad start.



Blonde in red.


Two for the price of one.


Olivia is her name.


She is blonde. It is always a good start.
Blonde - I think.


A cheerful one.

She is a beach girl.


This is love rather than lust.


She could be a nice friend.


Sorry about the clothes. Use your imagination.


She is Russian and looks desperate. It must be the weather.


Well dressed - up to a point; well rounded too.


Is her tattoo a hunting scene?


Another one with clothes on.


She has a thing in her tummy.


Is she going to do the cooking as well?


Bikini in white.


Bikini in pink.


Knickers in green.


Marilyn Monroe in not much.


She looks rather young to be doing this sort of thing.


Can she cook?

She is rather nice.

Would she do?

Blonde sometimes.

She is just barely not bare.

She does look all right.

A natural blonde? She does look that way.

Scoop neck bikini is the title and a true one. She does look nice.

She has to be a blondie.

She looks like a teaser.

She is falling off. Does she need help?

Well she is blonde.

A girl in a cellar. It could be quite cool for her.

She is clean or, at least wet.

Clean and blonde. A good combination.

She is rather fond of that rock.

She looks rather nice and confident too.

Is she over excited?

She is playing to the camera.

A nicer bath room would be an improvement.

Brain of Britain? Perhaps not but interesting.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness. It can be in that order too.


Getting dressed to go out?

Brooding beauty?

Use your imagination - if you need to.

Beach girls are interesting.

She is definitely female.

She is not, I fear an entirely respectable young lady but she could be a lot of fun.


She needs cheering up.

Would you? Would she?

A challenge?


She is somewhere warm.


She has shoes to match the snow. She even managed a smile.


Girl Ahoy!


Girl in Red.


Well she is blonde.

Her things have come off.

Another blonde. Has she got her knickers inside out?

Which would you rather have?

Can she swim?


Her clothes are falling off.


Zhanna looks rather frisky.


All girl and blonde at that.


Would you? Would she?

Is she going to fall in?


She can drive too.

Black is today's look.


A mysterious smile for us.

What is she going to wear today?


Another day, another blonde.

Anne Nichole Smith is the name and monochrome makes her look good.

She is rather nice.


Why that worried look? The pose perhaps?


You'll do.

Naked and unashamed? Well not very.


Would you? Would she?

Would you fancy her?


Laetitia is her name and she is all girl.

Brittany looks good to me.

She looks good in the kitchen.

Blonde or blonde? She's good looking whatever the answer.


Illegal G string is the title. It makes minimalism look good.

She has to be nicer than the one below.


Predatory or what?


She looks mercenary too.

Rather undignified and rather attractive.

She looks rather startled.


A lusty wench me thinks.

Would you like a swim with her?


Blondes are better.


Black will do too.


She looks disgruntled. Would you, should you, could you gruntle her?

Red heads are a change.

She looks nicer than yesterday's.


Her knickers are coming off.

Cheerful if nothing else.


Blonde and proud of it.

She is Wang Ling but not wangling.


She looks rather annoyed. Could you cheer her up?

Bonnie is the name and bonnie the looks.


I bet she still believes in Father Christmas.


This is Anna Kournikova. She can play tennis too.

Would you like to play with her?

An American college girl perhaps. Blonde anyway.

She'll do.

Blonde, all blonde.

Beaches are the place to be.

Girl and air bed.

She looks bored. Dressing up and going out is an answer.


Kate is rather nice and even dignified.

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Blondes are back.


Use your imagination.


Sarah likes beaches too.

Who needs clothes?


You do not have to do anything; just be.

Young and healthy anyway.

Beaches are the place to be.


She has what it takes.


She is jolly and jolly nice.


Smashing, isn't she

Here is another beauty

Clean, a girl should always be clean.

Be careful. Someone might see you.

Kate Hudson sounds English and looks nice.


Bonnie is all black and all female but a bit sad.

Bobbi is brash and female.

Girl likes water? She's thinking about it.

Anna Kournikova again.

A girl with something in her tummy.

Could you cheer her up?

Delicate and beautiful.

Delicate is not the word for her. Cheerful would do though.

A big girl and blonde to boot.

Blonde if nowt else.

Knickers for sale. Not the wench though. She is doing the selling.

She's got a nice smile.

She is jolly too.

And here she is again.

Tattoos can make a difference. Vive la difference.

Black haired beauties have their charms too.

Brown hair and bare. Good looking too.

Blonde again and rather nice.

She is not very happy.

Young and innocent is the look.

Not bad looking is she?

Bar maids like her are thin on the ground - in the pubs I use anyway.

Blondes forever.


Young and innocent? Maybe.

Here is another blonde.

Today it is a double. Blondes forever - when I can find them.

Juliana is her name.

Where did she get that nice tan?



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