Venona is the code name of a major, very secret decryption project. It was breaking Russian traffic during the Cold War and earlier. Due to pressures the Russians used One Time Pad more than once which makes it vulnerable. It uncovered treason in the American government which is why the programme was stopped by fellow travellers and other subversives. See Jews Halt Venona Project, Jews Hide Their Treason on the point. It indicates why the Tydings Committee chose to exonerate all of Joe McCarthy's suspects. Joe was very much on the right lines.

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The Venona project was a long-running secret collaboration of the United States and United Kingdom intelligence agencies involving cryptanalysis of messages sent by intelligence agencies of the Soviet Union, mostly during World War II. There were at least 13 codewords for this project that were used by the US and British intelligence agencies (including the NSA); "Venona" was the last that was used. That code word has no known meaning. (In the decrypted documents issued from the National Security Agency, "VENONA" is written in capitals, but lowercasing is common in modern journalism.)

During the initial years of the Cold War, the Venona project was a source of information on Soviet intelligence-gathering activity that was directed at the Western military powers. Although unknown to the public, and even to Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt [ suspected traitor ] and Harry S. Truman [ ditto ], these programs were of importance concerning crucial events of the early Cold War. These included the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg spying case and the defections of Donald Maclean and Guy Burgess to the Soviet Union.

Most decipherable messages were transmitted and intercepted between 1942 and 1945. Sometime in 1945, the existence of the Venona program was revealed to the Soviet Union by the NKVD agent and United States Army SIGINT analyst and cryptologist Bill Weisband. These messages were slowly and gradually decrypted beginning in 1946 and continuing (many times at a low-level of effort in the latter years) through 1980, when the Venona program was terminated, and the remaining amount of effort that was being spent on it was moved to more important projects.

To what extent the various individuals were involved with Soviet intelligence is a topic of dispute. While a number of academic people and historians assert that most of the individuals mentioned in the Venona decrypts were most likely either clandestine assets and/or contacts of Soviet intelligence agents, others argue that many of those people probably had no malicious intentions and committed no crimes.

The Venona Project was initiated in 1943, under orders from the deputy Chief of Military Intelligence (G-2), Carter W. Clarke. Clarke distrusted Joseph Stalin, and feared that the Soviet Union would sign a separate peace with the Third Reich, allowing Germany to focus its military forces against Great Britain and the United States. Code-breakers of the US Army's Signal Intelligence Service (commonly called Arlington Hall) analyzed encrypted high-level Soviet diplomatic intelligence messages intercepted in large volumes during and immediately after World War II by American, British, and Australian listening posts.

This message traffic, some of which was encrypted with a one-time pad system, was stored and analyzed in relative secrecy by hundreds of cryptanalysts over a 40-year period starting in the early 1940s. Due to a serious blunder on the part of the Soviets, some of this traffic was vulnerable to cryptanalysis. Somebody who was working for the manufacturers of Soviet secret-communication materials had reused pages of some of the one-time pads in other pads, which were then used for other secret messages. This defeated the purpose of the one-time pad, which provides ideal security when each page is used exactly once and then disposed of. It is unclear as to why this fatal mistake was made, or by whom.
Read what the Wiki says, think about what it does not say then look at Jews Halt Venona Project, Jews Hide Their Treason. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Judith Coplon Was  A Jew Says Francis Dixon
Marcia Mitchell, Thomas Mitchell, The Spy Who Seduced America: Lies and Betrayal in the Heat of the Cold War: The Judith Coplon Story, Invisible Cities Press, Montpelier, VT, 2002, 416 pp., hardcover, $29.95

A re-investigation of a once famous legal affair, now long forgotten, that pitted the U.S. Justice Department against one of its own staffers, pretty young Jewish-American Judith Coplon, who was twice tried and acquitted as a Soviet spy after her arrest in 1949. The authors Mitchell – Thomas, a former FBI agent and his wife Marcia, a writer and administrator – reveal how an array of brass-knuckled tactics, included illegal wiretapping and perjury, by FBI agents and prosecutors failed to make up for missing or mishandled evidence and helped make Coplon something of a heroine and martyr (especially in New York City). The authors’ dwelling on the trial transcripts seems overdone, particularly since Coplon is identified as a Red agent in the Venona intercepts gleaned by U.S. intelligence from Soviet radio traffic. The case and the book are still relevant in view of renewed interest in U.S. anti-Communist measures of the late Forties and early Fifties, and today’s menacing legal measures against the alleged terrorist threat.
Mr Dixon is very likely to be right albeit there are few references to her as such. That indicates a main stream media cover up more than her innocence.


List Of Americans In The Venona Papers
The following are a list of names ostensibly deciphered from codenames contained in the Venona project. To what extent any given individual named in the Venona papers was actually involved with Soviet intelligence is a topic of dispute. The following list of individuals is extracted in large part from the work of John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr and reflects their point of view.
Notice Wikipedia's tone. They are prepared to believe what they want to believe. After the agenda cuts in, all bets are off. It tells us why Venona was stopped.


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Jews Halt Venona, Jews Hide Their Treason
Judith Coplon–and why the Venona Project was stopped
John Graham on March 8, 2011

A generation of adults has now arisen which never experienced the dreadful certainty felt by those just a few years ahead of them (especially if they grew up in Europe): that ultimately Communism would win the Cold War.

Consequently they do not perhaps fully comprehend the iniquity of some of the actors in this drama. Such a one was Judith Coplon  (Socolov) who died on February 26th.

Coplon was revealed by the Venona Project to be spying for the Russians. Because the authorities wanted to keep secret the fact they were able to read Russian cable traffic, her two convictions were able to be overturned on grounds of flawed procedure. She was never punished. The facts are well recounted here.

What younger observers will be able to recognize, however, is the familiar pattern of fanatical denial of truth and willful ignoring of reality still occurring in MSM [ main steam media ] discussions of these matters, for instance in the New York Times obituary for Coplon: Judith Coplon, Haunted by Espionage Case, Dies at 89 by Sam Roberts (March 1, 2011).

Judith Socolov, who as a diminutive Barnard graduate named Judith Coplon was convicted of espionage more than 60 years ago after embracing a utopian vision of communism and falling in love with a Soviet agent, died Saturday in Manhattan.

Coplon was convicted of course not for utopianism or falling in love, but for betraying her (putative) country at the time of its greatest peril – Germany and Japan never threatened America the way the Soviet Union did.

Over at Human Events Daniel J Flynn has an excellent evisceration of the ethical situation these traitors are in: Spies Like Us 03/07/11

This denial of reality at first glance is strange because the Russians themselves are quite cheerfully frank about their Cold War activities.

It stems of course from the fact that the overwhelming majority of the important spies for Russia were Jews. Coplon [ Unconfirmed but probable - Editor ], the Rosenbergs, Harry Dexter White, Theodore Hall , Maurice Halperin – the list goes on and on. There were a few leftist WASPS – Alger Hiss, Lauchlin Currie, Elizabeth Bentley – but they were distinctly a minority.

The predictably unenthusiastic Wikipedia Venona discussion notes

According to authors John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr, the Venona transcripts identify approximately 349 Americans whom they claim had a covert relationship with Soviet intelligence, though fewer than half of these have been matched to real-name identities.

In 1980, with the Cold War approaching its climax and the overwhelming bulk of the material untranscribed, the Venona Project was stopped. The excuse was that the information contained was too old. This of course was absurd – its historical significance alone was immense – justice needed to be served — and in any case the laboriousness of the decrypting must have been rapidly evaporating with the arrival of computers. Furthermore, a key element of Soviet espionage had turned out to be the use of “agents of influence” – having traitors secretly influence policy and personnel selections. There was plenty of purpose in identifying even retired operatives.

When I read of this over a decade ago I was puzzled. Now the answer is obvious: too many Jews would have been uncovered — engaged as they were in the community’s first great attempt to destroy America.  For idealistic reasons, of course. The second attempt, so far humming along quite successfully, is massive non-White immigration–the outcome of which remains to be seen.
Mr Graham makes a good case. He is reinforced by Judith Coplon Was  A Jew Says Francis Dixon I have little doubt that they are right. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.