What To Complain About

What ever you feel like is one answer. If you want to be taken seriously make it something valid. The media are very keen to condemn racists so complain about racism at the BBC. They were very keen to tell us that Stephen Lawrence, a black was killed by English racists and very keen to ignore racist murders carried out blacks. They will not be amused but you will be thoroughly justified.

The Guardian was also keen to tell us about racism in the murder of a black but white slaving by Albanians on the same page got a discreet silence. See under:-

Racist Axe Murderers Gaoled  [ 2 December 2005 ]
Grauniad malice shows through. Racism is dreadful if it is Englishmen. When blacks do it the Graun lies or pretends that it didn't happen.


White Slaving - Not Racist   [ 2 December 2005 ]
Five Albanians get off with ten years and racism has nothing to do with it if you believe the Graun. Ask them about Antonio Gramsci and why they hate England. They will not tell you that either.


Do advertisements denigrate men or white people? Quite possibly. Contact the Advertising Standards Authority or have a look at Who to Complain To.


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