What Will Work

Mr. O’Reilly tells us that we, the white people are being briskly exterminated, by whom and why. He has something important to tell us. Knowing what the problem is leads us to answers. Most people do not even know there is a problem beyond a feeling that all is not well. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. Act for all of us.

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What Will Work 

Farnham O’Reilly 

August 10, 2010 

The Problem 
A short one hundred years ago, the sun never set on the empires of our people. At that time we had brought forth the finest music, explored to the uttermost ends of the earth, pioneered care of the environment and kindness to animals, made the most startling discoveries, created the greatest inventions, wrote the most profound literature, established colonies in foreign lands that — despite contemporary assertion — improved the lot of the indigenous peoples, and began unlocking the very secrets of Nature Herself. 

Three generations later — ten decades — this race is now against the ropes, fighting for their very survival. Actually, it is worse than that — only a very few of us are fighting — the vast majority of us are actively or passively engaged in our own demise. Why in the world have we gotten into this situation? 

The ‘what’ of it is no mystery — we can look around ourselves and at history over the past 100 years and see what happened. The ‘how’ is also no mystery. We have lost control to an intellectual, media and financial elite that reflects Jewish  concerns and interests. This new elite is intelligent, hyper-ethnocentric, and adept at ethnic networking. They have a malevolence born out of the twin delusions of grandeur and persecution. But, to understand the ‘why’ we must understand ourselves, i.e. — what makes us White on the inside, what makes us different from other peoples, what makes us behave the way we do. For, in the final analysis, the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ are simply byproducts of the ‘why’ — why we are well into our dispossession without firing a shot — literally. If we are to survive, we must come to grips with the ‘why’. Then the ‘what’ and ‘how’ will take care of themselves.  

We have spent sixty unsuccessful years trying to reach the minds of our people, appealing to their sense of racial preservation. Our failure has not been through lack of effort, but rather because we have not taken the time to understand ourselves, that we are first and foremost not an intellectual people, rather we are a social people, and the way to reach our people is not through the mind, but through the social emotions. I repeat — the battle is to be won in our emotions, not our minds. The Enemy has not made the same mistake. He took the time to study us, to learn our on/off switches, and he has used that knowledge to his benefit. He knows we respond to emotion, altruism, guilt and social approval, rather than facts, data, proofs, reason, or even common sense, and he has used this knowledge as a weapon. 

Yes, from us have come the most gifted intellects the world has ever seen: Caesar, Pythagoras, Dickens, Bach, Alexander, Da Vinci, Pasteur, Newton, Edison, Gutenberg, Mannerheim, Twain, Washington, Goethe, Lee, Ericsson, Ford, Beethoven, Nietzsche, Franklin, Von Braun, Socrates, London, Rembrandt, Kipling, Lindbergh, Dante, Shakespeare, Bell, Napoleon, Magellan, Amundsen, Mozart, Plato, Wagner, Copernicus and Galileo, (ahem) to name a few. But, we are not an intellectual people. Creative? Yes. Intelligent? Undoubtedly. But the key to our demise is to understand that at the core of our being are the social emotions.  

I remember once a minister explaining how our emotions must be subject to our reason. He used a train as an analogy, describing how our mind and heart are like the train’s locomotive and caboose, respectively, and that the only way the train could reach its destination was for the caboose to follow the locomotive and not the other way around. This was good counsel, with only one flaw, but the flaw was fatal — we White folk just aren’t made that way.

 In failing to understand ourselves we have wasted precious time in assuming our people would respond to appeals for racial preservation. The fact is that we are less ethnocentric than other peoples. Nor can we build in several decades what takes at least several thousand years to develop. Now, White ethnocentrism does exist, but it is deeply buried, and normally manifests itself only implicitly. In any event, it cannot be depended on as a catalyst for change. 

What can be depended on for real change is what is already inside us, close to the surface, vibrant, strong, and responsive. Since the days of our Hyperborean home, this has been the spiritual mandate of our people — righteous moral virtue — that undeniable preference of our folk for good over evil. This inborn trait of ours manifests itself in many forms — a sense of fairness, a willingness to forgive and give people a second chance, love of truth and goodness, a desire to keep our good reputation, repulsion to lies and evil, and helping the less fortunate. This trait — an innate desire for Godliness defined as moral universalism, also has caused a weakness to evolve within us that has been exploited by our enemies. This is our predisposition towards guilt [ also known as Western Guilt - Ed. ].  

Our opponents are not dumb enough as to tell us to dismantle the family unit, cut our birth rate, and deprive children of the nurture and guidance only mothers can offer. Instead, we are told the White male hierarchy has suppressed women, shamelessly keeping them barefoot and pregnant in the home, condemned to a lifetime of domestic drudgery when they could be pursuing self-fulfilling careers and securing their own financial independence—an argument framed in terms of our proneness to self-gratifying individualism. Shame on us for denigrating our women! [ Could this be the rationale of Feminism? - Ed. ] 

Nor does anyone like a baby killer, and our enemies know full well that openly encouraging us to commit infanticide is tantamount to political suicide. Instead, this horrific proposition is couched in terms of freedom of choice—another appeal to our individualist proclivities. For is not denial of one’s freedom of choice the hallmark of the tyrant, the fascist, the Nazi? And who of us wishes to be labeled as such?  

Speaking of babies, it is each child’s birthright that they be raised amongst their own people and in their own culture, thereby being allowed to fully experience the history, culture, and genetic experience of their folk. This is the way every morally and intellectually healthy person looks at it. The elites that dominate the media and intellectual discourse are loathe to challenge on those grounds. But they are smart enough to know that ethnic preservation — the key domino standing in their way of global conquest — begins in the family. So knowing the altruistic nature of our people and their relative lack of ethnocentrism, we are encouraged to adopt babies of color, knowing that those who do so will be regarded as making the ultimate personal sacrifice to the posterity of their family by allowing a little child that no one else wants to enjoy the tender care of a father and mother. No baby haters here. What sacrifice! What selflessness! What love! Indeed, such parents are not only venerated with the greatest of social approval, but they are held up as the very antitheses to that hallmark of the most despised of pariahs — the racist.  

Ah, racism! [ Racism, the ultimate sin according to the propagandists - Ed. ] By any other name, it is the flower of civilization. It is Mother Nature’s only line of defense for preservation of one’s own kind. It is the purest form of patriotism. It is the only guarantee for diversity, for without racism, diversity is doomed — something our elites are well aware of. Indeed, the blessing of knowing who and what you are is reserved exclusively for the racist. But, racism leads to ethnic preservation, and that is the one thing that can gore the ox of the global Power Elite. So, they must put a stop to it, and once again, seeing that racism is based on cosmic truth and therefore attractive to our folk, the task of our elites is to make good into evil, to make the racist the most pilloried of all people, an anathema beyond reproach. And, while much has been written on just how this is done (primarily via the media and the federal/public school system) the one really important feature of their strategy has been overlooked: the attack has not an intellectual foundation, but rather a spiritual one; i.e. the Enemy ignores the unassailable goodness of having a racial identity and pursuing racial interests, and instead simply does whatever he has to do to make us feel bad about it.  

Let’s not forget another old favorite, equality. Are we really paying attention to this word? Do we really want equality for ourselves or anyone else? Because of our altruistic, honest nature, we really believe other races want equality. Yet the truth is they don’t want equality. They want us dead. But we just don’t get it. Because of our unfortunately inborn racial characteristic to adhere to lofty principles, we seem to think the objective is equal opportunity, or equality under the law. But that’s not what our elites are after. They really want (except for themselves) equality, period. They want worker bees, the impossible dream of a people that are equal in ability, equal in general appearance, equal in genetic disposition, equal in sexual drive, equal in work ethic, equal in skin color, equal in desires, equal in intelligence, and equal in ambition. In other words, he wants his herd animal. The UN Brown Man, a reasonably intelligent and pleasantly obedient consumer who is completely housebroken and devoid of dangerously creative thought.  

Then there is the great taboo, the epitome of social immorality — discrimination. In happier times, discrimination simply meant using good judgment. Discrimination is the prerequisite for freedom of choice. Free people use their God given brains to learn from experience and make decisions accordingly. It is a healthy, natural and Godly instinct that tells us to avoid certain types of people in the future if our experiences with those people have a negative impact — for whatever reason — on our lives or those of our children. This is the prerogative of all free people, and it is called discrimination. In Nature, it is crucial to survival. But our elites, desiring to enslave us, have portrayed this Godly attribute as an evil thing, so much so that the only thing weak sheep fear more than being labeled racist is being accused of discrimination. We are no longer even allowed to think about why discrimination may be wrong — discrimination is just wrong, period, end of discussion. This is no surprise, for in a free republic, children are taught how to think, but in a democracy (capitalistic or communistic), they are taught what to think.  

Another way in which were are led to think that good is evil and evil is good is through word play. For example, the natural pairing of humans — male and female — is termed traditional with all the negative connotations that that word carries. The trick here is to make heterosexuality appear somehow old-fashioned and therefore subject to reassessment. Such thinking is tantamount to a declaration of war against Nature Herself, for the precious recipe for higher life that can only come from the intimate male/female union is no more ‘traditional’ than the law of gravity. On the other hand, it is well known that homosexuals are prone to a variety of self-destructive behaviors, including higher rates of alcoholism and drug abuse. Yet our enemies routinely teach that homosexuals are, by their very nature, sensitive, intelligent, and misunderstood variants of humanity. This is not to deny that there are strong biological influences on homosexuality. The point is that homosexuality should not have a privileged place at the center of our culture.

We are not a stupid people, yet we are bewilderingly vulnerable to the word play that emanates from our elite media and universities. Again this is because of our altruistic nature and predisposition to guilt. And so we come to the concept of ‘minorities’. Now, over 90% of the earth’s population is non-White (see the National Policy Institute’s “Global White Population to Plummet”), yet we are told they are a ‘minority’. Slightly over half of the world’s adult population is women, and again, we are told they are a ‘minority’. And the reason we accept this rubbish is because of our altruism or the ‘wounded dove syndrome’ as some call it. There is something in the soul of White people that makes them susceptible to appeals to moral virtue. It is a noble trait, but one that is leading us to our destruction. 

Then there is the challenge for tolerance. Now, tolerance simply means enduring something unpleasant. In the long run, tolerance is unnatural. Many people have acquired a tolerance for alcohol — is that a good thing? Yet we are now taught that we should tolerate all sorts of evil people and repulsive lifestyles. Ignore what your grandparents taught you, ignore your little inner voice, ignore the warning bells going off in your soul, ignore Nature, indeed ignore God and replace the healthy freedom of how to think with its mandate of what to think.  

White people do not like to think of themselves, or to be thought of, as advocates of what is unnatural, let alone what is wrong or even evil. One of the hallmarks of evil is that it is founded on lies — no truth can issue from it. And so we see that our elites have twisted the meanings of all words to their polar opposite: diversity, gay, tolerance, racism, discrimination, traditional, tolerance — had they attempted to twist these concepts through honest intellectual discourse, they would have encountered iron resistance. But, by making it a moral issue, we fall without firing a shot. We really have no choice, because that is how we are made.  

We begin to see a pattern here. These examples may appear simplistic, even childish. But the chilling fact is that they work — quite successfully and consistently I might add — because they dovetail with the White man’s psyche that subconsciously responds to a sense of fairness, a willingness to give people a second chance, a desire to keep one’s good reputation, and helping the less fortunate. The White man, because of the way he is made, is helpless to resist. Our intellectual and media elites know that in order to succeed their attack on us must be a spiritual attack phrased in terms of high moral principle, rather than a purely intellectual attack — that we cannot be controlled through our minds until we are controlled through our hearts. 

More than anything else, our future is determined by how we see ourselves. So, to control the future of us as a people, it is only necessary to control how we view ourselves. It follows then that to destroy a people one only needs to get them to feel bad about themselves. There are two weapons used to accomplish this, and they work flawlessly: shame and guilt.  

Having studied us closely, the approach our enemies have taken with us is not surprising. For they know that if it’s wrong, we don’t want to do it, and if it is good, we want to do it. Thus it makes sense why they have twisted such noble virtues as discrimination to being a bad thing, and White self-hatred to being a good thing. He has made the things that ensure our destruction into moral issue, cleverly twisting all evil to appear good, and all good to appear evil, knowing that once this is done, we will embrace evil thinking it is good, for such is our inner nature and we are virtually incapable of responding any other way.

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Farnham O’Reilly (email him) is the pen name of a businessman, farmer and investor. A family man, his home is in the Pacific Northwest.


Part II

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The Solution 
There are, as of today, still a substantial amount of White people who are of pure blood; i.e. — White on the outside. But that is doing us no good, because very few of us are White on the inside. I am talking about moral purity. Our elites understand this very well, and that’s why they first concentrated on corrupting us with entertainment, pornography and sexual degeneracy (their favorites), destruction of the marriage as an institution, and radical feminism with the resultant destruction of the family unit. This all had to be done before they could proceed to making us lose our racial identity entirely.

The difference between the White people in depression-era America or National Socialist Germany and contemporary Whites is character. The difference between our great-grandfathers and contemporary Whites is character. And, the reason why the pro-White advocacy movement can’t get its act together and has been an abject failure can be summed up in one word: character. Character — moral purity and righteousness — is the White man’s antidote to the Enemy. It is our silver bullet, and it is the only one available. For us to survive we need only to be White on the inside — the outside cannot be deracinated if the inside remains White. Remember, England in particular and the White world in general became strongest during the time of Queen Victoria — at a time when those old fashioned, prudish, wonderful Victorian values dominated. 

Unless the character issue is squarely faced, even if 40 million Whites were to pack their bags, move to the Pacific Northwest, and initiate a secessionist movement, it would do us no good. As proof of that assertion I will submit for consideration the fact that there was a time not too long ago when America was over 90% White, and much of Europe nearly 100% so, yet it did us absolutely no good because the character issue was ignored

Some maintain the White advocacy movement needs to be formed from the bottom up — a grassroots movement if you will. Others hold that it must be from the top down. There are good arguments for both, and there is recognition, to varying degrees, that both are necessary, but this time it is different. The movement must be from the inside out. That is how we got in the mess we are in — not by being attacked from the top down or the bottom up, but from the outside in. Having been involved in advocating the interests of our folk for over 30 years, I can readily attest, as can other comrade kinsmen, that the most salient features of our abject failure have been a lack of money, a lack of women, and an abundance of single men with serious character defects, with the first two problems simply being a result of the last. 

For us and us alone moral purity is what awakens wisdom, keen intellect and courage. Wisdom to know virtue must be in word, thought and deed, a keen intellect to figure out how to live virtuously with minimal and acceptable risk of losing one’s livelihood, and courage to take that risk, acknowledging there is no guarantee of success. For if we maintain the moral high ground (a delightfully easy proposition since we live in a society that, for starters, openly and proudly prefers the promotion of homosexuality over the lives of unborn babies — to the point that it vigorously gives legal protection to the former while legally permitting the savage murder of the latter) then racial preservation will take care of itself!

It must be remembered that even a certain unpopular German Chancellor of the 20th century won the hearts of the people not through an appeal for racial preservation, but rather through upholding righteousness — extolling the family unit, healthy living, sound financial practices, solid education, care for the environment and the sanctity of the family farm, and opposing pornography, homosexuality, animal cruelty, usurious business practices, and exploitation of the common laborer. 

It would have been far more productive to have spent the last sixty years exposing the role of our intellectual and media elites in creating our contemporary culture of critique — including the decisive role of Jews in shaping and promoting these transformations. This new elite has vigorously promoted the ‘feminist’ movement, the pornography industry, the abortion industry and the homosexual agenda. We would have had better results if we had exposed the contributions of this new elite in destroying the family unit, rather than investing in the ineffectual, spastic efforts that have ranged from ‘fighting communism’ to slapstick comedy ‘White power’ movements. 

Again, the way to win our people is not winning their minds, but winning their hearts. Our people, that is. The eternal truth of race is that races are not equal, rather they are delightfully different. Now, if I were an Oriental, acting for the interests of my fellow racial kinsmen, I might well advocate an intellectual rather than spiritual strategy. Of late I have been reading Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book. Some of it is enlightening, and some of it is very dry, but the most obvious feature is that it is decidedly foreign. That is to say, it does not strike a chord in my soul as do the writings of my favorite European statesmen. The reason for this is that Mao’s writings proceed from an intellectual, rather than a spiritual premise. In other words, the Little Red Book is comprised of words written by an Oriental for Orientals, and the words serve very well indeed as revolutionary inspiration — for Orientals. As the aforementioned 20th-century German Chancellor said, “The inner nature of peoples always determines the way in which outward influences will have an effect. What leads one to starvation will train others for hard work.”  

America — the Great Satan
Had the new elite made striving for high moral virtues a foundation stone of his assault on the White world, his victory would have been assured. But he hasn’t and he can’t — there is no good in him nor has goodness proceeded from him at any point in his history. Being what he is, he has chosen to call good evil and evil good. In the process — if we but have eyes to see and ears to hear — he has damned near given us the keys to the kingdom. He has given us the moral high ground. 

Our folk are predisposed to guilt. More than anything else, we want to be on the side of moral righteousness. We just do not feel right inside unless we have full justification for our actions — that we bear the mark of God’s approval; indeed, that God is on our side. For non-religious Whites, there is a similar deep need to feel morally upright but without the spiritual overtones. This is the on/off switch of the Aryan soul. Nothing happens by accident, and there is a reason why our people, more than any other race, embraced Christianity as a set of moral imperatives. Yes, part of it is due to our predisposition to guilt. But there is a power in Christianity that causes good Christians to be deeply disturbed at the baleful events unfolding before their eyes, no less because being the self-proclaimed custodians of moral and spiritual values in the West, it is happening on their watch. 

In my line of work I do a fair amount of public speaking to governing boards of various localities. These meetings are almost always opened with a salute to the federal flag (I stopped calling it the American flag some time ago) and occasionally even an invocation (you can still get away with that in some of the more rural parts of the Pacific Northwest). About two years ago I ceased ‘taking the pledge’ at these meetings. Wishing to be respectful, I do stand, but I do not put my hand over my heart. Nor do I tell lies about a republic that is really a democracy, about one nation that is really a conglomerate of nations, about being under God which simply won’t pass the smell test by any stretch of the imagination; nor is there liberty and justice for all. 

Often I am confronted by board members or even general members of the audience after these meetings. They are angry, as should be expected. I give them a warm smile, and reply that I would be angry too if the country were still as the pledge described. But, both they and I know this is not so. I explain to them that while I do not mind lying to my enemies, I will not lie to my friends, and most certainly I will not lie to God. 

At this point I have them, and I go on. I point out that in righteous societies of the past, sexual perverts were executed and unborn children were protected, but in this country federal law protects the former and gives its blessing to the savage murder of the latter. Why should any person of good moral character pledge his or her loyalty to a system that protects the wicked and slays the innocent? Why should God-fearing people pledge their loyalty to a government that allows a burgeoning pornography industry to go unchecked so it can destroy marriages, that encourages ‘feminism’ and the resultant destruction of the family unit, that funds and encourages sexual impropriety and perversion in the same public school system that vigorously excludes Christian influence, that derides its European heritage and turns its back on the very ethnic group that founded it, that encourages every form of materialism and crass consumerism even to the extent of shipping good jobs overseas and giving what jobs are left behind to alien invaders that cross a border it refuses to seal, that permits the sexual torture of its prisoners, that has a penchant for picking on little countries such as Iraq, Grenada, Serbia, or Afghanistan, that cradles a pop culture and entertainment industry that idolizes entertainers and sports figures with filthy morals, that encourages a better diet for pets than children, that abdicates its wealth to alien interests and subjugates its foreign policies to those same interests, that seeks to destroy the founding culture through multiculturalism, that seeks to genetically alter its founding ethnic group through the encouragement of miscegenation, whose leaders are all attorneys, and whose chief product is trash — trashing the environment, trashing healthy babies, trashing the family unit, trashing music, trashing culture, trashing education, trashing health, trashing morals, trashing marriage, trashing values, trashing its founding race, trashing love, and trashing God.

A society that makes Sodom and Gomorrah appear righteous by comparison, and that had better hope God is not a just God or else He owes those two cities of antiquity and iniquity one hell of an apology. Nay, it is not a nation but rather a beast, a fount of evil, an utterly corrupt and unspeakably malevolent abomination before the eyes of God and all right-thinking Whites. 

Speaking these words to my people, people who otherwise are not racially conscious and are incensed at my unwillingness to say the pledge of allegiance, I have discovered an amazing thing: they are immediately disarmed and find themselves, perhaps for the first time, on the moral defensive. Many, indeed most, quickly grasp the new moral high ground, seeing the destruction created by our alien elite through new eyes for the first time. For our people are good people, and they will embrace goodness — including a love for their own ethnos — as quickly as they denied it in years prior, for such is our inner nature and we are virtually incapable of responding any other way.    

There is a very big caveat here, which is that in revolutionary politics it is very bad business to go contrary to tradition. People cherish traditions, even dead ones. Just look at the birthdays of all the dead people we celebrate — Washington, Lincoln, etc… It is the same with America. The America we knew and loved is dead. But people still cherish it, which means you do not attack the Constitution, veteran’s organizations, past greatness, patriotic songs, national holidays, dead heroes, misguided wars, etc. What is fair game, and what we can attack, is the federal government — federally supported abortion, federally supported legal and illegal immigration, federally supported race-mixing, federally supported homosexuality, federal support for Israel, federal poisoning of our children through federal (public) schools, and if the circumstances are correct — even the federal flag. Again, if we attack the U.S. in its American context, we will alienate our kinsmen and be counterproductive. Always denounce the Great Satan as embodied in the federal government, and you will be amazed at the support and respect you will receive, including a generous portion from some of the most unlikely quarters.  

Were such a revitalization of our folk simply to get us back on the straight and narrow path of knowing the difference between good and evil and choosing the former over the latter, we would have accomplished much in rebuilding the character of White people. But it will even take us one step further — it will serve to create the desire for a homeland and concomitantly sow the seeds for secession. 

A White Homeland — Our Safe Haven from Evil
Moral purity and strength, without which our survival is doomed, is yet a prerequisite to our ultimate survival. In order to survive, all living organisms must secure the existence of their kind and a future for their offspring. In other words, they must have a safe and adequate habitat. This is an inviolable law of Nature. For us, this means a homeland. And the truth we must come to grips with here is that, seeing there are no lands left for colonization on this planet, our homeland can only come about through an act of secession from an existing power. We have no alternative. We are not exempt from Nature’s laws.

In Nature, all conflict is ultimately resolved through violence. One would not be too far off the mark to simply say that violence solves everything. Yet in speaking of secession, violence is a topic best left to private discussion for two reasons. First, certain ears may get the impression that violent overthrow of the government is being advocated, and as we all know, that’s against the law. Secondly, a lot of good people simply do not have it in their spiritual makeup to come to grips with the reality of violence. Personally, I have found the best way to address this aspect of secession when asked how we are to go about it is to simply reply that we should follow the example of the Founding Fathers. That says it all, says enough, and yet says nothing should one’s feet be held to the fire. 

Regardless, I am for the record not speaking of revolution, but rather secession. There is an immeasurable benefit accruing to secession that is not offered through revolution. Simply put, secession can be prosecuted as a colonial dispute whereby the enemy views the conclusion of conflict not as defeat and resultant loss of power, but rather as a matter of concession to economic expediency. Furthermore, the enemy can afford the rationalization that such a concession is only temporary in nature, thereby saving considerable face and placating its more aggressive elements. 

Our homeland will need to be located where we have a generous coastline that will allow for shipment of vital raw materials from sympathetic nations (Russia comes to mind), land and climate that allows for generous agricultural pursuits yet is natural to our genetic makeup (i.e. — the semi-tropics aren’t for us), large enough to obviate saturation attacks yet small enough so that by bordering at least two nations nuclear attack is discouraged by one or the other, and far enough from the seats of enemy power so as not to represent a direct threat. A homeland where little boys can ride their bikes down to the creek to hunt for frogs and catch fish without fear of savage pedophiles, and where girls can grow into womanhood without ever hearing the word lesbian. Where will this homeland be? Your first guess is probably the right one.

We will have our homeland. We won’t force anyone to join us. Those of our kin who wish to stay behind are free to joyously wallow in their multicultural, interracial, and bisexual American cesspool. We will have our nation based on God’s laws, and those who wish to remain behind will have their consumer trading bloc based on man’s laws, free to engage to their evil heart’s delight in killing their unborn, perverting their children, gorging on junk food, lusting in pornography, buying their endless plastic trinkets, and of course supporting Israel regardless of other affected nations in the Middle East — nations that in happier times offered the hand of friendship to America. In short, exercising their hedonistic guarantee to a life of entertainment, liberty to go to hell any way they choose, and the pursuit of degenerate happiness.

We need to start pulling together — physically as well as spiritually. Much of the physical work will involve helping many of our folk, especially young families, physically relocate to the Homeland. Not all of us should relocate, nor is it possible or even desirable that all of us do. For many of us it is simply not a viable option, and there are many of us who can serve our folk better where they are now. 

A timely article by Alex Kurtagic appeared recently in TOO: “Learning from the Right.” In it he points out that in learning from our mistakes we need to avoid a single monolithic organization dedicated to serving our needs. Rather, we need many, many small groups covering all facets of life — homeschooling, personal finances, cultural events and organizations, reenactment societies, scholarship foundations, political organizations, benevolent societies, and so on. 

We need to gear much of our energies to young families. Many benefits accrue from this. Two come readily to mind: All else being held equal, we get a lot more years out of young people than old ones. Secondly, guess where babies come from? 

Two things some of our folk are currently working on are geared towards bringing young families into the Homeland. First, a website is being constructed that will be focused on assisting young people in the relocation process, including guidance on how to become successfully self-employed.

Secondly, a mortgage company is being developed that will be of symbiotic benefit to all involved. Young people moving into the Homeland who do demonstrate successful self-employment skills will be eligible for a favorably structured financing package to allow them a home of their own, in the country, on a minimum of five acres where children can be raised in a safe and wholesome environment. Investors, on the other hand, will be holders of fully secured first trust deeds with a decent rate of return, along with income structured favorably for tax purposes (primarily interest and long-term capital gains). In short, investors will be permitted a secure and profitable investment while knowing they are serving the interests of their folk in the process — something that traditional Wall Street cannot compete with. For years one of the hallmarks of our movement has been financial ineptitude. That’s going to change. 

Again, our opponents have damned near given us the keys to the kingdom. This is not unexpected; time and again down through history they have exhibited a reoccurring weakness — not knowing when to stop. The brass ring of power is not enough — they must seek for even greater dominion over their subjects, and this has always been their undoing. The time is ripe for action.

To my Christian kinsmen, I beseech you to rise up. Shall this be your finest hour, or shall it be said you turned your back on duty when God called? Regain the Godly courage of your Christian forefathers and throw down the deceptive, cowardly doctrine to love the sinner and not the sin. Shall you be destined to wear your crown, or shall you go where all dead things go, where the blood of the fifty million aborted children will remain on your heads forever?

We got where we are by way of the path of misplaced altruism, thinking our goodness superior to God’s goodness. This was the path of civil rights (integration and resultant miscegenation), freedom of dress (immodesty), liberation from traditional music (degenerative alien rhythms), freedom of speech (pornography), women’s liberation (destruction of the family unit and infanticide), and sexual liberation (shameless adultery, then homosexuality, and finally — with NAMBLA’s efforts and assistance from our new elite I’d give it a dozen years or so — pedophilia). This was the path to freedom? It is the path of destruction and death for our White race. 

The only way back is back the way we came, embracing sexual purity, reestablishing the sanctity of the traditional family unit, intolerance for filth in print or picture, exaltation of the music of our forebears, modesty in dress, and establishing, by whatever means God makes available a homeland of our own. This is the path to Nature. It is the path of upward struggle, and in the end, a wonderful existence for our people and a wholesome, safe future for our children.

Farnham O’Reilly (email him)  is the pen name of a businessman, farmer and investor. A family man, his home is in the Pacific Northwest.

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