Zionist Fools

Jews, in particular Zionist crazies push their luck, they get away with it so they push more. They murder, rape, torture, steal, lie. Then they make war with other countries' armies. They get hated then whine about Anti-Semitism. Complaining is what they do best. Fatal Embrace by Benjamin Ginsburg, a Jew explains that they are riding for a fall. Here are some examples.

Israel Security Chief Says Jews Running Government Responsible For Arab Israeli Rage, Violence, Riots [ 7 July 2014 ]
Anyone who thinks that this can be sustained is making a huge mistake. What has been happening in recent days could be much worse - even if the situation temporarily calms down. Do not be fooled for one moment, because the massive internal pressure will still be there, the combustible fumes in the air will not dissipate, and if we do not dispel them, there will be an even more serious situation.
That comes from the Jew who ran Shin Bet, the well known torturers. Or, to quote Gerald Kaufman, a Zionist in Parliament Jews Are Not Simply War Criminals They Are Fools. For an example see the next one.
PS Do the Main Stream Media tell us the truth about evil or Jews? Not a chance. They are Propaganda machines.


Israeli Foreign Minister Is A Vicious Racist Thug [ 8 July 2014 ]
Israel’s right wing foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, wrote today that Israeli Arab rioters “do not belong in the state of Israel – and until that is resolved, their place is in jail."
Lieberman is a deeply sincere swine, a prime candidate for the gallows.


Jews Admit Burning Palestinian Alive
That sounds like a pretty convincing basis for murder convictions. Believe it when you see it. Albeit
police do get results from time to time, political interference notwithstanding. They put the president  in prison for rape. They also sorted out the prime minister. He got six years for thieving.