Cronulla Riots

Cronulla has quite a nice beach. It is a reasonable place to live if you work in Sydney. It was peaceful until Lebanese immigrants who live inland decided to start insulting women. Punch ups happened and the media piled in. Blaming Australians was the agenda and they chose the pictures. They chose the words. They created the image that gave Islamic thugs a pass. That is what the Main Stream Media do. They lie by suppressing the truth. They are a propaganda machine and these pictures show it. To see some honest reporting go to Lebanese Rioter Gets Twelve Months In Prison, New Nation News or Colour of Crime. They help restore the balance.

The shire referred to is Sutherland south of Sydney. It includes Cronulla.


The police calm things down or stir them up. Australians, ethnics or a mixture?


The picture may well be genuine. It was chosen out of dozens if not hundreds to make Australians look bad.


This was definitely chosen to make Oz look vicious. It was used by the ABC, Australia's answer to the BBC. It is also run by left wing subversives, homosexuals and Jews. The men are wasting beer so the Lebos definitely did something to upset them.


Again, choose the picture and choose the story.


They make sure that their message of hate gets through. Fingering Australians is the name of the game. This is from a smaller bunch of lefties.


Finger Australians every time. Oh look, little Johnny Howard is there leading them on.


A woman is getting stuck in; she is committed, passionate and above all sincere in putting her point of view.


Lebanese Rioter Gets Twelve Months In Prison
A MAN who used his mobile telephone to rally people for the Cronulla riot revenge attacks was sentenced to the maximum penalty of 12 months jail today.
Jeffrey Ismail, 29, of Punchbowl plead guilty to two counts of using a carriage service to menace/harass/offend. This afternoon lawyers said he would appeal the sentence. A hearing will be held at Campbelltown Distrcit Court next month. Police intercepted Ismail's telephone conversations [ Because he is a well known career criminal perhaps? - Editor ] on December 12, 2005, one night after the Crounlla riots erupted.

Ismail was heard to tell people he believed members of the Maroubra-based gang the Bra Boys were coming to attack the Lakemba mosque. In other phone calls, Ismail was talking about organising a convoy of cars which left Lakemba to travel to Cronulla....... Although Ismail plead guilty to the offences in August, he tried to withdraw his plea today but the application was rejected by Magistrate Paul Falzon.
He looks like a vicious rogue. Exporting him to the Lebanon would make lots of sense. Exporting him anywhere would do fine. This is the only honest report and honest picture on the net. The [ Australian ] Daily Telegraph was the exception to the lies.


Left Wing Source Tells Truth - Sort Of
But in recent years, inward-looking Cronulla has attracted a different crew. Easily reached on the train line from the western suburbs, it has become the beach of choice for growing numbers of second and third-generation, mostly Lebanese, groups of young adults.

For some time now their presence has not sat well with locals. Many complain of boorish and threatening behaviour, of sand kicked in faces during soccer games, of inappropriate remarks aimed at young Anglo women and of packs of Lebanese men using their numbers to menace locals.

Ray, a 23-year-old surfer, said he was assaulted [ as distinct from was assaulted - Ed. ] three weeks ago by a group of young Lebanese men.....

Maroubra's "Bra Boys" [ Lebos NOT Australians - Ed. ] are described by police and local media as a gang. Claims of assaults and "surf rage" have long been attached to the group who fought with off-duty police at a party at the Randwick Coogee RSL club in 2002. Jai, the brother of Bra Boys' leader Koby Abberton, was recently acquitted of a murder charge on self-defence grounds. Koby was convicted of Perverting the course of justice and will be sentenced early next year.
To understand that fair and balanced report from a left wing rag have a look at How To Frame A Patriot. Mr Krusch, its author understands media manipulation.

Peace talks: the Bra Boys, a surfer gang, and members of the Comancheros motorcycle gang held a media conference at Maroubra Beach yesterday to condemn the riots.


Cronulla riots ex Wiki
The 2005 Cronulla riots were a series of sectarian clashes and mob violence originating in Cronulla, New South Wales and spreading, over the next few nights, to additional Sydney suburbs.

On 4 December 2005, a group of volunteer surf lifesavers were assaulted by a group of young men of Middle Eastern appearance [ ie Lebanese ], with several other violent assaults occurring over the next week. These incidents were widely reported and commented on in Sydney media. An initially peaceful crowd gathered in the morning of 11 December 2005 and by midday, approximately 5,000 people gathered at Cronulla beach to protest against a recent spate of violence against locals.

However, fuelled by alcohol, the crowd turned to violence when a young man of “Middle Eastern appearance  [ still Lebanese ]” was spotted on the beach. He was surrounded by a crowd outside a local hotel and attacked. Retaliatory riots also took place that night and on subsequent nights, resulting in extensive property damage and several more assaults, including one stabbing and even some attacks against ambulance and police officers.

The attacks were widely condemned by local, state and federal members of parliament, police, local community leaders and residents of Cronulla and adjacent areas. A large number of arrests were made over the subsequent months, from both the initial riot on 11 December and the retaliatory riots held over the subsequent nights. The incidents tarnished Australia's international image, with several countries issuing travel warnings.
The Wiki manages to sound more or less honest but all of their pictures show Australians, not Lebos. As
Willi Münzenberg, the master propagandist explained, pictures go direct to the brain. Words get there later which is why photos are better propaganda tools.


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They are from a lefty, one "KANGAROOISTAN = the land of kangaroos" 

<> in message
Clearly its now time the " white " peoples went back where THEY came
PROUD white aussies show their true natures for all the world to see

From another ghastly little Trot.



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