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Right Wing in politics is usually a term of abuse. It is the same with Left Wing. The Wiki puts a position which is wrong albeit with some good background. Consider the Fascists who are said to be right wing while Nazis are said to be very right wing. Contrast them with the Communists, who are said to be somewhat left wing. Which produced the most murderous regimes? Which did not rob, kill & main? In fact all of them were Socialist, all were murderous. Their governments were not very different for their populations. The significant difference between them is that the Communists were international socialists while the 'right wingers' were national socialists.

Notice further that the Russian Revolution in 1917 was in fact the February Revolution carried out by Russians. It was then taken over by the  Bolsheviks, by LeninStalin, Trotsky & many Jews with the October Revolution, a coup d'état, that destroyed what might have become Democracy.

Usually the accusation of being 'far right' means nationalist or patriotic. It has a distinct feeling of Conservatism, which has nothing to do with the Conservative Party but is a reasonable approach to stability & to life. Now science has got involved. Being one or the other is genetic apparently. You doubt? Look at Right Or Left or try The Myth of the Right-Wing Extremist. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Far Right
Is a propaganda term; it is also a lie used by Propagandists of the Left Wing to demean Patriots.


Right Wing Politics ex Wiki
The Right has gone through five distinct historical stages: (i) the reactionary right, which sought a return to aristocracy and established religion; (ii) the moderate right, who sought limited government and distrusted intellectuals; (iii) the radical right, who favored a romantic and aggressive nationalism; (iv) the extreme(?) right, who proposed anti-immigration policies and implicit racism; and (v) the neo-liberal right, who sought to combine a belief in a market economy and economic deregulation with the traditional Right-wing beliefs in patriotism, élitism, and law and order.
This part of the Wiki's article makes a certain amount of sense. It leaves one to wonder why any decent Englishman is not 'right wing' or a believer in Conservatism; something which has nothing to do with the Conservative Party in this foul Year of Our Lord 2014.


Far-right Politics ex Wiki
Read what the Wiki has to say, but be sceptical. Reading matters when you are dealing with matters political. Reading gets called Deconstruction when Marxists are at it. We need to look truth in the eye, to see where it leads. The reality is that those accused of being far right are usually patriotic nationalists.


Left Wing  Politics ex Wiki
In left-right politics, left-wing politics are political positions or activities that accept or support social equality, often in opposition to social hierarchy and social inequality.[1][2][3][4] It typically involves a concern for those in society who are perceived as disadvantaged relative to others and an assumption that there are unjustified inequalities that need to be reduced or abolished.[3]

The political terms Left and Right were coined during the French Revolution (1789–1799), referring to the seating arrangement in the Estates General: those who sat on the left generally opposed the monarchy and supported the revolution, including the creation of a republic and secularization,[5] while those on the right were supportive of the traditional institutions of the Old Regime. Use of the term "Left" became more prominent after the restoration of the French monarchy in 1815 when it was applied to the "Independents".[6]

The term was later applied to a number of movements, especially republicanism during the French Revolution, socialism,[7] communism, and anarchism.[8] Beginning in the last half of the Twentieth Century, the phrase left-wing has been used to describe an ever widening family of movements,[9] including the civil rights movement, anti-war movements, and environmental movements,[10][11] and finally being extended to entire parties, including the Democratic Party in the United States and the Labour Party in the United Kingdom.[12][13][14] In two party systems, the terms "left" and "right" are now sometimes used as labels for the two parties, with one party designated as the "left" and the other "right", even when neither party is "left-wing" in the original sense of being opposed to the ruling class.
Left wing parties are much more enemies of the people than those on the right.


The Myth of the Right-Wing Extremist
It is not just a myth; it is a major Propaganda tool used by Marxists in the Main Stream Media & Education industry. We are being lied to by criminals with an agenda.



Third World Criminal Teaches Left Wing About Tolerance [ 12 May 2016 ]
Parents left their 4 year old daughter with a Third World savage, who raped her time after time. Their tolerance paid off for the "Noble Savage" Perhaps they will learn.