Miscarriages of Justice

Stefan Kisko, a simpleton was held prisoner by the police for seven weeks without a lawyer and confessed to a murder that he didn't commit and to a case of indecent exposure which didn't happen. The police covered up the evidence that he was not the right man and it may have been that they did so in order to pervert the course of justice. Kisko got sixteen years inside and a good kicking for being a nonce.

His lawyer at the trial was one David Waddington, a dead beat who got to be the Home Secretary. A pig and a forensic scientist got away with perverting the course of justice by blaming the head detective who was dead. Ronald Castree, the right man, presumably was put away 32 years later. See page 28  Private Eye  1198 for more.

Morals:        Never trust a police man.
                    Never talk.
                    Find a good lawyer. East End solicitors have to be good to stay in business.
                    Read Resistance to Interrogation


Barry George Miscarriage Of Justice
It was always fairly obvious that this one was a stitch up. Mr George is out and in line for compensation. The swine who run the set up will charge him for the food he was given as a prisoner; as nasty a bit of cynicism as ever disfigured the English judicial system.
PS In the event they refused to compensate on the grounds that he was not innocent enough; an ugly abuse of justice - see Innocent Man Getting No Compensation For Eight Years Inside After Being Fitted Up


G20 Massacre
In fact the police only killed one man but I am happy to call it a massacre. The perpetrator got away with it again. If an honest man kills he gets aggravation. If police thugs do it they walk away laughing up their sleeves.


Convicted Murderer Released After His Victim Turns Up Alive [ 12 May 2010 ]
BEIJING � A man imprisoned nearly 10 years for murder was freed after his alleged victim turned up alive, a case that raises concerns about police using torture to extract confessions. The Higher People's Court in the central province of Henan pronounced Zhao Zuohai, 57, innocent, after the man he was accused of killing, Zhao Zhenshang, returned to their village April 30, the China Daily newspaper reported Monday. An investigation was under way into the conviction, and Zhao Zuohai will receive about $45,000 in compensation for his wrongful imprisonment,........

The incident raises concerns about police torture, which Zhao Zuohai's relatives say was used to force him to confess even though he was innocent. Torture is believed to be used widely by police and government officials who rely heavily on coerced confessions to prove criminal cases.
If you think it can't happen in England recall Barry George, the victim of a blatant miscarriage of justice. Then have a look at Resistance to Interrogation. Forewarned is forearmed.


Hallam attacks police over 'lost years'
Sam Hallam has criticised the Metropolitan police for taking away eight years of his life after the court of appeal quashed his conviction for murder when hearing fresh evidence that "significantly undermined" his conviction. Speaking outside the high court, Hallam � who was put in prison at the age of 17 and released only on Wednesday � said he had not received an apology from the police for wrongly focusing on him as one of the killers of Essayas Kassahun in a gang attack in Hoxton, north London, in 2004. "It [the investigation] just wasn't done properly," he said.

"Them not doing their job properly cost me eight years of my life. I lost eight years of my life and nothing is going to happen to them."

The court of appeal quashed his 2005 conviction for murder on Thursday after hearing that evidence he had had all along on his own mobile phone undermined the case against him. The phone was never examined by the Metropolitan police investigating the murder of Kassahun, nor by Hallam's own defence team, nor raised as an issue by him � which Lady Justice Hallett blamed on his own "faulty recollection and dysfunctional lifestyle".
The judge says the man was a fool & that his lawyers were too. It is going to help the filth when it gets round to compensation time. Not that the pigs care really. It is only taxpayers money. Getting away with it is their concern, nothing else matters.


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