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The British Army is being subverted, not by dissent from below but by attack from above. Her Majesty's Government [ HMG ] was once broadly conservative. If it isn't broke don't fix it. This is old fashioned, fuddy duddy and doesn't fit into modern society. It all sounds so plausible when it comes from politicians and the BBC. Now HMG has been taken over by Marxist or more nearly by students of his followers. If you have not heard of Antonio Gramsci, Foucault or Althusser you are in good company. Few honest folk have but the student radicals of the 1960s who went into politics do know. They are putting their evil into practice. Destroying the Army is just part of it. The Navy and RAF are targets too. Recall for example that the Royal New Zealand Air Force no longer has any fighter aircraft but it has got a woman as Prime Minister who uses one of their transports to shuttle daily between Auckland and Wellington. Radicals they may be but a taste for the fruits of power goes with it.

When Her Majesty's armed forces have shrunk to the point of being useless, they will be suppressed as a cost cutting measure and we will be defended or attacked by a European army - foreigners who will laugh up their sleeves as they see us helpless. That is the plan. Of course Her Majesty's Government have not bothered to tell us or even, one assumes Her Majesty. That would be giving the game away a bit too soon. How is all of this being achieved? By political manipulation. Machiavelli would have been proud of his students. So would Satan. Here are some of the methods being used.

The British Army finished the war with many regiments. Infantry, cavalry, armour and artillery were  there with all of the support arms that come with it. They were tired but toughened up by the experience that only comes with the real thing. A reduction in force levels was natural and desirable. The hostile Russian presence to the East meant that it did not happen so quickly. The Cold War became hot war in Korea and, for the Americans in Vietnam.

Once the USSR fell, peace broke out more or less and the enemy took over in Parliament. They knew how Stalin controlled the Red Army. It was done by terror and subversion from within. Cutting finances down is another technique that works well. They have been forced to sell the Duke of York's Headquarters in Chelsea. Chelsea Barracks are going too. Another technique is the malicious prosecution. Send men into nasty situations. Give them weapons to defend themselves, then prosecute if they use them. This was done in Ireland and it is now being done in Iraq.

Perhaps the most dangerous sabotage technique is to send the Army into wars where they are fighting unwinnable wars for our enemies. That is happening now in Iraq. Zionists want control of Middle East oil and they want to use other armies to do their dirty work for them. Controlling Bush and Blair mean that they control the American army and ours. We get to pay in blood and treasure. Zionists get the pay off.


Women Soldiers
Feminists, the Lunatic Fringe etc. try  to inflict them on the Army. They are bad news; that is rather the point.


Rorke's Drift
A letter written from Rorke's Drift the day after has surfaced. The South Wales Borderers did well while Isandlwana was an embarrassment.


Cardwell Reforms
The Cardwell reforms of 1868 to 1874 were inflicted on the Army in spite of senior officers. They made it a better outfit.


Sandwich Cowan
General Cowan has just demonstrated how to sound like a pompous fool.


SAS Training
This is very much on the right lines.

Jewish Brigade
Was inflicted on the Army, which was not amused. The Army was right about them; they were vicious, politically motivated murderers & subversives.


Survival Of The Fittest
Is about the SAS & special forces generally.


Military Covenant
Is all about fair play for the men. That means it is a dead letter, one designed to buy votes for corrupt politicians who never served, who were never going to.


Was one of the strange little outfits that were part of the greater scheme of things. It was our mission to the Soviets in Eastern Germany and a rather effective espionage operation.


Was Military Intelligence 5. It dealt with internal security while MI6 was for foreign operations. MI9 was about escape and evasion while MI19 interrogated POWs.


Iraq And Brits
Brits are out there. Brits are soldiering well. Why are they there? They should ask, they really should. Corrupt politicians, stupid politicians, some combination are the answers. Stealing oil for Israel is the objective.


The Wrong Side of the Hill: the secret realignment of UK defence policy with the EU
We have long been told that we have special relationship with America. There is a degree of truth in this. Language and ancestry are parts of it. Perhaps our military relationship should move toward Europe rather than America. There again Europe is looking weaker and the European government is becoming even more corrupt as I write. It was set up and it is controlled by post Marxists. That is the major problem with it but that is true of America too. Blair and Co. are changing things by stealth. Corruption is in their nature and it is grossly expensive too. Military kit is normally dreadfully over priced. To pay two or three times as much for European replacements is corruption too. That is why they are not telling us. The CENTRE FOR POLICY STUDIES has no compunction about it though. The full text can be downloaded from


SAS man screwed for killing some oik in Iraq  [ 17 November 2005 ]
A policy of malicious prosecutions would be an excellent way of destroying the Army's effectiveness. So would under financing it. Brown is doing that. The Army's legal department chose to prosecute  one soldier sent to fight for enemy interests in Iraq. It turned out the witnesses had been paid to lie. See Betrayal of our fighting forces  [ 4 November 2005 ]. Destroying civilization by undermining it from within is the technique developed by   Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communist party and being used by governments throughout Christendom.


Spin and silence at the end of the special relationship  [ 3 December 2005 ]
We used to be told about our special relationship with America. Perhaps it didn't mean too much but now it means a whole lot less. Blair is buying inferior European kit at humungous prices which is incompatible with American systems. Americans are restricting our access to their research because they think it will be passed on to Europe. Meanwhile the Jews get access. Theirs is a very special relationship; that of blackmailer and the blackmailed. See also two down..

This stands for all three services. We need them all.

This one is for the Army.


Black Chancer Sues Army Because He Got Cold In Wales [ 1 October 2016 ]
Lawyers will try anything on legal aid. The money matters; justice does not.


Sergeant Blackman Gets Support From A Surprising Source [ 26 January 2017 ]
When the sudden, savage hurricane of firing had stopped, several bodies lay in the 'kill zone' on the forest floor. On closer inspection, the ambush party from 42 Commando Royal Marines found two of the enemy casualties alive but hideously wounded. The officer in charge was still a teenager.

 An Old Etonian and first-class scholar, he should have been at university but instead found himself 6,500 miles away on National Service in the Malayan jungle fighting a communist insurgency. 

By that day in 1952, frontline action in the tropics had already taught Second Lieutenant Neal Ascherson much about life. But this particular incident towards the end of his tour of duty was to provide him with one of the very hardest lessons of war. And it would leave a memory that haunts him to this day. 

'I went forward and found two men hideously wounded, unconscious but still just moving,' Ascherson writes in today's Times newspaper.

'One had his brains flowing out of his skull. The rib-cage of the other had been blown away so that his heart and lung were hanging out. I don't remember a moment's hesitation or doubt about what to do: I pointed my carbine and put them both out of their misery.........

Acting Colour Sergeant Alexander Blackman, a veteran of five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a man described as a 'superb soldier' by his superiors, killed the wounded Taliban fighter with a bullet to the chest.

The incident was captured on video by one of Blackman's men. The video subsequently fell into the hands of the British police and Blackman was arrested........

In December 2016, the CCRC decided that there were no fewer than three grounds upon which the Blackman case was potentially unsafe and should be referred back to the Court of Appeal.........

He [ Ascherson ] is also the author of a number of books, mainly on Eastern Europe, and still lectures on archaeology. He is as far from being a Right-wing reactionary as it is possible to be. No, Ascherson is an archetypal British liberal intellectual.
The Daily Mail's coverage is good; they can when they try. Neal Ascherson is an arrogant Marxist rogue who got this one right. Having been there makes a difference.


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