Sabotage comes from the French. A sabot is a clog which was used to put the boot in and destroy things. Today there are other, often more subtle methods of achieving the same results.

Cultural Genocide
Flooding England with foreign undesirables increases crime, increases disease and robs Englishmen of work. It is economic warfare being waged against us by Her Majesty's Government, as greasy a bunch of crooks as ever betrayed their own.


Global Warming
Sounds like a worthy cause, even if the proponents seem to be well meaning. In fact it is being used to stop power production as a means of reducing our ability to run things. Lenin's Useful Idiots do not understand the issues. They just believe the rogues they want to believe.


A few foreigners seem fairly harmless. They might even be good for the country but when it gets to a be a flood of hundreds of thousands then millions it is a disaster and it is being inflicted on us deliberately by traitors who control Her Majesty's Government


Industrial Sabotage
Is something we understand. It is moderately unusual. Less obvious and very effective is preventing work being done or slowing it down using health and safety as an excuse. Ditto for making power expensive using Global Warming as an excuse but one which does not apply to China or India.


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