Her Majesty's Government

HMG is short for Her Majesty's Prime Minister and the Cabinet; the ministers she appoints. This is a government listing circa 2007. A rather more interesting set of biographies comes from the Wikipedia. See HMG They are in fact largely if not all traitors, in breach of their Oaths as Privy Counsellors. They are Enemies Of The People.

Salus Populi Suprema Lex
Salus populi suprema lex is a Latin legal maxim that means welfare of the people shall be the supreme law. The maxim means that the law exists to serve the common good e.g. that encouraging mass Immigration by Third World parasites is a breach of good government and Treason to boot.

Pat Buchanan explains Europe's Future


Her Majesty's Government Is Our Enemy
Sean Gabb, the director of the Libertarian Alliance tells us that to be a conservative is to be a revolutionary. He mentions various issues without comment on the destruction of England by Third World  immigration.


Confidence And Supply
Are necessary for a government to stay in power.


Her Majesty's Government Is Rotten
The philosopher David Selbourne says that the present parliamentary crisis is only one symptom of a larger corruption of public and civic institutions:- On 6 December 1648, Captain Thomas Pride, an officer in Cromwell’s army, stood at the door of the House of Commons chamber. He and his colleagues on that day prevented 140 MPs from taking their seats and arrested over 40 of them. The door was then locked, and the key — together with the Mace — was carried away by a Colonel Otley. Today, Britain is in the midst of another lacerating, and self-lacerating, parliamentary crisis which has long to go before its course is run............ Political swine flu has not only doomed the Labour government, but damaged parliament — the ‘origin of all just power’ — and the country’s self-esteem...........

Instead, it is the moral disablement of parliament which is the greatest harm it has suffered. Both individually and collectively, its members have been rendered unfit (in the eyes of most of the public) to pass judgment on others, to make the law, to represent the interests of their electors and thus to fulfil their political functions. Is a second-home allowance fiddler, or a serial tax-dodger, an acceptable minister of the crown? Can the holder of three or four ‘outside jobs’ devote himself to the public weal? [ Has he the slightest intention? - Editor ]
David Selbourne is very much on the right lines. In fact it is worse. Brown is bankrupting England as fast as he can. Politicians, the Civil Service and Big Business are colluding wholeheartedly.


Her Majesty's Government
The Cabinet is the name given to a special committee of senior Ministers who are responsible for making and controlling government policy. They meet every Thursday morning at the Cabinet Room in 10 Downing Street to discuss the issues of the day. Government Cabinets have met in the same room since 1856, when it was called the Council Chamber.
Full list of Cabinet members as at 27 June 2007
Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service
The Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP
Chancellor of the Exchequer
The Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP 
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
The Rt Hon David Miliband MP 
Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor
The Rt Hon Jack Straw MP 
Secretary of State for the Home Department
The Rt Hon Jacqui Smith MP
Secretary of State for Defence; and, Secretary of State for Scotland
The Rt Hon Des Browne MP 
Secretary of State for Health
The Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP
Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
The Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP
Secretary of State for International Development
The Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP
Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform
The Rt Hon John Hutton MP 
Leader of the House of Commons (and Lord Privy Seal); Minister for Women; and Labour Party Chair
The Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions; and Secretary of State for Wales
The Rt Hon Peter Hain MP
Secretary of State for Transport
The Rt Hon Ruth Kelly MP 
Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
The Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP
Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury and Chief Whip
The Rt Hon Geoff Hoon MP
Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families
The Rt Hon Ed Balls MP
Minister for the Cabinet Office; and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
The Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP 
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
The Rt Hon James Purnell MP 
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
The Rt Hon Shaun Woodward MP
Leader of the House of Lords (and Lord President of the Council)
The Rt Hon the Baroness Ashton of Upholland
Chief Secretary to the Treasury
The Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP
Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills
The Rt Hon John Denham MP
Also attending Cabinet
Minister for the Olympics and London
The Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP 
Lords Chief Whip and Captain of the Gentlemen at Arms
The Rt Hon the Lord Grocott
Attorney General
The Rt Hon the Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC
Minister for Housing
The Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP
Minister for Africa, Asia and UN
Sir Mark Malloch Brown  Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Prime Minister
Ian Austin MP 
Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Prime Minister
Angela E Smith MP


Her Majesty's Allegedly Loyal Opposition ex Wiki
Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, or the Official Opposition, in the United Kingdom is led by the Leader of the Opposition. This is usually the political party with the second-largest number of seats in the House of Commons, as the largest party will usually form Her Majesty's Government. Since May 1997, the Official Opposition has been the Conservative Party.
This all seems clear enough albeit many people would question the use of the world loyal in this context.


The Establishment
Covers far more than HMG. It means people who run things. The Church of England is one example. The Media are another. That is why the Long March Through The Institutions took decades rather than days. It is now being used for Cultural Genocide. Antonio Gramsci and his Useful Idiots are winning. They are now the much less quite so Invisible Enemy that the Main Stream Media are so eager to keep secret.


Splendid Isolation ex Wiki
Splendid Isolation was the foreign policy pursued by Britain during the late 19th century, under the Conservative premierships of Benjamin Disraeli and the Marquess of Salisbury. The term was actually coined by a Canadian politician to praise Britain's lack of involvement in European affairs. There is much debate between historians over whether this policy was intentional or whether Britain was simply forced into the position by contemporary events.
It was a de facto policy or a de facto reality when the Empire was thriving and we were very international. It was circa 1896 through to 1902. 


Her Majesty's Government Ignored Political Paedophile Suspicions [ 23 July 2015 ]
Various names get mentioned on the grounds that they are dead so immune to justice. 'Lord' Armstrong, as Cabinet Secretary was the one who did the ignoring. Armstrong is the thug who attacked a photographer en route to Australia to lie for Maggie.


Murder More Syrians To Keep England Safe Says Vicious Thug [ 13 September 2015 ]
Bombing Islamic State targets in Syria will keep Britain’s streets safe and strengthen the international campaign in Iraq, the Defence Secretary has said as the Government tries to pave the way for Parliament to authorise air strikes........

Whitehall sources said the Government expects to hold a Parliamentary vote early next month to seek approval to widen RAF strikes from Iraq into Syria.

Mr Fallon said: “Isil is organised and directed from Syria. I applaud the French and Australian decisions to help tackle this barbarous terrorism at its source.
Fallon says Syrians are Barbarians; fair enough. Murdering them incites hate so they come to England to live off the dole and get their own back. Cameron alleges that the ones who get here are victims not perpetrators. He lies. Shooting them here would be cheaper as well as more than using drones. Refusing them dole would save billions.


Her Majesty's Government Uses The Somme As Third World Propaganda [ 1 July 2016 ]
Why does their propaganda film open with a picture of two Third Worlders? Because marketing Western Guilt is policy. So is ignoring the guilt of the real slave traders, which is to say Jews on the make. See The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews on the point. It is a way of inciting Black Hate among aliens imported by Blair, Brown, Cameron, Merkel et al to fill their Trojan Horses.



Her Majesty's Government Steps Up Intimidation Of English People [ 12 August 2016 ]
The Muslim child rape gangs are back on the streets of Rotherham and bolder than ever. The Daily Express has revealed that carloads of Muslims are openly harassing girls, threatening their parents and moving around completely untroubled by the recent scandal. They have no fear of the cowed White population, much less the police or anyone else in authority.

But it would be wrong to think that the police are doing nothing about racial tension in the UK. This week a White man was convicted for making “grossly offensive” comments about Muslims on Facebook after the slaughter in Nice. This follows the jailing of another White man for tweeting his anger at a left-wing politician who demanded that more refugees be brought into Britain.

Despite the lip-service over concern about Muslim rape gangs, the authorities know their efforts must be focused on suppressing White rage. The Brexit referendum showed this is just underneath the surface, and with the discreet dispersal of thousands of Syrian refugees into poorer parts of the country at the end of June and July, what was needed was a not-too-subtle wave of intimidation. This has been achieved by way of a transparently bogus hate-crime campaign launched in the days after Brexit.

Within days of arriving in office, the new Home Secretary Amber Rudd unveiled a  hate crime action plan.” to take “robust and comprehensive steps” to tackle this sudden huge spike .  The central plank seems to be sharply increased sentences; the entire thrust made it clear that it is the White population that is being targeted.

Across the length and breadth of Britain the same pattern can be observed locally. Just as the Syrian “refugee families” are being imported into an area, there is a flurry of publicity about the police discovering a vague, usually online, hate crime epidemic. This seems to run hand in hand with a policy of concealing genuine crimes by the invaders.

In Newcastle-upon-Tyne the police managed to cover up the rape of a 14-year-old girl by a gang of Syrians — despite the fact that for months the local police, via the media, had been encouraging people to report hate crime..............

A close reading of the secretary’s hate crime plan reveals one very striking detail — the close involvement of the Jewish private security organization, the Community Security Trust, in drawing it up. The organisation even boasts about its role on its website.........

Flush with its millions of pounds of government money, the CST was this week able to announce increased patrols around Jewish schools and centers because of the recent Jihadist attacks. Sadly that extra security is not an option for the White communities, like Rotherham, reeling from the continuing activities of Muslim child rape gangs on one hand, and a state determined to stifle and crush any dissent, on the other.
You don't have to believe that this is Treason but if it isn't it will do until some comes along. Recall that Karl Marx tried to destroy Western Civilization from the ground up. The Communist Manifesto says:-
Workers of the world, Unite!

Antonio Gramsci is doing it the other way, from the top down. Take over the political elite, The Establishment and abuse power. It is getting harder to think that Theresa May is not part of it, carrying on where Cameron left off.

Is Mr Begbie being Paranoid? No, but the Jews are. See for example The Labour Party’s Cynical Sell-out of the Jewish Community on anti-Semitism. Jews are the perpetrators who whine about being victims.


IRA Murders Ignored While British Soldiers Are Harassed By Her Majesty's Government [ 14 December 2016 ]
The murders of scores of British soldiers by terrorists in Northern Ireland will not be re-investigated by police, a minister revealed last night. Kris Hopkins said detectives would not re-examine nearly 200 cases where troops were killed during the Troubles.

The Northern Ireland Minister spoke out after it emerged that up to 1,000 retired soldiers aged in their 60s and 70s face a witch-hunt some 40 years after they battled terrorism in the province............

This will mean UK veterans being investigated as potential murder or manslaughter suspects over actions taken decades ago at the height of the IRA’s terrorist campaign. The veterans could face new charges, trials and even jail.

Although the review is also supposed to look at deaths carried out by the IRA, Mr Hopkins admitted that the killings of around 185 British soldiers would not be examined.

This is because the PSNI must [ sic ] prioritise cases flagged up by the Northern Ireland Public Prosecution Service, which is headed by a lawyer who used to work for leading Republicans Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness..........

Around 3,200 people were killed during the Troubles. The British security forces were blamed for 368 deaths and lost 722 members.
Her Majesty's Government panders to murderous rogues like Adams and McGuinness. but harasses decent men of the British Army. NB Recruiting is not going well. Why does HMG send men to fight criminal wars in the Middle East? Because it dances to the tune of the Puppet Masters, the Zionist crazies in Tel Aviv. That's different somehow. Then they wonder why men don't enlist.


England's Economic Security Is Put At Risk By Vindictive Taxation Policy  [ 14 July 2017 ]
Britain's economic security is being put at risk by the growing reliance on taxing the wealthiest, the official financial watchdog has warned. The Office for Budget Responsibility revealed that over the past decade the proportion of income tax paid by the top 1 per cent has risen from 24.4 per cent to 27.7 per cent.

It said that Britain's "reliance" on a small number of people paying so much of the nation's tax means that the economy is now more "vulnerable" to financial shocks than it was before the recession a decade ago.........

The watchdog says that Britain's economy could face significant damage if wealthy people, who are "highly mobile", choose to move to other countries with lower tax rates.
The Hard Left like the idea of taxing Capitalist Swine. That is why it is in the Communist Manifesto but, ultimately self-defeating. If wealth makers are harassed too much they can emigrate or just stop working.


Government Lets Third World Paedophiles Rape Girls In Somerset  [ 3 November 2017 ]
A number of agencies failed to recognise and prevent the exploitation of at least nine teenagers in Somerset, it has been revealed.

The serious case review comes after two Turkish men were jailed last year for a total of 32 years after being convicted for rape and sexual offences against six children aged 14 and 15.

Authorities missed 14 opportunities to prevent the abuse of two of the teenagers, who sparked the initial review - who believed they were in a loving relationship with the men, legitimising the sustained abuse.

Both girls fell repeatedly pregnant and had a number of forced abortions and miscarriages, as well as being subject to physical and emotional abuse during a four-year period in Yeovil.

Does Her Majesty's Government care? No!


Her Majesty's Government Pretends That Terrorists Are Lunatics Not Islamics  [ 9 November 2017 ]
The original headline is:-
The battle for minds - Britain expands project on mental health in terrorism
It claims that the organised murderers are sane but the 'lone wolves' are often madmen. Recall that David Cameron claimed that Islam Is A Religion of Peace. He lied in his teeth and imported thousands more Islamic terrorists. Theresa May wants to ban Free Speech, alleging terrorism, tax evasion, pornography, Paedophile perverts or whatever. But ask what she is doing about the Pakistani Perverts  who are still raping English girls in Rotherham and other God forsaken northern towns. The answer is not a lot. The 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry is an excuse for more delay and more expense.


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