Nostra Aaetate

Nostra Aaetate is a letter from the Pope to the Bishops and the Faithful. These encyclicals are normally published in Latin whence the name. This one is about the relations of the Church and others. This learned commentator tells us that it was strongly influenced by Jews who infiltrated Holy Mother Church in order to subvert it from within. Some of the guilty are named in Catholic Church Infiltrators. The Metapedia takes a position at Nostra Aetate

From The Role Of Jewish Converts In Changing The Teachings Of The Church -

The most scholarly and well-documented books on the Vatican II, especially on the influence by non-Christians and Jews, are published by Tradition in Action (TIA). These are highly recommended - see

As an example, the book “Animus Injuriandi – II (Desire to Offend) notes the following in the first chapter, on the section titled “Homage to and Eulogies of the Jews” (worth quoting):

“Disregarding the doctrinal and historic hostility the Jews have always had for our Religion, in the Declaration Nostra Aetate Vatican II lamented the previous conduct of  Holy Mother Church toward the Hebrew people. This was tantamount to asking pardon from the Jews. At the same time, this Declaration laid the ground work for an “absolution” of the crime of Deicide, even though the Jews had never denied their responsibility for the crime. From Nostra Aaetate to this day, both Pontiffs and official representatives of the Holy See have demonstrated an increasing eagerness to have closer ties with the Jews without asking them to renounce their anti-Catholic perfidy. Such is the case of John Paul II, who, speaking to the leaders of the Jewish association B’nai B’rith calls them “friends” and “brothers.” He supposes the relationship between Catholics and Jews to be a ‘dialogue between the first and second part of the Bible’ and pays ‘deep respect’ to the Jewish identity, professing an ever increasing respect for the differences between Judaism and Holy Mother Church. To justify such great respect for the enemies of the Church, John Paul II appeals to a ‘mysterious spiritual bond’ which, through Abraham, supposedly links the Catholics and the Jews, without taking into account Our Lord Jesus Christ…(pp. 81-82).” Once again, these chapters and sections are very well-referenced.

By the way, SPLC [ run by a very nasty Jew on the make - Editor ] has been attacking and condemning all of these scholarly publications by TIA Does this sound familiar?