Arnhem To Afghanistan

On the Seventieth Anniversary of 10 PARA's founding men made it from Salisbury, Sunderland, Sydney; Men who served at Arnhem, in Cyprus, Ireland, the Falklands, Iraq, Afghanistan. NB the Regiment has been Wikipedia-ed - see  Battalions of the Parachute Regiment ex Wiki There are more photos at


Ackers and ?


Geoff was there.


So was Dennis.


Paul with a pint, Dougy too.


Steve and Len


Dick made it from Sydney.


Norman was there.


Norman with a friend.


Boris does not bother with a glass. Straight in.


John addresses the assembled throng.


John again.



Ginger, the man who did what it took to make 2 Coy live on.


With beer in hand of course.


4 PARA's CO speaks



808 was there too.



Len again.




Another John


Our Sergeant Major.


Another old timer puts his view.


Ted looks happy.




Support Company made it.


Bernie looks cheerful.


Simon was up from Wiltshire