The Falklands are far away, in the South Atlantic full of sheep and that was about it apart from 2,000 Brits minding their own business. Then the hooligans that run Argentina decided to invade, leading to the Falklands War. They lost, which is pleasing even though men died. It was a close run thing due to the ammo states. Losing a cargo ship meant far fewer Land Rovers and other goodies.

Now [ February 2010 ] it is all starting again because they have Oil. There may be more than the North Sea. The Argies have timed it so that we might have to go down there in Southern winter.

Bill Hunter Christie
Single handedly saved the Falklands for England and its people. He was at Marlborough, with the Coldstreams, wounded in 1943, South American Department at the FO, Third Secretary in Buenos Aires, Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge. Treason started with Wilson in 1968. He joined the Falklands committee and was highly effective. Peron had told him earlier that he was going to make aggro over the Falklands in order to divert Argentinean peasants from his foul ups. Bill started the fishing policy which is making the Falklanders rich. If Her Majesty's Government had listened to the committee there would have been no war, so in essence it was started by the Foreign Office looking as though they wanted to get rid of it. See page 25 Daily Telegraph 27 September 1997
PS It turns out that the Foreign Office  was deliberately giving them away, what honest men call Treason


Fleet Street Fox Goes For The Testicles
A very good run down on the history.


Operation Black Buck
The Royal Air Force sent a Vulcan down from Ascension to bomb Port Stanley runway. This knocked it out for fast jets. The refuelling involved eleven [11 ] Victors. There were subsequent operations. The video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40knj0qg_Us


Falklands History
Tells us about the Argentinean moves and Her Majesty's Government's track record of treasonous intent.  The Foreign Office did not want the bother, the fish or the oil. Do we want the Foreign Office? They were not trying to get rid of them by neglect but by active sabotage.


History of the Falkland Islands ex Wiki
Also mentions Bill Hunter-Christie's work to prevent FO treason working.


Cable & Wireless South Atlantic Limited
The modern world has arrived in the Falklands. C &W are hedging their bets by calling themselves South Atlantic rather than Falklands or, God forbid las Malvinas.

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What's the weather like? C&W tells all. See for yourself with the webcams. Robert Service has something to say about how a man should live in the hard places.

Goose Green and Politics
The Falklands are a part of the Empire but small and a long way away. So people forgot about them. But Argentina was much nearer and fancied taking over. An island with the 200 mile zone round it has fishing rights and oil rights. The economics are important.

But being managed by the Foreign Office makes a difference. It is not necessarily true that all of them are pinko poofters and traitors but a lot are, as Rhodesians found out the hard way. Getting rid of the Falklands meant less work to do. British interests and the Falklanders' interests came down the line. Withdrawing the Royal Navy was a clear hint to the Argentineans that the time to steal was upon them.

Argentinean politics came into play too. Peron was making a mess of running the place and told one of our diplomats, Bill Hunter Christie [ Marlborough, Coldstreams ] that he was going to invade. Bill decided that Peron and the Foreign Office were not going to get away with it. He made the moves and beat them.

Nobody bothered to tell us the truth at the time. We had to wait until Bill's obit came along. See the page 25, the Daily Telegraph 27 September 1997 and 31 December 1997. Unfortunately these things are not on line.


It all started because the Foreign Office pinkoes wanted out and Peron wanted a victory to make him look good.


Palace Barracks Memorial Garden
Is dedicated to the men who lost their lives serving Queen and Country. Politicians make their moves. Men pay the price.




Falklands War ex Wiki [ 2 April - 13 June 1982 ]


South Georgia Invasion ex Wiki [ 19 March 1982 ]
The Argies invaded and started the Falklands War on 19 March 1982


2 PARA Was First Into Port Stanley After The Surrender - on 14 June, 1982
With the hills around Port Stanley all in British hands, the Argentine troops were crammed into the narrow streets of Port Stanley. Many of the Argentine conscripts, who had retreated cold and hungry from the hardships of their time on the hills, saw for the first time the warehouses stuffed with food which had never got through to them. The Argentine troops also held the airport.

The British troops now steeled themselves for the final battle, to push the enemy into the sea and take Port Stanley. It would be hard and costly fighting in the streets of Port Stanley. Civilians were bound to get hurt, but too much had been lost and the end of the whole campaign was now in sight. In the streets of Stanley, the Argentine soldiers steeled themselves for the final battle. They were ordered to prepare for combat at close quarters.

Above the town, 2 PARA were observing the movements in Stanley from their position on Wireless Ridge. They were keen to press on and be first into Port Stanley. Before they were allowed to move in, Brigadier Julian Thompson, commanding 3 Commando Brigade, insisted on coming forward by helicopter and seeing the position for himself. On his arrival, he gave Lieutenant-Colonel David Chaundler the green light. The order to advance was given at 1300 hours and B Company moved off Wireless Ridge and down through Moody Brook and up to the higher ground on the other ridge of the valley. The Blues and Royals' moved along the ridge to give covering fire if needed and A Company, followed by D and C Companies, moved into Port Stanley........

When A Company, of 2 PARA, approached the Stanley Racecourse, off came their helmets and on went their berets. The armoured vehicles of the Blues and Royals moved off Wireless Ridge and ferried Paras along the road. Robin Innes-Ker produced the Regimental Colours and attached them to the radio antenna of his Scorpion. As the troops prepared to enter Port Stanley, the order was given for them not to pass the racecourse. The Argentines had intimated that they were prepared to surrender. A four-day long psy-ops campaign by Colonel Mike Rose of the SAS and Captain Rod Bell, a Spanish-speaking officer of the Royal Marines, had culminated in a journey into Port Stanley by helicopter to meet General Menendez and his staff.
Royal blue for the Fighting Two.


Falkland Oil Reserves Set To Be Another North Sea [  25 January 2010 ]
THE Falklands may contain oil reserves to rival any North Sea field, according to independent surveys of the islands’ geology. Five British exploration companies are active in the region where oil giant Shell once found a source. Experts believe it is only a matter of time before the islands join the ranks of the world’s oil producers. UK-listed Desire Petroleum and Rockhopper Exploration plan to start drilling in the Falklands next month. If they strike lucky, the capital, Port Stanley, could be the next Aberdeen and the 2,500 islanders could become wildly rich overnight..........

The explorers’ ambitious plans come a decade after oil giants abandoned the area, deciding it was not commercially viable. Then oil fetched $10 a barrel. With the price now topping $75, the economics of oil exploration are a different matter.
This does not quite prove that the Foreign Office is a bunch of pinko poofters and traitors but it is suggestive. Maggie got it right but men died as a result of FO machinations. The Parachute Regiment got all of the VCs awarded in that war. The first at was Goose Green. Sergeant McKay of 3 PARA got the other at Mount Longdon


Argies Trying It On Again In The Falklands [ 17 February 2010 ]
Argentina has said that it is taking control over all shipping between its coast and the Falkland Islands, effectively awarding itself the power to blockade the disputed territory. According to a decree issued by President Kirchner, all ships sailing through the waters claimed by Argentina must hold a permit. The measure looks set to deepen a row over conflicting claims to oil beds lying inside the Falklands’ territorial waters. Argentina still claims sovereignty over the islands it calls “Las Malvinas”, nearly three decades after the end of the Falklands conflict in which more than a thousand people died.

Tensions over the islands remained buried until the discovery of potentially rich energy reserves in the Falklands’ seabed. Argentina protested to Britain this month over plans to begin offshore drilling near the islands. Today’s decree amounts to an Argentinian move to control all traffic from South America towards the islands, including an oil rig due to arrive today and start drilling next year............

Geological studies estimate that up to 60 billion barrels of oil could be buried in the seabed around the Falklands, making it a reserve on the scale of the North Sea, which has so far produced 40 billion......... Britain has more than 1,000 military personnel on land and more than 300 at sea in the region, as well as four Typhoon jets, a destroyer and a patrol boat in the region.
Peron decided to steal the Falklands to distract his people from his foul ups. The Foreign Office betrayed us that time by giving nods and winks to the enemy. Maggie and the Army sorted it. Now gigabucks are in prospect so they are going to chance their arm again unless they are told rather firmly to go away. Brown is a traitor, willing to send men to steal oil for Israel in Iraq. Doing it for England is very different. However Cameron will be the prime minister soon. He will not be able to ignore Maggie's example.


Argies Trying It On Again. They Want Oil [ 27 February 2010 ]
A British destroyer, HMS York, intercepted an Argentine warship near Falkland Islands. Some sources indicated that the explanation given by the crew of the corvette ARA Drummond was that ‘they did not know where they were’.  Argentina is testing British determination and probing British defenses. In 1982, Argentina sent ‘workers’ that proved to be spearhead troops testing the ground for an invasion. All the comments indicating that Argentina is not able to carry out an invasion ’because it does not have the capability to do so’ do not ring true.

 The Argentine warship entered waters where oil exploration companies have already started drilling in what is clearly part of the whole spectacle aimed at preparing the Argentine people for an eventual invasion. Just hours ago, demonstrators were burning British flags in Buenos Aires.
They are chancers on the make. Doubtless they are annoyed about losing last time. Brown won't let them get away with it when he wants votes. Cameron is just as much a traitor as Brown but he will not have the nerve to let them get away with it.


Falkland Oil Strike Could Be The Biggest Since The North Sea [ 6 June 2010 ]
An oil field discovery in the Falklands was hailed yesterday as potentially the biggest discovery of its kind since North Sea Oil. Shares in Rockhopper exploration soared 52 per cent yesterday as the company said it expected to pump out at least 242 million barrels of oil from the 'Sea Lion' well  - the expedition's first major oil find. And some predicted there could be millions more barrels of oil lying untapped in the area - sparking hopes that the region could hold as much oil as the North Sea.......... Commercial production could lead to an economic boom for the remote British territory, which is home to about 3,000 people.
Oil, sheep and fish are what the Falklands are about. Oil is the most important. The Foreign Office tried to give it all to Argentina; treason is policy but it failed that time. Maggie beat them.


Brazil Will Build Nuclear Submarines [ 18 July 2011 ]
Brazil to build nuclear submarines which will dramatically alter balance of power in South America The Brazilian government has started work on a submarine programme which will include the construction of South America's first nuclear subs. The move will boost Brazil's claim to be the strongest force in the region, and strengthen the country's military assertiveness. This new-found power may harm Britain in the event of another flare-up over the Falklands, according to U.S. news agency Global Post, as Brazil thinks the islands should belong to Argentina. The defence plan was announced in 2008, and will eventually involve the construction of five new submarines. Each will cost around $565 million.......

Government officials claim that the subs will be used to protect the country's offshore oil reserves, and the exploration platforms which are intended to expand those reserves. However, Brazil is an outspoken advocate of Argentina's right to claim the Falkland Islands - or Las Malvinas, as they are known in South America.
This happens as Cameron is weakening our forces. He would claim that he is not a traitor. By their fruits shall Ye know them.


Britain To Upgrade Falkland Defences [ 8 December 2011 ]
STANLEY, Falkland Islands, Nov. 16 (UPI) -- British-ruled Falkland Islands' defenses will receive a multimillion-dollar uplift following the award of contracts from London to a company refurbishing several outposts of the U.K. military in the South Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

Every British military move in Falklands has drawn ire from Argentina, which has ratcheted up an international campaign to dispute Britain's sovereignty over the islands. Argentina and Britain went to war over the islands in 1982 after an Argentine force, backed by the country's dictators at the time, invaded the territories.

Argentina's takeover bid was foiled by Britain, but the resulting conflict caused about 1,000 deaths among civilians and military personnel. Despite a formal Argentine surrender after retreat from the Falklands, Buenos Aires revived claims over the Falklands, now vigorously orchestrated by Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner..........

The Falklands are currently used by British forces for combat training before deployment in the Middle East and Afghanistan [ The climate is ideal of course - Editor ].
Peron decided to take over the Falklands as a publicity stunt, to stop the peasants criticizing his foul ups. They still want them. Sabre rattling is likely to be as far as it goes. Their first invasion was a war crime - see Casus Belli for the legal justifications. Oil is an important reason. The Grauniad is full of treasonous intent - see  The Falklands can no longer remain as Britain's expensive nuisance
PS The Argentinean Army is rubbish. Navy ditto. Their air force is better.


Falkland Islands Marine Protection Zone Annoys Argies [ 8 December 2011 ]
British plans for the largest marine protection zone in the world close to the Falkland Islands have been drafted, in a move likely to trigger a backlash from Argentina.
Done deliberately? A wind up? Last time Foreign Office policy was to let them have it. That is how they caused the Argentinean invasion.


Falklands Oilfields Could Yield $176 Billion - Argies Want It [ 17 February 2012 ]
A study to be handed to the UK Government this week will lay bare the potential riches on offer from drilling in waters within the 200-mile exclusion zone set up during the 1980s Falklands War to mark the boundaries of British territory. A group of UK-listed companies is involved in exploring four major prospects this year, with the largest, Loligo, potentially holding more than 4.7bn barrels of oil. By comparison Catcher, the biggest discovery in the North Sea of the past 11 years, is believed to hold only 300m barrels.

The report by oil and gas analysts at Edison Investment Research predicts that if all four prospects were drilled, the potential tax riches are likely to reach just shy of $180bn........ But he cautioned that the recent political posturing by Argentina could prove a major barrier to securing the vital investment needed to get the prospects to where they are actually producing oil.
This is the oil that the Foreign Office told us was not there when they were trying to get rid of the Falklands. Their treachery cost men's lives, too many. The Parachute Regiment sorted the invaders last time. The Argies would only waste the money. Her Majesty's Government can do that; it will.


2 PARA Man Babbles About Nasty Rough War [ 4 March 2012 ]
A very dirty war: British soldiers shot dead by enemy troops waving the white flag and Argentinean prisoners bayoneted in cold blood. An ex-Para tells of the horrors of the Falklands. The Falklands War was short, sharp and very nasty. The fighting I experienced as a young soldier in the Parachute Regiment was, at times like something out of World War I. We fought at close quarters, clearing trenches of Argentinean troops with bayonets and grenades..........

Two hundred and fifty eight British servicemen paid with their lives for the recapture of the islands, and a further 775 were wounded. Many of the rest of us paid with our peace of mind.

But, with the Argentinean government again rattling sabres, it is important to know that 30 years ago we did the right thing. The islanders are British through and through. Despite what we soldiers had to do and endure, there is no doubt in my mind that wresting back the Falklands from the Argentinean invaders was justified.
A loud mouthed twerp on the make babbles. Argies abused a flag of truce. Men were annoyed. Things happen. War is a rough business. I will not be putting my money his way.
PS One big pay off is the Oil that is down there, lots of it found as the North Sea is running down. Another is that Foreign Office treason failed. See the Falklands for more and better details.


Harold Wilson's Treachery Exposed By Argentina [ 14 March 2012 ]
This the secret document, from Harold Wilson's Labour government, that details Britain's offer to share the Falkland Islands with Argentina in 1974 - Deal agreed with then President Juan Domingo Perón..... This the secret document detailing Britain's offer to share the Falkland Islands with Argentina in 1974. Harold Wilson's Labour government approached President Juan Domingo Perón with a confidential plan for shared rule. But the deal, agreed by the then Argentine leader, was scuppered when he died just 20 days later. Britain was said not to trust his successor, his widow María Estela Martínez, and so cut contact with the South American country.

Non-official: The document shows the offer from Harold Wilson's Labour government to President Perón

Plans: If the deal had gone through, it would have seen Argentine and British flags flying over the islands

Argentine newspaper La Nación today published what it said was a 'non-official document' from the British Foreign Office. It shows that Britain made the offer to then President Perón, whose second wife was the famous Eva, or Evita, on June 11, 1974...........

Tensions between the two countries have heightened with the approaching 30th anniversary of the 1982 Falklands conflict, which cost the lives of 255 British and 649 Argentine servicemen. It started to intensify in 2010, when oil exploration by British companies off the islands raised the stakes.
Peron wanted to take the Falklands as a publicity stunt, to draw attention from his own foul ups at home. The Foreign Office has its own agenda too. British interests are low on it. Now we know the Falklands have lots of Oil. Wars get fought over it as the Iraqis found out the hard way. A lot of people thought Wilson was a traitor. Now it becomes clearer.


Argentina Stealing Oil, Argentina Wants To Steal Falklands Oil [ 18 April 2012 ]
YPF is set to be back in Argentine hands nearly 20 years after privatisation
Amid applause and cheers, Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner put an end to months of speculation when she announced moves to nationalize YPF, the country's biggest oil company. The decision to wrench control from the majority stakeholder, Spanish oil giant Repsol, has provoked howls of protest from Spain but has been broadly welcomed in Argentina.

President Fernandez's announcement reminded many of December 2001, when in the same presidential palace an interim president declared that Argentina was not going to repay its enormous foreign debt. But only weeks later, the cheers and smiles turned to tears as the decision accelerated Argentina's plunge into the worst economic crisis of its history. And for some economic analysts, the decision to put YPF back into state control could bring more woes than real solutions for the country's energy crisis.
The BBC, England's leading homosexual propagandist skates over the idea that Kirchner wants to steal the Falklands which has humungous amounts of oil see -  Falklands Oilfields Could Yield $176 Billion - Argies Want It


Falkland Oil Triple's UK Reserves [ 13 May 2012 ]
Thirty years after Margaret Thatcher fought a 74-day war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands, the prospect of an oil boom is reviving tensions.

Oil explorers are targeting 8.3 billion barrels in the waters around the islands this year, three times the U.K.’s reserves. Borders & Southern Petroleum Plc (BOR) will drill the Stebbing prospect next month, one of three Falkland wells that Morgan Stanley ranks among the world’s top 15 offshore prospects this year. Meanwhile, Rockhopper Exploration Plc (RKH) is seeking $2 billion from a larger oil company to develop the Sea Lion field, the islands’ first economically viable oil find.

“The area is under explored and highly prospective,” said New York-based Morgan Stanley analyst Evan Calio. “These could be like the high-impact wells in Ghana and Brazil a few years ago that opened up a whole host of basins.”

A major drilling success will further raise the political temperature as Argentina maintains its claim over the U.K’s South Atlantic territory, 300 miles (483 kilometres) from the Latin American coast. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said Britain is taking her country’s resources, while Thatcher’s successor David Cameron yesterday accused Argentina of a “colonialist” attitude that didn’t account for islanders’ rights.......

Earlier drilling campaigns show the risk of failure in unproven oil provinces. Shell drilled on the northern side of the islands in the 1990s and found traces of oil before abandoning the prospect in 1998 as crude prices fell to around $10 a barrel. Interest in the region revived as oil prices rose higher than $100 a barrel, though Shell had disposed of its acreage. Desire Petroleum Plc (DES), which has licenses adjacent to Rockhopper’s, drilled six dry wells in a failed campaign that ended in April. Argos Resources Ltd. (ARG), which also holds licenses in the region, decided not to use a rig after Rockhopper because it couldn’t raise enough money.
This is good news of course. The Argies want the action. But behaving like spoiled children will not get them anywhere.


Sabre Rattling Stepping Up [ 6 January 2013 ]
The Sun advertised in an Argentinean comic, in order to annoy locals. This translated into sales. The Argies responded in like. It is all rather silly. Oil is not flowing yet but Foreign Office treason has been blocked.

Falklands Triple England's Oil Reserves - Argies Want It [ 20 January 2013 ]
Oil Grab in Falkland Islands Seen Tripling U.K. Reserves: Energy
Thirty years after Margaret Thatcher fought a 74-day war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands [ Make that thirty years after the Argies invaded - Editor ], the prospect of an oil boom is reviving tensions. Oil explorers are targeting 8.3 billion barrels in the waters around the islands this year, three times the U.K.’s reserves. Borders & Southern Petroleum Plc (BOR) will drill the Stebbing prospect next month, one of three Falkland wells that Morgan Stanley ranks among the world’s top 15 offshore prospects this year. Meanwhile, Rockhopper Exploration Plc (RKH) is seeking $2 billion from a larger oil company to develop the Sea Lion field, the islands’ first economically viable oil find............

A major drilling success will further raise the political temperature as Argentina maintains its claim over the U.K’s South Atlantic territory, 300 miles (483 kilometres) from the Latin American coast. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said Britain is taking her country’s resources, while Thatcher’s successor David Cameron yesterday accused Argentina of a “colonialist” attitude that didn’t account for islanders’ rights.
The Foreign Office tried to give them away, what with being pinko poofters. The Argies are wasters on the make - see e.g. Argentine economic crisis. Running an invasion while defaulting on their debts is useful. It distracts the peasant masses from the truth; that they are being screwed. As the Roman said: Bread and circuses.


Argentina Talks The Talk About The Falklands [ 7 February 2013 ]
Argentina will wrest control of the Falkland Islands within 20 years, according the country’s foreign minister who used a meeting with MPs on Tuesday to compare the British claim to Israel’s occupation of the West bank.

Hector Timerman stated that Argentina would not take military action but that Britain would be forced to compromise soon and “not one single country” supported its right to govern the islands, known in Argentina as the Malvinas. “I don’t think it will take another 20 years. I think that the world is going through a process of understanding more and more that this is a colonial issue, an issue of colonialism,” he said. “We don’t support the occupation of foreign lands, and the Malvinas case is the occupation of a foreign land.”......

A Foreign Office spokesman rejected Mr. Timerman’s criticisms as unfounded. She said: “The people of the Falklands are British. They remain free to choose their own futures, both politically and economically, and have a right to self-determination as enshrined in the UN Charter. This is a fundamental human right for all peoples.
The Telegraph is polite enough not to point out that Timerman is a Jew who knows a lot about colonialism, especially in the Stolen Land, the one Jews call Israel. He would get very mouthy if the Foreign Office explained that Nazis are nicer than Jews. Timerman is a fan of dictatorship when it happens in Argentina.


"True Blue" <garybaggers@googlemail.com> wrote in message
Having lived there for a bare 5 months, I'm hardly qualified to give an in-depth analysis, but I travelled all around the islands, thanks to my job in the army. I loved the place, but I was not in what I would term "organic" employment - my situation was somewhat artificial. Many people hated it and just drank themselves into stasis. It depends on your nature. I loved walking miles with a fishing rod and coming back at 5pm tired but happy, with a 7lb seatrout.

I would say that employment is extremely limited. Sheep farming is the staple industry with oil explorers being an up-and-coming employer.

The people are friendly, once you gain their trust. They are sensitive to being seen as "backward" - whilst I was there, a general noticed was circulated, to the effect that no serviceman was to refer to the islanders as "Bennies", (of Crossroads fame). They were henceforth known as "Stills" i.e....."he's still a Benny".

Personally, I loved the "backwardness", because I interpreted their nature as being like ours, but minus the cynicism. There was an innocence and trust that you felt was at danger of being infected by people used to seeing much more of the world than they. At the same time, they know the minutiae of each others' lives. The folk who live in remote areas love visitors as they provide a change to the company they normally have.

I was there in the Summer, but the Winter can be truly savage. I left in May, just as Winter was getting started. An RAF bloke was out running in a place where there was no cover whatsoever, when a hailstorm broke. Poor guy had to be flown home, his injuries were that bad.

The island's remoteness also meant there was a different economic value system - a bottle of Scotch could be exchanged for two pints of cows milk, if you knew (and were lucky enough to be passing) someone with a cow. Things might have changed now, though - it was 1986 when I was there.

Each to their own, but as I say, I loved it.


Argentina Wants Falklands Disarmed And Vulnerable [ 30 October 2014 ]
So does the Foreign Office. That is why the Argies invaded. Men died as a result. The FCO betrayed it once. They would do it again in a heartbeat. Giving away the Oil was madness or treason.


Argentina May Buy Better Fighters To Attack Falklands [ 10 March 2015 ]
The Falkland Islands - a UK overseas territory Argentina lays claim to - have been allegedly reviewing their defenses after news Russia may offer Argentina fighter jets. Moscow could swap them for beef and wheat, UK's Daily Express says in its report.

The deal reportedly involves a lease/lend of twelve Sukhoi Su-24 all-weather attack aircraft, which NATO calls "Fencer A". The jets will be able to do air patrols over the Falklands' capital, Port Stanley. According to the tabloid, Ministry of Defense officials fear Buenos Aires will take delivery of the planes well before the 2020 deployment of the Navy’s 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and its F-35B fighters, leaving a “real window of vulnerability.”

Up to 1,500 troops, backed by a naval warship that visits throughout the year, are permanently based on the Falklands, along with four RAF Typhoon jets, plus anti-aircraft and artillery batteries.
Having a prime minister who is a Traitor intent on running our forces down while importing hostile aliens en masse is bad news. The Argentinian air force was the only part of the invaders that performed well in the Falklands.


Argies Threatening Falklands Again  [ 24 March 2015 ]
Michael Fallon, the defence secretary, will announce plans to bolster the Falkland Islands garrison amid fears of a renewed threat from Argentina..........

Military analysts have previously argued that without an aircraft carrier, Harrier jump jets or the ability to deploy a task force, the islands could be seen as an easy target for Argentina.
The Falklands have Oil, which is the big money reason why Argentina wants it & even why the Foreign Office wants to get rid of it. Maggie beat them but men died as a result of FO treason. It looks as though the Tories are going to pretend they will protect it - at least until the election in May.
PS Argentina May Buy Better Fighters To Attack Falklands
PPS Argentina's Forces Far Stronger Than Ours


Argentina May Buy Eighteen Israeli Fighters [ 24 March 2015 ]
They would cost $500 million. Using them to attack oil rigs would discourage Oil companies, which is the point.


Argies Threaten Falklands In Desperation Move [ 29 March 2015 ]
The simple truth is that Falkland Islanders just want to be left alone. But that is not likely to happen. Their jealous neighbour covets their tiny farms [ and their Oil ] whilst using the islands as a convenient distraction from Argentina’s many domestic woes. With the news that the Russians are contemplating leasing 12 long range bombers to Argentina, it would appear that the military threat to the Falklands is still very real. So what could and should the UK be doing to reassure the islanders and deter the aggressor?

We first have to analyse what is happening and why. What are the real intentions of the Argentines? A glance at the state of Argentina provides the answer.

The discredited president,  Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, is the subject of a number of criminal allegations. She has been accused of money laundering and tax evasion. Only last week she was cleared by an Argentine appeals court of covering up the alleged involvement of senior Iranian officials in a 1994 bomb attack against a Jewish centre in Buenos Aires.........

It is to distract from the incompetence of her government, that Kirchner frequently wheels out the unjustifiable claim on the Falkland Islands. Despite a 2013 referendum in which the islanders voted to remain a British Overseas Territory – 1,513 to 3, with a turnout of more than 90 per cent, Kirchner dismisses them as squatters. Ironically, they have been there far longer than her own family have been “squatting”, to use her term, in southern America. Her grandparents were born in Spain and Germany.

So what would the addition of the Russian aircraft mean to the Argentine military? In my opinion, their impact would be negligible. The aircraft in question – Sukhoi SU 24s (NATO designation ‘FENCER’) – are old ladies with distinctly dated capabilities. They entered service with the Soviet Union in 1974 and were familiar to me when I served in Berlin in 1982. Those nations where they are still in service – for example Iran, Sudan and Kazakhstan – are not major air powers. ..........

Secondly they would have to get past the Royal Navy, the Royal Air force and then survive the Army’s Star Streak missiles.
Colonel Collins is on the ball although he is overstating the case a bit. He does not quite say that the Argentinians are basically southern Europeans i.e. corrupt, idle, incompetent light fingered third raters but that is the message. Their navy is rubbish, army ditto. The air force is not much better it seems although they were effective last time.


Argies Suing For Falkland Oil [ 4 April 2015 ]
One problem for little Miss Kirchner is that she will have to pay the lawyers. Trying to cheat them would be a problem. She also needs to stay out of prison by beating the fraud raps. Argies have a track record of defaulting on their debts but then they are fundamentally south European. There is also the question of justice. An assessment is at Argies Threaten Falklands In Desperation Move.


Argies Tortured Their Men In The Falklands
The horrific scale of the torture of Argentine soldiers at the hands of their 'Nazi-sympathising' officers can be laid bare for the first time. Appalling stories of mock executions, crucifixions, deliberate starvation and rape are contained in graphic testimonies declassified by the Argentine government and seen by MailOnline. Traumatised teenagers conscripted to fight during the ten-week war have long made claims of shocking abuse and humiliation.
Torturing your own men is not just bad practice, it is stupidity, bad tactics. Recall that American conscripts in Viet Nam were prone to frag officers they didn't like. The conscripts might have been ill-equipped rubbish but the special forces were a lot better. There was first class American kit including binoculars with night vision [ Army surplus for £1,000 ].


Comrade Corbyn Betraying The Falklanders [ 18 January 2016 ]
Jeremy Corbyn would have submarines patrolling the world without any nuclear weapons on them as he calls for a “discussion” to create a “reasonable accommodation” over the Falklands The Labour leader has suggested Britain could keep Trident submarines without the nuclear warheads, in a move that will placate the Unions who fear abandoning the nuclear deterrent could lead to significant job losses. Mr Corbyn said that he would never "press the button" to launch nuclear weapons, as he goaded David Cameron by suggesting he didn't think "David Cameron would either." 
Is Comrade Corbyn fool, rogue, ignoramus or some combination? At all events he is going to be about as effective as Michael Foot or Tony Benn. Even the KGB didn't want Benn - he was Far Too Dangerous For Us Says Oleg Gordievsky because “He was an unnecessary simpleton, who told left-wing fairytales and falsified stories,”  Corbyn is being used as a front man for a Marxist take over to be followed by even more Ethnic Fouling In England, purges, Concentration Camps etc. Livingstone did it before with the GLC. Now he is trying an action replay.


Errors & omissions, broken links, cock ups, over-emphasis, malice [ real or imaginary ] or whatever; if you find any I am open to comment.
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