The British National Party or BNP is the leading party of the right. In fact it is the only party of the right except perhaps UKIP. It is hated with a degree of sincerity which proves that they are on the right lines. The Conservatives, BBC, New Labour, Liberals, Homosexuals and  Communist subversives all detest it. They use a malicious outfit called Searchlight as a source of misinformation and propaganda; it tells us about BNP Party Previous Convictions.
PS The party has its very own priest, the Reverend Robert West, a fact which fails to amuse heretics in the Church of England.

BNP Leadership Challenge
The BNP owns several companies paid for with BNP members' cash, yet no branches or groups have EVER profited from these businesses. The legal structure of these companies and some of its hidden directors means branches and groups will NEVER profit from them.
What are those businesses?
Nick Griffin is making his moves. His agenda leaves various people unhappy. This is a pity.


BNP Manifesto
Is rather good.


British National Party Election Results
These have been going from low, under 1% towards double figures, 10% or better. Not enough to win elections yet but moving in the right direction but see European Parliament election, 2009 (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Jewry Builds Bridge with Far Right
Martin Webster tells us that Nick Griffin is flirting with Jews and compromising on essential policy. Immigration is the core issue. It seems that Mr Webster is now persona non grata with the inner management of the BNP.


Judas Goats
Has the BNP been infiltrated? Yes, the BBC is only one  bunch that have done it. Are Secret Squirrel in there? Yes, they have sleepers and spies. It can be done and it will be done while Her Majesty's Government is corrupt and vicious. This book tells us about it being done in America but the lessons are there.


Sean Gabb On The BNP Being Subverted
One of my duties as Director of the Libertarian Alliance is to defend the right to free expression of people whose views I do not share. Just before last Christmas, a journalist called Ian Cobain published a series of articles in The Guardian newspaper, revealing how he had joined the British National Party (BNP) and been made its Central London Organiser. In this capacity, he got hold of the Party’s membership list. His articles were essentially a listing of names of middle class members. Further news reports in the same newspaper and in others detailed the actual and suggested persecution of these members.
Puritans were the same kind of self righteous thugs as the Graun's lot. Witch burning would suit them fine if they thought they could get away with it.


The British National Party And Secret Squirrel
The second consideration is that the BNP has never been a normal political movement. There are excellent reasons to believe it is a creature of the security services. I cannot—or will not —give my reasons. But I have no doubt that most of those prominent within the BNP are controlled by the security services. Its purpose is to attract support that might otherwise go to genuine white nationalist movements—and to neutralise that support by ensuring that advances are never followed through. Its purpose is also to taint whole bodies of analysis and policy so that they can be dismissed by the Establishment without the trouble of a refutation. Thus most discussion of how immigration is changing the demographic profile of this country remains dangerous because anyone who speaks about it too openly will be smeared as a fellow traveller of the BNP. Though without success, a similar tactic has been used against Euroscepticism.
Doctor Gabb is definitely right about them being penetrated and may perfectly well be right about the management being compromised. But if you are living under a corrupt and treasonous government like our current bunch of malicious oafs it is sensible to keep your secrets to yourself. We need to know things that the slaves of the Soviet empire are forgetting. MI5 will use the criminals of Searchlight because it is deniable.


The BNP: the roots of its appeal (full report)
A hostile write up commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust


White Noise: Inside the International Nazi Skinhead Scene
By Nick Lowles and Steve Silver
An excellent and riveting insight into skinhead culture, By A Customer
I first saw this book when studying for my Phd [ sic ] at Harvard into the history of skinhead culture. I found it to be both insightful, and excellently written. It prompted me to subscribe to Searchlight magazine, of whom the authors of White Noise are editors. Searchlight is an anti-fascist magazine that has been established for the last 36 years. I urge you all to buy it, or to look at the website The work that these people do is amazing, writing intelligently with amazing research, in order to combat neo-nazism [ sic ], fascism, and racism. This team has also brought us White Noise, for which I cannot thank them enough. Anyone who wishes to understand Skinhead culture cannot hope to understand it without reference to White Noise. Similarly, those who wish to understand right wing politics cannot hope to grasp the issue until they have read Searchlight. Keep up the good work! 
A Customer might not have felt quite the same if he had known about Searchlight's track record. It is down right nasty. Perhaps that is why the BBC and other lefties like it.


By Nick Lowles
Mr Lowles is with Searchlight a criminal organization that the Establishment find useful.


BNP Defence Policy [ 12 August 2009 ]
British soldiers’ lives are one of the most valuable assets this nation has, and should only be risked in conflicts in which British interests are directly affected.

This simple and logical core belief is paramount to the British National Party’s defence policy, which demands self-sufficiency for our island nation in all aspects. As such, the BNP is committed to withdrawing from the illegal and immoral wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the prosecution for war crimes of all Westminster officials who deliberately tricked this nation into those conflicts which have cost billions and at least 300 British lives.

The people to be prosecuted for war crimes will include the leaders of the parliamentary political parties who supported the war – Labour’s Blair and Brown, the Tory’s Hague, Duncan Smith, Howard and Cameron – and all officials who conspired to prepare the pack of lies which provided the “justification” for the invasion of Iraq....

The BNP’s defence policy is to:-
- Strengthen our conventional forces;
- Retain a genuinely independent nuclear deterrent and produce all our weaponry in Britain;
- Only commit British forces when British national interests are at stake;
- Preserve and restore our historic County Regiments;
- Bring our troops back from Germany and withdraw from NATO, since political developments make both commitments obsolete;
- Close all foreign military bases on British soil;
- Refuse to risk British lives in meddling ‘peacekeeping’ missions in parts of the world where no British interests are at stake;
- Restore national service for our young with the option of civil or military service.

It sounds good to me. There is no mention beheading traitors. Public executions in the Tower of London could be popular television.
PS Did the BBC or other Marxists tell you about this?


BNP Launched Its European Election Manifesto [ 1 June 2009 ]
The manifesto deals with the BNP’s main election pledges, which are as follows:
- We will campaign for Britain to withdraw from the EU.
- BNP MEPs will always vote in the European Parliament in the best interests of Britain and the British people.
- We will seek to expose and oppose EU corruption, incompetence, fraud and waste.
- We will work closely with MEPs from other countries that share our aims and beliefs, in order to be more effective and successful.
- We will maintain the highest standards of probity and integrity. In this regard, all BNP MEP candidates have signed a pledge to donate ten percent of their pre-tax salary to local cultural groups and activities in their regions. This would mean payments to groups celebrating our national saints’ days.
- We should have British control over British borders so as to stop unlimited and uncontrolled immigration and reduce crime and terrorism.
- Britain, not the EU, should decide who lives in this country.
- Anyone not born in Britain who commits a crime here should be deported.
- British citizens should only be extradited where they have committed a genuine offence abroad and there is sufficient evidence against them.
- Our armed forces should be under British control and serve British interests.
- We must keep the Pound and control over our own economy...................
No! This is NOT the Tory manifesto. It is something very much better than Cameron will do.


BNP Runners Are A Shower [ 23 February 2009 ]
One candidate, Nick Eriksen, was sacked this month after the Evening Standard reported that he had described rape as a "myth" and said that "some women are like gongs - they need to be struck regularly". Now further investigations by the Standard show that the far-Right party's 10-strong list of candidates includes:

Chris Forster, a psychic who, according to his website, specialises in the "use of the crystal ball, clairvoyance and mediumship" to "develop opportunities" for businesses and individuals. He promotes himself as "the only qualified internal auditor and accountant working full-time as a psychic".

Roberta Woods, who was recently employed in an important branch of the legal system, despite a conviction for contempt of court. During her attachment to the Legal Services Commission, which distributes legal aid, she complained the legal aid budget was going to too many "aliens".

Lawrence Rustem, a man of mixed race allowed into the BNP because, in the words of one of his fellow candidates, he is "only half a wog".

John Clarke, who was reported to police by a London council after setting up a front address and falsifying his nomination papers to stand in the last borough elections.

Richard Barnbrook, also the BNP's mayoral candidate, who directed a gay porn film, HMS Discovery.

However, revelations about its candidates' backgrounds will undoubtedly damage the BNP's cause. Gerry Gable, publisher of the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, said: "If it wasn't so serious, it would be absolutely hilarious. The candidate list includes lawbreakers, cranks and failed business people and is thus wholly representative of the BNP nationally." 
Andrew Gilligan writes. His input is from Gerry Gable, Jew, thief, liar and propagandist. Mr Gilligan does not mention these details.


The Guardian does a hatchet job on a Ballerina [ 5 January 2007 ]
Cobain’s article depicts the BNP members as negatively as possible. However, the only statements which the journalist was able to extract from Simone Clarke in his seven months at the helm of the London BNP were her comment that she believes immigration “has really got out of hand” and her remark “If everyone who thinks like I do joined [the BNP], it would really make a difference.”
A man will march further and fight better for hate than he will for love. Our self righteous little Trot heard nothing in seven months though I doubt not that he tried to incite it. The Graun got some quotes from some haters of their own to make a fuss and get her sacked. Christian gentlemen they are not.


Inside the secret world of the BNP [ 21 December 2006 ]
The BNP got penetrated by another bunch of communist subversives. The BBC's operation resulted in ill founded prosecutions. Notice that lefties do not spy on homosexuals or paedophiles. They don't have to because they already know them but there is no way they are going to grass on their little mates.

The BNP encrypt important data and use other techniques which would be familiar to anyone who operated in enemy territory. Special Branch and MI5 have sleepers, tap their phones and so on. See also The Guardian journalist who became central London organizer for the BNP


Tenancy Agreement           Home Office Joint Tenancy Agreement [ 21 December 2006]
Asylum seekers from far away places come here and get the dole. They also get government accommodation FOR FREE and it is far better than any that Englishmen get. It includes a free phone line,  free gas and free electricity. While this is happening Brits are waiting years for council houses. The tenancy agreement is a Home Office issue and CLASSIFIED SECRET. That is a gross abuse of power. Not one of the thousands of elected apparatchiks has gone public on this one. They have betrayed England just like the Home Office. Or get the source documents from BNP-Asylum - it is in .zip format.


The BNP Is A Dead End  

On 9 Feb, 16:37, alpy <> wrote:
> On Feb 9, 11:59�pm, "Ariadne" <> wrote:
> >
> > The writer of this is still spouting the Protocols.
> why is the daily mail featuring BNP propaganda?

To create an illusion of democracy by talking up a tiny party
infiltrated by the secret police so people can believe it has a
prospect of taking power and thus offers a genuine alternative for
voters. When in reality the BNP is a money making entertainments club
with a few dozen powerless councillors and a leadership doing very
nicely out of it. Supporting Israel allows the Mail to say it's

A political safety valve! .


- Show quoted text -

The idea is that the BNP should get enough minor powerless elected
officials and media attention to give the impression of an imminent
'breakthrough' or pretend 'breakthrough' which never really arrives.

The state fears not the BNP but banning it since the illusion of
democracy would then evaporate.

That won't be necessary. The flattery of people in the BNP by giving
them the impression they are real players will be enough to avoid
people questioning the fact that it's a small outfit inreasingly run
to avoid trouble with the state not to challenge it. It's neutered. If
it were not the press would be taking a different line.

I think that you give the establishment far too much credit. They are
certainly worried about the rise of the BNP - and well they might be. BNP
support could snowball in the very near future. I think that the BNP
nowadays is a very different outfit  to the one that you were involved with.
What Ed Balls is up to, is nothing more than crude propagandising - part of
the process of demonising the BNP, and planting the message firmly in the
mind of the 'bewildered masses' that decent people don't vote for
'extremist' parties. It has worked well for them up to now, but has they
have no credibility whatsoever these days it may not work for them this


BNP Manifesto
The BNP's manifesto has been given a major news black out by the BBC and other communist front organisations but it is rather good. In fact that is why it has been blacked out.

BNP Launched Its European Election Manifesto [ 1 June 2009 ]
The manifesto deals with the BNP’s main election pledges, which are as follows:
- We will campaign for Britain to withdraw from the EU.
- BNP MEPs will always vote in the European Parliament in the best interests of Britain and the British people.
- We will seek to expose and oppose EU corruption, incompetence, fraud and waste.
- We will work closely with MEPs from other countries that share our aims and beliefs, in order to be more effective and successful.
- We will maintain the highest standards of probity and integrity. In this regard, all BNP MEP candidates have signed a pledge to donate ten percent of their pre-tax salary to local cultural groups and activities in their regions. This would mean payments to groups celebrating our national saints’ days.
- We should have British control over British borders so as to stop unlimited and uncontrolled immigration and reduce crime and terrorism.
- Britain, not the EU, should decide who lives in this country.
- Anyone not born in Britain who commits a crime here should be deported.
- British citizens should only be extradited where they have committed a genuine offence abroad and there is sufficient evidence against them.
- Our armed forces should be under British control and serve British interests.
- We must keep the Pound and control over our own economy...................
No! This is NOT the Tory manifesto. It is something very much better than Cameron will do.


Solidarity – The Union for British Workers ex Wiki 
The BNP has started its own trade union, one which does not specialize in one trade however. Is it for you? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.
PS The Wiki almost sounds fair; it isn't of course. Look for words like claim, state, allege. They don't turn up when the Wiki is telling us about the joys homosexuality.



Eddy Butler
Is making a leadership challenge. This has annoyed Nick Griffin.


This comes from a very hostile source. Searchlight is run by Jews and criminals.

The real BNP: Overview of the BNP, Key personalities, Party ...

Overview of the BNP, Key personalities, Party structure and BNP front groups

Key personalities

Nick GriffinNick Griffin

the BNP chairman with his one-eye firmly on a seat in the European Parliament lurches from disaster to disaster. Griffin seems to believe that the publication on the Internet of the entire BNP membership was "good publicity" rather than the unmitigated disaster it was for the personal security and employment prospects of party members.

Simon DarbySimon Darby

loyal deputy chairman with so little to do that he is also BNP press officer, West Midlands organiser, regional training organiser and personal assistant to Richard Barnbrook, the BNP Greater London Assembly member.

Mark CollettMark Collett

described by Griffin as “pig ignorant” is still the BNP director of publicity despite the party claiming he had been demoted as a sop to internal pressure following the December 2007 split.

John WalkerJohn Walker

was the national treasurer, widely seen as incompetent by members. Walker who failed to deliver the BNP’s 2006 accounts to the Electoral Commission due in July 2007, landing the party with a fine of at least £1,000 has recently been pushed aside in favour of Jenny Noble, the Trafalgar Club organiser. Rather than sacked outright he was made Excalibur despatch manager, a position he recently relinquished.

Dave HannamDave Hannam

deputy treasurer described by close colleague as “crassly incompetent” he, like Collett was temporarily demoted in 2008 but is now back in his previous position. He continues to run Great White Records.

John BeanJohn Bean

aging editor of Identity, with a far-right record stretching back to Oswald Mosley’s Union Movement. Fawned over by Griffin.

Martin Wingfield

editor of Voice of Freedom, the BNP tabloid.

Tina Wingfield

membership secretary and former National Front directorate member.

Arthur KempArthur Kemp

former apartheid intelligent agent now running Griffin’s indoctrination programme for “Voting Members”. Author of white supremacist tome "March of the Titans" which is required reading on the far right.

Mike Howson

South West regional organiser and head of the Young BNP organisation.

Martin ReynoldsMartin Reynolds

BNP security chief and Griffin’s personal minder despite embarrassingly graphic photos of him engaged in sexual activity appearing on the internet.

Richard BarnbrookRichard Barnbrook

Barking and Dagenham BNP councillor and hapless BNP GLA representative since May 2008. He has struggled to make any impact whatsoever since his election.

Michaela MackenzieMichaela Mackenzie

nominating officer, at odds with personnel officer Robert Baggs over accusations that she is a Searchlight informer.

Robert BaggsRobert Baggs

personnel officer who, having rejected Mackenzie’s amorous advances, now alleges she is a Searchlight spy.

Chris BeverleyChris Beverley

Leeds BNP councillor, has close links to the nazi NPD in Germany. He was once in charge of the BNP’s Excalibur merchandising arm.

Simon Bennett

the slavishly devoted BNP webmaster who has effected a slick overhaul of the BNP's on-line presence.

Eddy ButlerEddy Butler

elections officer who, although once a powerful figure in the “modernising” faction of the BNP, is an increasingly marginalised voice in the party.

Bob BaileyBob Bailey

the energetic London BNP organiser with an anger management problem.

Lee BarnesLee Barnes

the BNP "Legal Eagle" caught out by anti-fascist bloggers for anti-Semitic plagiarism. Even his prejudice isn't original...

HOPE not hate is Searchlight's campaign to counter racism and fascism in elections and beyond. Over the past few years the British National Party has seriously contested council elections all over the country but still only has 57 councillors. The two BNP MEPs elected in June 2009 have brought the party financial benefit in the form of their salaries and staffing and expenses allowances, as well as an opportunity for Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, further to develop his links with other European fascist parties and strut around on an international stage. However without the HOPE not hate campaign, the BNP would undoubtedly have had more MEPs and many more local councillors elected. Now the BNP is threatening to gain a majority on Barking and Dagenham council, in east London, and Griffin is trying to become MP for Barking. The party is also faced with defending 30 of its council seats in 2010, which gives anti-fascists an opportunity to oust them. At Searchlight we want to make sure that people know the full story about who the BNP are and what they really stand for.
The HOPE not hate website aims to do just that, serving the anti-fascist movement and providing up to date news, good practice and analysis.

HOPE not hate/Searchlight PO Box 1576, Ilford IG5 0NG | Telephone 020 7681 8660 | Email



BNP Party Previous

Searchlight tells its story. Searchlight has its very own track record of burglary, buggery, arson etc. as well as malicious lies, left wing propaganda and Libel.

BNP Party Previous
The BNP claims to be the party of law and order but its ranks are full of people with serious criminal records.

Here are some of the most recent cases where BNP members have been convicted. To learn about BNP members' more serious crimes, visit the terrorist links.

Ian Hindle Andrew Wells November 2008 Ian Hindle (left) | details |
Jailed for three years for having sex with a child

November 2008 Andrew Wells (right)
Jailed for two years and three months after admitting engaging in sexual activity with a child and engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child.

October 2008 Lockart Kneen | details |
Fined £150 and £115 after being found guilty of two counts of racially and religiously aggravated harrassment [ sic ] for affixing anti-Islamic stickers to packages he sent out in the mail. He ran an operation selling BNP magazines on the Internet and sent out packages with stickers that read "no more mosques."

October 2008 Martin Glasgow | details |
Chesterfield BNP fundholder Martin Glasgow is jailed for 12 months for a racist assault against an Asian man in June 2006.

October 2008 Anthony Weeks | details |
Darlington BNP member Anthony Weeks is given a ten month jail sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to pay £600 in compensation to his victim and order to do 80 hours community service after admitting racially aggravated assault against an Egyptian customer at his place of work, a local cash and carry. After telling his victim that he was a member of the BNP Weeks then shouted "All you foreigners should not be in my country" before punching him. He was spared jail after his victim spoke up for him. The judge stated that "but for Mr Noaman's intervention, you would have gone immediately to prison."

November 2007 Andrew Kendall | details |
BNP supporter Andrew Kendall was given an 18 month conditional discharge and fined £200 for putting up a racially-offensive and threatening poster which showed three black men, the words read "Illegal immigrant murder scum" and contact details for the British National Party.

October 2007 Shaun Jones | details |
Welsh BNP supporter Shaun Jones is given a six month community order for threatening polling booth staff on 4 May 2007 with a stick after being told he was not registered to vote. He ignored advice from staff who gave him a phone number to call to register and instead continued shouting and swearing at them until he was arrested. He was also made to pay £150 costs.

August 2007 Dominic Bugler | details |
Bugler, the BNP candidate for Pelsall ward, Walsall, in the May 2007 elections is arrested and remanded in custody for the possession of an imitation firearm. He is later handed a two-year ASBO earned because he 'caused misery for residents through his violent and drunken behaviour' and which bans him from parts of Pelsall. The Aldridge and Brownhills Housing Trust won an eviction order against him too but he avoided this by moving of his own accord to a new address. Bugler also appeared in court charge with threatening behaviour towards his wife in late August and agreed to be bound over to keep the peace for 12 months for a sum of £200.

Robert BennettJune 2007 Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett, the convicted gang rapist who oversaw the BNP leafletting campaign in Oldham in 2002, is arrested for his part in a assault on his next door neighbour which began when they ask his son David to leave a BBQ after he began using racist language. David attacked his neighbour after refusing to leave . He returned with his father and the pair subsequently attacked both the male and female neighbour. Robert Bennett who admitted affray was sentenced to 150 hours community service and £250 compensation whilst his son, who also pleaded guilty, was sentenced to 250 hours community service and ordered to pay £500 compensation.

May 2007 Jamie Sedgewick | details |
Jamie Sedgewick, a BNP member from Morden is found guilty of screaming racist abuse at an Asian police officer as he was arrested whilst breaking up a fight at the Hideaway Bar, Kingston Road, in March 2006.

March 2007 David Copeland | details |
The Appeal Court increases David Copeland's sentence to a minimum of 50 years. The London nail bomber, who had been an active member of the BNP, had originally been sentenced to a minimum term of 30 years for the three bombs he set off in 1999 which killed three people and injured 139 others.

John LaidlawFebruary 2007 John Laidlaw | details |
John Laidlaw is sentenced to life after going on a shooting spree in north London in May 2006. He shot Abu Kamara in Upper Street before accidentally shooting Emma Sheridan at Finsbury Park Tube station, as he aimed at a second man. Laidlaw had a string of previous convictions starting at the age of 14. They included property damage, public order offences and 16 counts of theft and possession of knives. He also carried out seven armed street muggings and had been in and out of jail several times. In October 2004 he attacked a black motorist, hurling racist abuse at him. A police report written after Laidlaw was arrested for the attack said he behaved violently in front of officers and was "foaming at the mouth". "In the presence and hearing of the black female gaoler the defendant made racist comments and remarks, stating he was a member of the BNP and that he hated all black people," the document says. He also said he was going to "kill all black people". He was convicted of racially aggravated actual bodily harm and using racist language.

Robert CottageFebruary 2007 Robert Cottage | details |
Robert Cottage, a BNP member and former council election candidate, pleads guilty to possessing explosives. He denies, however, as does his co-defendant David Jackson, conspiracy to cause an explosion. The jury are unable to agree a verdict. A retrial will take place in July.

David EnderbyJanuary 2007 David Enderby | details |
David Enderby, a BNP councillor in Redditch, is found guilty of assault on three members of his estranged wife's family. He is fined £100 for each assault and ordered to pay £100 costs. His wife later told the local newspaper that he had a history of domestic violence.

Mark BulmanJanuary 2007 Mark Bulman | details |
Mark Bulman was jailed for five years for setting fire to Swindon's Broad Street mosque. He used a BNP leaflet as a fuse for his petrol bomb.

Richard MulhallDecember 2006 Richard Mulhall | details |
Richard Mulhall, the BNP's council group leader in Calderdale, was sentenced to do 200 hours of unpaid work on four counts of benefit fraud. Branding him "thoroughly dishonest", Recorder Felicity Davies said he only escaped jail because relevant legislation was not yet in force when he committed the offences. He was also ordered to pay £2,000 costs and to repay £603.18 in jobseekers' allowance. He had already repaid the housing benefit and council tax benefit. A jury had found him guilty in October of falsely claiming a total of £3,002.95 in benefits by concealing the fact that his partner was working.

November 2006 Darren Francis
BNP member Darren Francis is given a five-year restraining order after being found guilty of harassing Sally Keeble, the MP for Northampton North.

Robert McGlynnSeptember 2006 Robert McGlynn | details |
Robert McGlynn, a Swansea BNP activist, is fined £200 plus £200 costs for shouting racist abuse at an Asian woman. He was convicted on evidence from a passer-by. He later loses his appeal against conviction and is ordered to pay a further £140 in costs.

Allen BoyceJuly 2006 Allen Boyce
The former National Front Remembrance Day parade bugler Allen Boyce, 73, now a BNP supporter, receives a two-year suspended sentence for giving bomb-making instructions to Terry Collins, a BNP member, who was sentenced to five years in 2005 for conducting a racist hate campaign against the Asian community in Eastbourne.

May 2006 Angela Clarke
A former BNP councillor Angela Clarke is fined £200 for resisting arrest during a fracas.

Kevin HughesMay 2006 Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes, who acted as election agent for the BNP Redditch councillor David Enderby in May 2006, is sentenced to 30 months in prison for assaulting an Iraqi asylum seeker. The sentence is later reduced to two years on appeal.

March 2006 Luke Smith
A former BNP Burnley councillor Luke Smith is imprisoned for 11 months for violent disorder, and a further six months for other violent offences. He is also banned from football matches for six years. Smith was expelled from the BNP in 2003 following an assault on a BNP organiser.

February 2006 Stephen Bailey
Stephen Bailey, a Lincoln BNP activist, is convicted of 35 charges of criminal damage and 19 of arson. He set fire to sheds, litter bins and a car and is believed to have vandalised more than 80 cars by slashing tyres and damaging bodywork. Bailey was arrested after police seized computer equipment and documents from his home.

November 2005 Roderick Rowley
Roderick Rowley, a former BNP candidate in Coventry, is imprisoned for 15 months after admitting 14 charges of making, distributing or possessing obscene images of children. He is also ordered to register as a sex offender for ten years.

Karl HansonMay 2005 Karl Hanson
Karl Hanson is fined £400 for possessing heroin and crack cocaine. News of his arrest broke a few days before the May 2005 local elections in which he was a BNP candidate in Huddersfield.

April 2005 John Cope
John Cope, a Cheshunt BNP member and election candidate, is fined £750 and ordered to pay £104 costs for harassing an anti-racist campaigner.

March 2005 Terry Collins
Terry Collins, a BNP member, is sentenced to five years in prison for a year-long campaign of terror against Asian families in Eastbourne. He claims the BNP "brainwashed" him. Collins, a former Territorial Army soldier, admitted charges of arson, racially aggravated harassment and criminal damage. He also admitted the possession of bullets found in his home and asked for 11 further offences of racially aggravated criminal damage to be taken into account.
This is a list of ALLEGED previous from Searchlight which has its very own previous.



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