Casevac is short for casualty evacuation and to be fair, in Afghanistan it is about as good as it is ever going to get. The Americans use Blackhawks which are fairly small. The Brits use Chinooks with air cover from Apaches.

The Chinook carries eight men and four medics plus stretchers for the casualties. The Apache gives the fire power that means aggravation is going to get sorted out. The men do all round defence while the bodies are being picked up. The Apache nose gun is slaved to the infrared which works day and night especially when things get cooler.

If you want to know more look at  Casualty States Iraq especially page 13, lucky for some.

Firefight While Waiting For Medevac
Casevac is not always easy. Natives are irritable, interfering, armed and dangerous. This is not to say they are wrong about invaders.


From Casualty Evacuation
Sergeant O’Neill, a combat engineer with the US Marines at Kandahar Airfield. It looks like shrapnel and survivable. Hopefully he has not been blinded.


Here he is again.


Another one comes in out of the khuds.


It is done with pictures.




The Blackhawk really does not have much room. It has still got the nose radar dome and what could be a .50 cal Browning; reassuring but it is parasitic weight unless there is no air cover.


They do like badges.


About to go on a beautiful dawn.


Pedros - The American Medics In Afghanistan
Michael Yon, ex-American special forces goes out with the Pedroes and tells it like it is. He can use a camera well.

They fly armed. They fly for real.


Treason - £255 Million To Afghans But No Proper Compensation For British Soldiers [ 1 August 2009 ]
The Government’s increased foreign aid grant to Afghanistan last week of £255 million has taken on an even more bitter significance with the court case which began yesterday in which the state is trying to reduce compensation paid to wounded British soldiers. The legal case, currently being heard in the Court of Appeal, sees Labour’s Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth launching an attempt to reduce compensation payments to wounded British soldiers.

If successful, the case will not only see future compensation to British soldiers wounded in Afghanistan reduced, but also paybacks demanded from British soldiers who have already received what the Government regards as ‘too much.’...........

An RAF civilian was awarded £484,000 for a repetitive strain injury in her wrist, while a Royal Marine who lost both legs and his right arm was paid £285,000.
Watch the bankers walk away with millions and politicians with their snouts in the trough up to the armpits. Screwing Englishmen comes naturally to Marxist swine.


Someone has a problems, serious problems. Wish him luck because he needs it. The medics do have the kit.

From Afghanistan1.pps


The same man? He made it through the first hour.
From Michael Yon. Source unknown. Three(?) fresh dead, two American. They are not going to need Casevac.