Crime and Blacks

Crime In England
Not all criminals are black. Not all blacks are criminals; some are mad. Are the main stream media in the business of telling the truth about them? If you think they are, it is time to think again or just have a glance at the mug shots. It is not an all black line up. There are Indians, Pakistanis and Chinamen at it too. Rioting is another black specialist subject no matter what the Main Stream Media want you to believe.

Hal Turner gives us an analysis for 12 December 2006 - he is giving us an American view and it is very similar. The American government were so thrilled by Mr Turner's revelations that they put him in prison.

Murder In America
Most [ 53% ] are carried out by blacks.

Tell me again how "We're all equal?"

Blacks Rob Teen of $2 at gunpoint in NJ Click Here
Texas hunts blacks in 4 home invasion armed robberies Click Here
Maryland Strong-Arm Robberies Click Here
Wisconsin Seeks Black for Two Armed Robberies Click Here
Pennsylvania Seeks Black for Home Invasion Click Here
North Carolina Seeks Black Burglars Click Here
Tennessee Seeks armed Black Home Invaders Click Here
New York City Police seek multiple Blacks for:
Firing 20 shots through homes in Brooklyn;
Bludgeoning a man to death on the street;
Shooting of four people in two incidents just minutes apart:
Holding-up a Senior citizen at gunpoint;
Using stolen credit cards to buy $1400 in goods;
Arrested a Black teacher for possession of "large amounts" of cocaine, heroin and marijuana;
Breaking into a liquor store through the wall of another store;
Arrested a black for multiple armed robberies;
Killing one and injuring another in a street shooting;
Click Here for ALL these stories

Delaware Police seek Black for Armed Robbery Click Here
Iowa Police seek Black for Knifepoint ATM Robberies Click Here
San Diego Police seek Blacks in shooting Click Here
North Carolina Police seek Black for:
First-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, first-degree burglary and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Click Here
Mississippi Police seek Blacks in car-jacking / shooting of 83 year old Click Here
Philadelphia Police seek Black in multiple robberies sex assaults Click Here

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