Murder In America

Most murderers in America, that is 53% are carried out by blacks, according to Dean Weingarten writing European Versus American Murder.

He gives the latest FBI statistics (for 2010) as his source. The FBI are the  criminals who perpetrated the Ruby Ridge Massacre. They did the Waco Massacre too. They are vicious, dangerous government apparatchiks who pander to corrupt racist politicians like Clinton. This means they have an interest in perverting the truth to make blacks look good. None the less they tell us that most murderers are black, with Hispanics taking a strong second place with 27%. In the alternative Mr. Weingarten is lying or the FBI statistics are corrupt. Some from the Guardian throws light on the ghettoes; they are the  Murder Hot Spots. Crime is not all black but they are the most common perpetrators.

Evidence follows:-

Murder Hot Spots

America's Five Most Dangerous Cities
Detroit only makes number two. The winner is Flint, Michigan.
St. Louis
New Haven
Memphis, Tennessee


Is rather like Detroit but not quite so far down the line to total ruin. It is where three quarters of the murders are carried out by blacks.


Is in America. Detroit is where politics turned black, then nasty. The mayor is a convicted criminal. Then there is Devils Night when the locals display their true nature while the Main Steam Media shows theirs by censoring the evidence of evil.


New York
New York is famous, interesting, exciting, stimulating, rich, important, influential and sometimes, fatal, for blacks in particular. Notice that it does not even make the top Ten Most Dangerous Cities - see