Cromwell as Communist Subversive

Oliver Cromwell took over from the Stuarts. He took to  power like a duck to orange sauce. An interest in money was part of it and when Jews offered money he was open to it. The quid pro quo was letting them back into England to take our wealth from us.

Resettlement of the Jews in England ex Wiki
Cromwell saw commercial advantage in directing trade to London rather than Amsterdam so he connived with various traders from Amsterdam and that meant Jews, in particular  Menasseh Ben Israel. By the same token the Jews saw advantages to operating in London.

Lawyers didn't mind them but church men and merchants did not want them. Cromwell did. Permission was informally granted around 1655 AD to come over provided they did not make themselves a nuisance. They then started worming their way in and gaining influence. Some crypto-Jews pretended to be Spanish but had to declare themselves when we went to war with Spain.

King Charles II came back and was  not against them because they helped him. That was why they helped him. Two such were  Mendes da Costa and Augustine Coronel-Chacon. The merchants of London objected but failed to get rid of them.

King  William III came to England from Holland in 1689 and did not stop Jewish merchants being taxed as aliens even though he had had a loan of 2,000,000 gulden [ Dutch guilders ]  from Antonio Lopez Suasso. His arrival helped to make London rather than Amsterdam the predominant centre of European finance. All of the major Jewish financiers had their men in London. This means  Mendez da Costas, Abudientes, Salvadors, Lopezes, Fonsecas, and Seixas.

In 1745 the Jews backed the right horse, to wit His Majesty's Government which helped. They managed to get into Parliament later. d'Israeli even became Her Majesty's Prime Minister. He converted to Christianity first though. This is a fairly standard procedure for them when it is convenient. They can stop pretending later when circumstances change.

Antonio Fernandez Carvajal tells us that Jews spied for Cromwell as well as being money lenders.
Carvajal, besides advancing money to Parliament on cochineal, had been of service to Cromwell in obtaining information as to the Royalists' doings in Holland (1656). One of his servants, Somers, alias Butler, and also a relative, Alonzo di Fonseca Meza, acted as intelligencers for Cromwell in Holland, and reported about Royalist levies, finances, and spies, and the relations between Charles II and Spain.

It was to Carvajal that Cromwell gave the assurance of the right of Jews to remain in England. Under the date of February 4, 1657, Burton, in his diary, states:
"The Jews, those able and general intelligencers whose intercourse with the Continent Cromwell had before turned to profitable account, he now conciliated by a seasonable benefaction to their principal agent [Carvajal] resident in England."


Oliver Cromwell Pandered To Jews ex Wiki
As Lord Protector, Cromwell was aware of the contribution the Jewish community made to the economic success of Holland, now England's leading commercial rival. It was this—allied to Cromwell's tolerance of the right to private worship of those who fell outside evangelical Puritanism—that led to his encouraging Jews to return to England in 1657, over 350 years after their banishment by Edward I, in the hope that they would help speed up the recovery of the country after the disruption of the Civil Wars.
The Wikipedia is in propaganda mode again. It happens when the agenda cuts in.


Kevin McDonald's review tells us en passant that Englishmen paid King Edward I the huge sum of £116,346 in return for expelling two thousand Jews in 1290. His quoted source is  Mundill 1998, 249ff. - see England's Jewish Solution: Experiment and Expulsion, 1262-1290 (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life & Thought: Fourth) by Robin R. Mundill ( Hardcover - 13 Sep 1998) at pp 251-2. Parliament vote the King a fifteenth in late July and in October the clergy voted him a tenth. By 1 November the Jews were exiled. Professor Mundill beats  about the bush regarding English enthusiasm for getting rid of them. He gives chapter and verse of the Statute of the  Jewry 1275 [ page 291 et seq ]  which tells us quite plainly that the Jews were screwing Englishmen by usury. He also quotes someone as saying that the Jewish Exchequer was an Engine of Extortion [ page 7 ]. Someone was convinced even though Professor Mundill is determined not to be. His PhD thesis demonstrates his bias - see RobinMundillPhDThesis.pdf


Jews and Normans

William, the Duke of Normandy invaded England and won at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD. His objective obviously was the power and the wealth that went with it. He brought a large force over with him and they also saw the point of invading. They got their pay off on a scale of importance. Land fairly easily won was easy to give away. His interest lay in milking it for all it was worth.

He also brought the Jews over. It may be that they came a bit later. Certain it is that the  Domesday Book was produced. It was finished in 1086 AD and a census which helped him to rob us more efficiently. In its day it qualified as high technology. It was in fact good technology and it still exists. You can see it in the Public Record Office at Kew.

They were with us as parasites until they were expelled in 1290 AD.

It may be that the Jews suggested invading England. It may be that they financed his invasion. This is speculation. It is entirely reasonable to believe that he brought them over to rob us and that they may have suggested the Domesday Book as a working tool. They would have seen the uses of coin rather than kind [ goods ] for financial transactions.

 Because they enjoyed the King's favour and because they were far more financially sophisticated than Englishmen in a day when reading was rare and arithmetic an arcane art cheating high born and low born was easy.

They were, by law, permitted to charge a very high rate of interest for their loans. Twopence per £1 per week -- i.e., 40 per cent to 50 per cent per annum -- was quite common. [5] And Abrahams tells us that "loans were freely contracted which accumulated at 50 per cent". [6] They were allowed to claim redress if molested, hold lands in pledge until redeemed, probably excused all customs, tolls, etc., [7] and permitted to buy anything except Church property. They had the right to be tried by their peers and, what was most extraordinary, a Jew’s oath was held to be valid against that of twelve Christians.
UNQUOTE ex The Jews in England Part III

Englishmen were unsophisticated but they still understood when they had been robbed and they knew who had robbed them. Jews were hated. Jews made themselves hated.

The Jews in England
By Anthony Ludovici  tells us that:-
There is, however, no doubt whatsoever that William I was responsible for the influx of a large crowd of Jews into England. They came from Rouen, and the fact that he no doubt granted them extraordinary privileges, which were more or less extended to them by every monarch of the Norman and Plantagenet lines up to the time of Edward I, is most significant. It indicates the explanation of a phenomenon otherwise inexplicable -- namely, that the crowned head of the land could have held under his protecting wing for over two centuries a community of foreigners who exploited the people often quite intolerably, and who never pretended to have another qualification for their sojourn in the country than precisely this function of exploiting the people.

The Wikipedia in the History of the Jews in England (1066-1200) confirms Mr Ludovici's basic point. The Jews robbed us blind. People were not amused and by the Thirteenth Century toleration was running out.

Holy Mother  Church did not like having Jews in England either so they did nothing to help them. In fact the Church was indebted to them too which gave reason to sympathize with their other victims. In 1290 AD Englishmen paid King Edward I the enormous sum of  £116,346 in return for expelling two thousand Jews. It is still a useful sum but inflation has taken major toll. Multiply by at least 1,000 to appreciate the value. See Kevin MacDonald on the point. He is quoting from  England's Jewish Solution : Experiment and Expulsion, 1262-1290 (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: Fourth Series) (Paperback)
by Robin R. Mundill
PS Professor Mundill's doctoral thesis on the point is at RobinMundillPhDThesis.pdf


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