Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity is an aspect of the Culture War being waged by the BBC and other communist Subversives who hate England. It follows on from the Long March Through The Institutions, the Marxist Takeover Of The Ruling Classes. The objective is Cultural Genocide throughout Christendom.

Cultural Diversity
(iv) “Cultural Diversity”
In reality, of course, when the term “cultural diversity” is employed at the present time it usually means the imposition of a very specific and rather un-diverse ideological viewpoint known as “political correctness”, an evil axis of anti-liberal, anti-white racist, anti-Western, anti-Enlightenment and collectivist values and coercive social engineering. With the decline of old style Marxism and Socialism this form of illiberal doctrine has gained a growing and hegemonic role throughout much of academia, charities and civil organizations, churches, social and welfare services, most political parties, and government and the civil service. As an ideology it promotes the power and privileges of a hegemonic class, especially “knowledge-workers” and the intelligentsia. It stigmatizes and demonizes any dissenting opinion, seeks to censor and silence it, and manipulates information in order to balkanize society into alleged “victim” groups who provide tribalistic bases for the exercise of political power – and the extraction of economic profit – by that class.
Sean Gabb, director of the Libertarian Alliance  goes for the testicles again. This was addressed to standard setting at the BBC. It is Ethnic Fouling


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