Subversion is the undermining of a society; its destruction from within. Breaking the Church of England is an example. Controlling the police is another. Then there are the Civil Service, Education, Big Business, Law, Parliament, the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force,   the Crown and the family. The Family is the most important institution and it has long been under attack. Holy Mother Church told us that it was under threat in the 1950s. I didn't see a problem but they were right. How many families have a father and mother that are married to each other, a house, a job and someone at home to bring the children up? It was utterly normal when I was a boy. It is far less common now. Blame the Feminists. It was their deliberate agenda to cause break ups. Blame financial pressures too. House prices have always got scope to rise. Interest rates can be manipulated to cause poverty, bankruptcy and misery. Ask who controls the finances and see who controls our lives.

The Media is one major weapon that is used pushing its agenda in virtually every home in the land. This divides into  two parts, the news and entertainment. News reporting can be factual and grossly misleading due to the selection of which reports to run; it is ruthlessly selective. Lawrence, a black was killed; Englishmen were accused. Then  there was saturation coverage from the media telling us about racism. If Englishmen are murdered by blacks they are ignored or forgotten quickly. Do more blacks commit rapes than Englishmen? Yes, lots. Would you guess it from the news? No.

Entertainment is used to promote the desired life style. Do you want Homosexuality pushed in your home by the BBC? Do you want to see blacks portrayed as intelligent, sensitive, caring, superior human beings? Do you believe that they are? It depends on whether you have met many. Do you want obscenities on television with children watching? Do you want them on television at all? Do you want your children and teens listening to music full of  obscenities,  inciting fornication? It is  out there. The men pushing it are making a profit and perverting our culture. Is it accidental? They are too clever for accidents of that sort. It is Cultural Marxism, Cultural Genocide in action.

Controlling the language is another. Homosexuals are now called gays. Xenophobia is now called racism if Englishmen are accused. Blacks get a pass. See Words As Propaganda Tools on the point.

Then there is the ruthless enforcement of the party line. It usually stops short of murder and torture, I think but there is no compunction about dismissal from government controlled jobs. This is enough to discourage all but the most determined. All of these attacks are being promoted by Antonio Gramsci's followers. Most are Useful Idiots. Some are vicious. Not all of the puppet masters are Jews but they are heavily over represented. Here are some of the tools being used against us.

Rules for Radicals
Is an approach to inciting the huddled peasant masses - or those who can be led to believe they are victims. It is another offering from a malicious Jew, one  Saul Alinsky.


Communist Infiltration
On this occasion Melanie Phillips, a Jew throws aside the veil and reveals some of the truth but not all. She can be very good on the damage that the flood of Immigrants that is washing over England but she keeps her mouth firmly shut about the perpetrators, to wit her very own people, the Jews and the damage they are doing. Ditto for the fact that it is deliberate Subversion..... A simultaneous article in The Spectator tells us about Labour Party contacts with the USSR and their treasonous inclinations. See Labour And Treason........ It is all part of the Marxist Takeover Of The Ruling Classes and Her Majesty's Government Solid confirmation comes from Reaching Through The Iron Curtain
Rather a good one.


Fifth Column
Is the traitors within the gates. They are the Enemy Within.


Is used to make women believe they are victims and cause discontent. It works all too well. Just look at the divorce figures to see.


Hate Crimes
Are a political invention and a tool used by communist subversives to destroy England and civilization generally.


It is another attack on morals, Christian standards and Western civilization. The Church of England is being torn apart by them. Holy Mother Church is being destroyed by Paedophiles who infiltrated it. Antonio Gramsci's plan is working well.


Identity Politics
People are not individuals; they are blacks, women or such like. As a result they are victims of the awful white man. That is the line being taken by communist subversives which mainly means Jews.


A few foreigners seem fairly harmless. They might even be good for the country but when it gets to a be a flood of hundreds of thousands then millions it is a disaster and it is being inflicted on us deliberately by traitors who control Her Majesty's Government


Immigration To America
Immigration, that is Third World immigration is being used by Jews to destroy America.


In bed with Islamists
Jews manipulate people, Jews manipulate Islamics. Jews cause more evil than Adolf ever achieved.


Flooding England with thousands of Islamic trouble makers is a way of destroying civilization. That is the objective and it is working throughout the West.


Islam Infiltrates Australia
Saudi is using lots of money to buy its way into Australian universities. The academics have their tongues hanging out for a few million.


The Jena Six Hate Squad
Inciting blacks to hate and murder is easy for Jewish subversives. They used the Very Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King  in America and Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Here is something about their further work in the South.


Jews Subverting Civilization
Are Jews enemies of civilization? YES! Are they trying to destroy Western Civilization? YES! You want evidence? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Judas Goats
Has the BNP been infiltrated? Yes. Have other political movements been spied and sabotaged? Yes Are Secret Squirrel in there? Yes, they have sleepers and spies. It can be done and it will be done while governments are corrupt and vicious. This book tells us about it being done in America but the lessons are there.


Permanent Revolution
Permanent revolution is a term within Marxist theory, established in usage by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels by at least 1850 but which has since become most closely associated with Leon Trotsky. The use of the term by different theorists is not identical. Marx used it to describe the strategy of a revolutionary class to continue to pursue its class interests independently and without compromise, despite overtures for political alliances, and despite the political dominance of opposing sections of society.

Trotsky put forward his conception of 'permanent revolution' as an explanation of how socialist revolutions could occur in societies that had not achieved advanced capitalism. Part of his theory is the impossibility of 'socialism in one country' - a view also held by Marx, but not integrated into his conception of permanent revolution. "images/'s theory also argues, first, that the bourgeoisie in late-developing capitalist countries are incapable of developing the productive forces in such a manner as to achieve the sort of advanced capitalism which will fully develop an industrial proletariat. Second, that the proletariat can and must, therefore, seize social, economic and political power, leading an alliance with the peasantry.

The term has also been used to describe Thomas Jefferson's endorsement of periodic rebellion as "medicine necessary for the sound health of government".
Could this be what Her Majesty's Government is inflicting on us with malice aforethought? It certainly could. Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition can be depended on for the malice and the cunning too. Jefferson's endorsement is an acceptance that corrupt abuse of power is normal. He was right.


Political Subversion 
England is under attack from within. Here is something on the guilty.


Plan For Racial Strife Revealed
Henry Makow puts a case. It has a denial from the Wiki. I am checking.


Is used to make lots of money and degrade people's tastes by showing unpleasant sexual practices and perversions. Libertarians would argue contra on the latter point. The producers are largely Jews driven by greed and malice.


Progress - South Africa Shows The Way
Progress is wonderful, isn't it? A lot of what is being sold to us is bad news - if it even makes it into the news fed to us by the propaganda machine which is the main stream media. Some one tells the truth. It isn't pretty.


The Stephen Lawrence Job
Lawrence was a black alleged to have been killed by Englishmen. The left made a routine murder into a major propaganda weapon.


Subversion Defined Again
Subversion refers to an attempt to overthrow structures of authority. The term has taken over from sedition Sedition.. covert conduct such as speech and organization that is deemed by the legal authority as tending toward insurrection against the established order.... Subversive activity is the lending of aid, comfort, and moral support to individuals, groups, or organizations that advocate the overthrow of incumbent governments by force and violence. All wilful acts that are intended to be detrimental to the best interests of the government and that do not fall into the categories of treason
Subversion in England is not merely an attempt. It is an accomplished fact as Blair, Brown, Straw Miliband, Hodge and others could tell us.


Here are some of the guilty.


What subversion will achieve.


Western Guilt
Is part of the psychological warfare being waged against us. See What Will Work for more and better details.


KGB Subversion Lives On or How To Brainwash A Nation [  27 March 2010 ]
This amazing interview was done back in 1985 with a former KGB agent who was trained in subversion techniques. He explains the 4 basic steps to socially engineering entire generations into thinking and behaving the way those in power want them to. It's shocking because our nation has been transformed in the exact same way, and followed the exact same steps. Please join the campaign to end this insanity at The Kick Them All Out Project
The Berlin Wall came down in 1989 and we thought communism was finished. Its subversion systems live on driven by Lenin's Useful Idiots. Universities are full of them. So are the BBC, the main stream media generally, law, church, Big Business and naturally Her Majesty's Government. It is the Long March Through The Institutions to destroy civilization by Cultural Genocide. The Invisible Enemy is coming out of the woodwork. It is no longer hiding its ugly face.
Their approach goes like this:-
1. Demoralization - 20 - 50 years
2. Destabilization - 2 to 5 years
3. Crisis, the tanks roll in - maybe 6 weeks
4. Normalization - the takeover which lasts indefinitely
Does the Beeb bother to tell us about the takeover? They are part of it. They tell us about the evil of Racism while being anti-English racists themselves. It is an excuse for being anti-patriotic and traitors.


Christmas lights 'too Christian for a grant'  [ 7 November 2005 ]
Post Marxists have won. Antonio Gramsci has won. Fools  are pushing his agenda because it is fashionable. Rogues are doing the same because of malice and class hatred. Destroying Western civilization will hurt them too, even if they live in Hampstead or Golders Green.


Full Marx for George  [ 5 November 2005 ]
Bush isn't a communist; he is just run by them. We thought that we had beaten them when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. Boy, were we wrong. Look round the White House, Congress and Senate. See the Zionists, Israelis and subversives. How many of them are not? Very few. A man with a cheerful past is easy to control. Blackmail is not the word to use in polite company. Greed is a very effective tool to. Clinton knows about these things too.


Informers will be planted at training college [ 23 October 2003 ]
Sir John Stevens, commissioner of the Metropolitan police, said his force intends to plant informers in its classrooms to root out racist recruits. If he were going to investigate crime among his own you might think that it was a good thing. The spies will get life time immunity. He is doing it to enforce the political agenda of Marxist radicals who have taken over Her Majesty's Government.
Stevens is a man under the control of the Marxists. He probably wants the little sinecures that will come his way after he retires, if he plays ball and he definitely wants his job and the power that goes with it.
This has a strong resemblance to Stalin's system of thought police in the nastiest days of the USSR. The propagandists will claim that racism is worse than crime. They are doing it as part of the  agenda of destroying England.


Academic strife: the American University in the slough of despond
Universities are about bringing on a new generation of the intellectually gifted; future leaders, researchers etc. aren't they? If only. They are a maelstrom of malice and political agendas. Tom Sharpe would have had fun with them. His satire was too gentle or English universities were nicer.


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