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The Establishment is the people that run the country, that is England and various outliers. The fact that they are betraying us is a tragedy. They have lost their confidence in themselves and us. They have swallowed the lies being peddled by Jews who infiltrated the  Main Stream Media, the Education  industry, the seminaries, the Church of England, Politics, business, in fact all the sources of power. The Long March Through The Institutions has been a brilliant success for the enemy. Who are the Establishment? Some of them were invited to the Wedding of Prince William Kate Middleton. The Wiki  gives a few some of the 1,900.

Brit Panders To Jews - Kemp is with Joint Intelligence Committee and COBRA
One of Britain's top military commanders said Sunday that Israel was instrumental in forming the British forces' doctrine on suicide bombings in Afghanistan. Speaking at the UK Zionist Federation's annual dinner on Sunday night in central London, Colonel Richard Kemp, a former commander of British forces in Afghanistan and infantry battalion commanding officer, said that Britain had no stronger ally than Israel and the IDF. "I was a professional soldier for 30 years in the British army and it was my honor and privilege to work alongside the IDF on a number of occasions during that time," he said. "I found in my time that the British forces and British government had no stronger ally than Israel and the IDF.".......

"Israeli forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare," Kemp told the UN Human Rights Council last year.
Kemp was a colonel and his face fits. Is that why he panders to Jews or vice versa? He has sworn loyalty to Her Majesty. Snivelling to murderous thugs does not sit well with his oath. See Richard Kemp ex Wiki


British Establishment Is Deeply Corrupt [ 21 April 2014 ]
Russia Today
 tells us a little bit about the evil that is The Establishment in England. Private Eye feeds us 40 pages of corruption every fortnight.


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