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Fred Reed is a man who has done things and writes what he wants about [ almost ] whatever he wants. Here are his links. At least some of them are among my favourites. However he does get criticized because he will not name the Jew. See what Katana has to say at Fred Reed Does Not Name The Jew. It is one reason why he has access to the Main Stream Media.
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From Courtship to Courtroom: What Divorce Law Is Doing To Marriage
by Jed Abraham
If you are male, and thinking about getting married, this book is the wisest fifteen bucks you will ever spend. The divorce courts rape men consistently and deliberately. You may think you know about this. I'll wager that you don't. Find out just what they can do to you. The most you can lose is fifteen bucks. You may save several hundred thousand and your children. (Jed, whom I know slightly, is a divorce lawyer of enormous experience.)

Against Marriage
Covers the same ground.


Race, Sex, Things Incorrect

La Griffe du Leon
Has fascinating statistical analyses of things you aren't supposed to analyze, such as measured intelligence in relation to sex and race. La Griffe du Leon is a pseudonym, probably because he is an academic in fear of being lynched. This presupposes that a mob of professors can tie a knot. Griffe is unmistakably a first-rate statistician. He also writes graceful English, and so can't be a statistician, first-rate or otherwise. Maybe he's a pair of fraternal twins. Anyway, well worth reading.
PS A heavyweight mathematician disagrees with La Griffe's maths big time - see Griffe du Lion on the point.


The Myths That Divide Us
by John Perazzo
A book about race relations, crime, and racial hucksters. It isn't pretty. My friends usually come away from it in a state of mild shock. The title is deceptively touch-feely, probably because his publisher forced the issue. I spent six years as a police reporter, and can testify that whenever Perazzo writes about things I know about, which is usually, he is deadly accurate. No ranting, just cold reporting. Take with Valium.


Steve Sailer
Odd but intelligent site with thoughtful and incorrect analysis of, well, lots of things. It takes a little poking around, but repays the effort.

My mail often assumes that all American blacks are thoughtless followers of Jesse Jackson. Lashawn Barber might suggest rather more intellectual, hmmm, diversity. Will Powell, with whom I occasionally attach ribs when in Washington, also doesn't fit the Jacksonian mold.


Really Important Stuff

Great Comic Book Covers More Comic Book Covers Even More
(Hey, I'm an American. Gimme break.)

Honky Tonk Confidential
Is my favorite country bar band as well as proof that at least somebody in Washington can do something worthwhile. I prefer the album Honky Tonk Confidential, though Your Trailer or Mine? is good. They write their own songs, and they are good at it. Very good at it, actually.

Expatriation and MexConnect are useful for people who think they might like to check out the expat community around Lake Chapala, Mexico, an hour south of Guadalajara. Bear in mind that these sites often have commercial aims, such as selling overpriced real estate, and that they chiefly involve moneyed expats who have little real contact with Mexico. They can still be of use. The US Consulate in Guadalajara is useful, but remember that the State Department is highly politicized and frightened of everything. Mexico isn't dangerous. For any who would like a competent guide to the area of Lake Chapala, to see what they think of it, I recommend Ron Langley's Mexican Central Expats. For legal info on a variety of topics pertaining to immigration to Mexico, try Adriana Perez Flores, my attorney here.


If you aren't enthusiastic about the war in Iraq, or just want to balance your sources, is a good read.

For those interested in Asia, which we are all going to be interested in before too many years pass, Asia Times is one I like.

For kind of techy daily coverage of the world of computers, The Register is fun. Characterized by a sense of humor and occasional lapses into English grammar.

Simply nuts is J. Orlin Grabbe . Make of it what you will. I refuse responsibility. I read it daily.

Lew Rockwell is a good site for libertarians.


Despite my reputation for misogyny, based entirely on North American feminists (the other several billion women are fine with me), I dislike porn sites because they make women look like such slatterns and doxies. DOMAI, which I think stands for Dirty Old Men's Association International, isn't that at all. The girls, though naked as jaybirds, are pretty and likeable. Works for me.

This is a complete listing of Fred's articles apart from the police listing up to December 2009
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141 Hant Explains Space Aliens
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138 Cannibalism In The Ivy League
137 Outlawing Childhood
136 Nuking New York
135 Women In Combat
134 Queer Studies At Hahvud
133 Airline Security: We Aren't Serious
132 Posing In The Pluke Bucket
131 Whither The Military?
130 Violence And Plastic Soldiers
129 Approximating Democracy
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127 The Attitudes Of Blacks
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124 Managing Us
123 The Plague Of Self-Esteem
122 A Conspiracy For Fred
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120 Sex Finally Explained
119 Reading About Afghanistan
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117 Why White Men Prefer Asian Women
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114 Hant On Policy. If Any.
113 Terrorism: Where Are We Going?
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113 Training Neutered Poodles
112 The Great California Custom-Mower Craze
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110 Hant Explains Democracy
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87 The Further Decline Of The Military
86 Surveillance In Digital Times
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83 Martin Luther King
82 The Canoe As Camel
81 Terror On The Playground
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78 Dodgeball And Violence
77 How Star Trek Turns Your Brains To Grits
76 Slavery, And Why It's My Fault
75 The Few, The Proud, The Slightly Loony
74 Pondering The National Farce
73 Rats, Dumps, And America
72 The Academic Encouragement Of Squalor For Other people
71 Mowgli And The Digital World Economy
70 Bossy And Aerodynamics
69 Sour Reflections On The New America
68 War, Reality, And Ditz-Bunnies
67 Pottifying The Navy
66 Movies For Giraffes
65 Why You Should Stay Out Of The Military
64 Keeping Sanchez In His Place
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62 The Decline Of Manners, And A Cure
61 Interracial Dating
60 Vaporizing Nearly Everywhere
59 The Schools Vs. Boys
58 The Brave New Web
57 Too Many Therapists
56 The Road To Racial Catastrophe
55 A President Crafted by Microsoft
54 Ruining Kids Downtown
53 Divorce: A Lawyer's View
52 Beer And Possums In The Autumn
51 The Barbarians Within The Gates
50 Darwin Elucidated
49 Letter From A Dead Racist
48 Gelded Men And Sexless Women
47 Miracles, If Any
46 The Press, Lemmings, And White Wine
45 David Duke As Black Leader
44 Harassing General Claudia
43 Blacks And The Confederate Flag
42 Multiculturalism: The Continuing Tantrum
41 In Search Of The Wino Vote
40 Lying About Women In The Military
39 Reparations For Blacks: Why?
38 The Loss Of Freedom In An Age Of Comfort
37 Divorce: A Male Perspective
36 Feminists As Mutant Frumps
35 The Universities As Sandbox
34 Blacks And Opportunity
33 Godzilla, Mothra, And Other American Art
32 Men, Women, and Mathematics
31 The Time I Wasn't In Playboy
30 Gun Control: Gimme A Break
29 Marry Virtually Anything
28 Should Voting Be A Felony?
27 Illegitimacy As An Urban Hobby
26 Americana: On The Road In 1969
25 The Gummint's Watching, Sort Of
24 Geeks, Dweebs, and Grief Therapy
23 The World Wide Web As Journalistic Apocalypse
22 Pistons, Teen-agers, and Ultimate Meaning
21 Swedenborg Comes To Matamoscas
20 Are White Males Gods?
19 The Hispanification of America
18 Bat Cagle Comes To Washington
17 The Virtues of Bars
16 Women In The Military II: Letters
15 Racial Profiling, If Any, And The Cops
14 The Marine Corps As Psychotherapy
13 Journalism As A Character Defect
12 Against Marriage (Think About A Collie)
11 Americana: Elvis Seen In UFO
10 Let's Fondle Boy Scouts!
9 Women In the Infantry
8 Why Is John Kennedy Special?
7 The Black Underclass: What now?
6 Gender Wars
5 Elegance in a Biker Bar
4 Affirmative Action
3 A Codpiece For Clinton
2 Blacks and Intelligence
1 Feminist Tarantulas


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