Haredi means the ultra-orthodox Jew with a strange hat, black coat who lives in a ghetto. The Wiki takes a position on Haredi Judaism. It seems that they object to Zionism & the establishment of Israel. It is certainly true that they keen on Paedophile abuses; on Raping Children In Bathhouses. That is as well as thieving, mainly by way of fraud.


Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses [ 12 January 2014 ]
In Ritual Bathhouses of the Jewish Orthodoxy, Children Are Systematically Abused
Around half of the boys in Brooklyn's nest of Jews have been buggered says Nuchem Rosenberg, a rabbi. Normally they get away with it because of Mesirah, which is what the Mafia call Omerta, their code of silence.


Racist Jew Objects To Human Rights For Palestinians  [ 16 February 2014 ]
Zionist crazies
stole Palestine by treachery. They hold it by terror. Ethnic Cleansing is policy although they would prefer Genocide. This is gross Racism but then Racism is a Marxist construct. It only applies to civilized peoples. Jews invented it as an attack on our weakness; a feeling for the underdog. We are prone to Western Guilt.


Jews Use Flogging, Forced Marriage & Sex Abuse By Paedophile Fathers [ 17 February 2014 ]
The perpetrators are Jews in Ontario.


Jews & Mega Thief Tried To Beat Bernie Madoff  [ 21 February 2014 ]
He admits stealing $50 million but had around 20 times more. Madoff was the world record thief, Bernie got away with it that long because Bernie was Jew just like his peculiar friends in Finance. They kept their mouths shut, which is why Bernie was able to steal $50 BILLION. Johnny Come Lately had a long way to go.

Jews Tried Selling Weaponry To Iran AGAIN  [ 21 February 2014 ]
The Zionist crazies running Israel want America to attack Iran for them. These chancers want to make money out of the situation. Jews will be Jews.

Rabbi Calls For Holy War Against Israel [ 21 February 2014 ]
Ultra-orthodox Jews don't want to be in the Israeli army. It means washing, working, whining about it. They like being parasites, living on other people's money. They are real Jews.


Rabbi Robbed Charity, Threatened Witnesses, Offered Bribes & Tried To Pervert The Course Of Justice  [ 21 February 2014 ]
Another Jew, another criminal. Are they all bent?

The  perpetrator suspect