Inflation happens when the value of money goes down. It usually means that governments are printing more of it. This is an easy way to steal goods and services while making honest folk poorer. Modern, sophisticated governments are cunning enough to do this fairly gradually while pretending that inflation is an act of nature.

Hyperinflation happens when it gets faster, much faster. It happened in Germany when the Versailles Treaty demanded that they pay for the damage cased during the First World War. The Germans managed the first installment but refused the second. One result was a French invasion.

Adolf solved the  Hyperinflation problem - see Financial Problems Solved, using  Labour Treasury Certificates which bypassed the bankers. He also used trading agreements for foreign goods being imported. Mugabe also achieved hyperinflation in Zimbabwe but naturally, never sorted it out. He has no saving graces except in the eyes and the lies of communist subversives like the BBC. A look at German inflation 1914-1924 is from a collector and factual.

World War I reparations ex Wiki
World War I reparations were a series of payments the German state was forced to make following its defeat during World War I, under Article 231 of the Treaty of Versailles.

The total sum due was decided by an Inter-Allied Reparations Commission. In 1921, this number was officially put at £4,990,000,000. In many ways, the Versailles reparations was a reply to the reparations placed upon France by Germany through the 1871 Treaty of Frankfurt. Signed after the Franco-Prussian War, France took huge loans in order to pay the reparations by 1873, because the Treaty conditions allowed the German Army to occupy France until the war reparations were paid. The Versailles Reparations came in a variety of forms, including coal, steel and agricultural products.

A major historical fallacy is that the reparations were the source of the economic condition in Germany from 1919 to 1939. Germany paid very little of the reparations and the hyper-inflation of the early 1920s was because of the political and economic instability of post-Kaiserreich Germany. In fact, the occupation of the Ruhr by the French because the Germans did not pay the reparations did more damage to the economy than if the Germans had actually paid it. Another fallacy is that these reparations caused the economic condition that saw Hitler's rise to power. Germany was in fact doing remarkably well after its hyper-inflation of 1923, and was once more one of the world's largest economies, until the foreign investment funding the economy was suddenly withdrawn with the Stock Market Crash of 1929.
This article is unsourced so it may not be reliable.

Deutsche Reparationslieferungen.jpg - goods being shipped to the winners.


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