Identity Politics

The term is not much used in England but it can help to clarify political thinking.

Fred Explains An Ugly Reality
It is not just naive Political Correctness; it is malevolent.


Identity Politics ex Wiki
Identity politics is political action to advance the interests of members of a group supposed to be oppressed by virtue of a shared and marginalized identity (such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or neurological wiring). The term has been used principally in United States politics since the 1970s.

This includes Feminism, Race Relations In America and the race relations racket generally.


It was repackaged by Betty Friedan - Jew And Subversive. It was also marketed by Gloria Steinem and other Jews.


It is another attack on morals, Christian standards and Western civilization.


Is a Marxist construct, a working tool used by communist subversives against anyone of patriotic views. In fact the word is an almost exact synonym for Patriotism, suggesting that the accusers are in fact traitors.


Women And Oppression
Oppression is awful, according to some; often the propagandists rather than the victims.


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