Political Correctness

#Political Correctness sounds innocent in its intent. The reality is rather different. It starts with banning words referring to various groups. Cripple is the kind of word that we are invited to drop. Differently abled is clumsy and got sneered at by too many people to survive. Nigger however is a success for them. Call a black a nigger and things can get nasty, especially with communist subversives. But blacks use the word and that is all right according to those very same subversives. A few centuries ago they would have been getting self righteous about Christianity. Now they are atheists inciting Homosexuality, Feminism & Multiculturalism, all of which are Marxist causes being used to destroy Western Civilization using Western Guilt.

Kevin MacDonald, an important professor of psychology explained matters in a video at The Psychological Mechanism of White Dispossession - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWWfPWdbPC8#t=12. His PowerPoint displays are at Sweden-Individualism-desktop.ppt


Political Correctness On The Skids
Is it? Quite possibly but it does not matter to the Lunatic Fringe, They will just move on to attack something else; Save the Muesli or whatever.


The Origins of Political Correctness
Is an excellent explanation of something evil.


 #Political Correctness
The Birdman explains who is promoting it and why. It is a dangerous form of dishonesty.


#Politically Incorrect
The self righteous are politically correct. Others play it for laughs.


Is taboo. We must not mention unless white men are the perpetrators.


Don Imus sacked for using words promoted by the sacker
Referring to a young woman as a nappy headed ho is not particularly elegant. Ho is a mispronunciation of whore used by blacks. The woman in question was black which was the excuse for objecting. CBS, his employer sells what they would call music sung by blacks and consistently foul mouthed. Ho is one word they use as a matter of course. So the Jews who run CBS coarsen public discourse but get self righteous when a white man goes that way. Of course blacks are allowed to do it.
PS This article was written by a Jew.


Politically Incorrect
The Puritans were self righteous bores albeit sound on Homosexuality and other abominations of Satan. They have been followed by the Lunatic Fringe, Trotskyites  and other undesirables who  are Political Correct. Inciting perverts is part of their agenda. Aforesaid Lunatic Fringe are the same sort as the Puritans but with different set of obsessions. They are also front men for Cultural Marxism whether they know it or not.

SS Regalia
Is for fans of Adolf and the Schutzstaffel, his personal protection staff.


The wonderful, caring folk at SS Regalia will be delighted to sell you a pint of their Zyklon B tear gas - useful against criminals and politicians.



Political Correctness

The Birdman explains. If his position sounds extreme he is open to comment. So am I. If it sounds wrong tell him; tell me. But know that abuse is not substantive criticism. It is an admission of error; being wrong, a refusal to look at the realities of a very ugly situation.


Birdman's Weekly Letter #440:
The Nature of Political Correctness

By John 'Birdman' Bryant

Should the present Letter or any future Letter get truncated, you can always read the complete copy on-line at http://www.thebirdman.org/Index/Temp/Temp-BirdmansWeeklyLetter.html provided only that you read it within the week that it is posted.



The Nature of Political Correctness

Political correctness -- hereinafter PC -- is behavior predicated on the theory that truth is less important than hurt feelings. The expression has not always had this meaning: When I first saw it used back in the 80s, it was employed as a tag for all those things to which the political left gave its approval, and it is still used as a variant of this to mean whatever is in accord with orthodoxy. In the present day, however, it has evolved into a concept about racial, ethnic, sexual and similar groups in which the 'correctness' refers to a sort of extreme extension of good manners: It takes the generally-agreed-upon rule that we should not point out ugly truths about people to their face except in special circumstances, and extends this ban to political speech, where it requires that we do not point out ugly truths about (certain) people even tho political discussion seems to require it.

While the adherents of PC see it as a sort of moral imperative, much akin to the refusal to violate personal confidences, the opponents of PC view it as an act of cowardice and a refusal to face facts. Another way to characterize PC is to say that its adherents are kind and gentle liars, while their opponents are ruthless barbarian truth-tellers. From this characterization, then, we can see that both sides have a point, but also a fault: Being nice is important, but so is telling the truth; and finding a proper balance between the two is not always easy.

This, however, is only a superficial analysis of the issue. To explain, one needs to realize that the prime movers of PC are Jews who are using PC to destroy the white race and Western civilization. They are doing this by using Jewish political influence and Jewish media control for the following:

* Transforming the natural racial feeling of whites for their own kind into the bogus sin of 'racism'

* Forcing whites to ignore the inferiority or incompatibility of various other groups, thereby throwing whites' social and economic structure into chaos by such impositions as integration, immigration, affirmative action, miscegenation, feminism, and the like.

* Preventing the truths about group differences to be publicly discussed, thereby denying whites the ability to correct the craziness which PC has generated

* Exploiting the natural goodness of whites to make them feel that PC is a moral imperative.

While the roots of PC extend back to such 19th century equalitarians as negro-cock-lover Frances Wright and the feminist suffragettes of Seneca Falls, PC got its real start as a political movement when the largely-Jewish American communist party decided in the 1920s to use the 'negro question' to cause social chaos by advancing the negro as the equal of whites. Another milestone in the imposition of PC was Gunnar Myrdal's An American Dilemma, a supposedly-scholarly study underwritten by the Jewish Rockefeller family which sickeningly-socialist Myrdal didn't even write, but which reached the foreordained conclusion that the negro was being 'wronged' and American society was 'sick'. As planned, Myrdal's 'study' was seized upon by liberals and fellow travelers as holy gospel, and it was not too many years before they were rewarded by the monster of all PC events, the Supremes' lie-based 1954 Brown decision. Since then, it has been a cake-walk for the advocates of PC, what with virtually every bit of PC nonsense now enacted into law, and a thoroughly-Pavlovian mindset drummed into the sheeple, not only in America, but the remainder of the West as well, which supports and reinforces PC with the fury of liberal born-again self-righteousness.

The means by which PC has asserted itself has been largely if not purely verbal. According to the Wikipedia article on "Political Incorrectness", a major 'reason' -- or at least JUSTIFICATION -- for PC has been the so-called Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, which holds that a language's grammatical categories -- primarily words, apparently -- shape its speakers' ideas and actions. This notion that 'language shapes perception', then, opened the possibility for the PC crowd to reshape the healthy biases of 'racist whites' into a more acceptable leftist/antiracist mold. This, however, is a far cry from the leftist mantra that PC is a moral necessity: It merely demonstrates that PC is an attempted act of mind control. What is ironic, however, is that it doesn't work except in a negative fashion: Not only does a name-change -- for example, from 'black' to the currently-politically-correct awkwardity 'African-American' -- do nothing to dislodge the unpleasantness associated with the group which has cycled thru so many other names -- nigger, darkie, negro, black, Afro-American -- in order to give it a better public image, but people are required to abase themselves in front of the PC altar by altering their language in the case of every new name, and by so doing demonstrate what puttyiferous invertebrates they are.

But for all the spinelessness that whites have displayed in confronting PC, it must be said in their defense that whites have exhibited all the characteristics of what I call the Big Dog syndrome: They feel that, because they are -- supposedly -- the dominant force in the country -- that they are therefore a Big Dog which does not have to notice the little dogs such as the negroes, liberals and other oddments that are continually yapping and snapping at them and their race. That is, it is beneath the dignity of a Big Dog to dispose of a little one -- better to let him bark, because that is all the harm he can do. Unfortunately, however, whites have forgotten Swift's tale of the Lilliputians in Gulliver's Travels, who tied down Gulliver while he was asleep, and only freed him when he agreed to put out the fire that was engulfing their community -- which he did quite readily by pissing on it. Waking up and doing some pissing of our own, I fear, is the only way we whites are going to get ourselves out of the PC mess.

Now as we mentioned earlier, the purpose of the Jewish finger in the PC pie has evidently been to help destroy the white race by giving the negro an equality in law and media image that he could never expect to attain without artificial Jewish props. But this has not been the only Jewish goal; for in creating the PC zeitgeist, the Jew himself is protected from the criticism which he so rightly deserves in creating the destructive swath he has cut across the face of Western civilization. The Jew -- or at least Establishment Jewry -- does not give a fig about negro feelings, as has been amply demonstrated by the vitriolic reaction to uppity negroes like Louis Farrakhan who has called Jews on 'the special relation between blacks and Jews', ie, who has very publicly pointed out that Jews were the principal slavers, and America would probably have had only WHITE slavery had it not been for the rich Jews of Newport Rhode Island who made their fortunes by trading rum for black misery with cooperative African chieftains. The bottom line for PC, then, is Jewish hypocrisy; and no matter how much the Self-Chosen go about peripatetically oy-veying and braying about being nice, PC remains yet another Jewish Big Lie, and just about as far as one can get from a moral imperative.


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