Israeli Organjackers

The earthquake in Haiti was a problem for some and an opportunity for others. So when you look at who went to Haiti in the aftermath it is sensible to ask why. The Jews sent their army medics and put up a very creditable field hospital. They have the kit. They have the need. They have the experience. Of course when they murder and main people in Gaza that is different. Their victims are left to get on with it. There are no medics for them. They are reserved for Jews and propaganda operations like this one in Haiti.

In a disaster zone people get stuck in and do what it takes. At least that is the hope. Of course things are loose with not much oversight so other agendas can be run. Stealing body parts from the weak and the helpless is very possible and very profitable. Can it be done? Yes! Has it been done? Yes! Have Jews done it? Yes! An overview is at Israeli Human Organ Harvesting Scandal.

Are they at it this time? Pass but Mr West of AfriSynergy thinks so. Mr West says so. His background is not well publicized on the Internet. The wonderful people of Yedioth Ahronoth seem rather annoyed by his offerings. See him in action at:-
Israeli Defense Force in Haiti, and Demonizing Jean Wyclef, 1 of 4
Israeli Defense Force in Haiti, and Demonizing Jean Wyclef, 2 of 4
Israeli Defense Force in Haiti, and Demonizing Jean Wyclef, 3 of 4
Israeli Defense Force in Haiti, and Demonizing Jean Wyclef, 4 of 4
To be fair he does not have enough evidence to convict. See for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Mr T West.

It is not necessarily an all Jew crime but it is high tech, it is crime. Jews are big in it.


Yedioth Ahronoth Puts The Boot In
They can't see the funny side of it far less the ugly track record that makes it perfectly plausible.


Israeli Human Organ Harvesting Scandal
The Metapedia looks at the sources.


Israeli Organ Harvesting
Haiti is not the first time by any manner of means.


Jews And Human Organ Trafficking
They can so they do.


Organ Theft
Jonathan Cook, late of the Grauniad is a credible source. He comments here.


Blood Libel
Murdering a boy to steal his blood was never going to make friends. They did it none the less.


Rights Movement: “Israel Harvested Organs From Palestinian Christian In 1988”
Tuesday January 19, 2010 - 08:22
The Popular Movement for the Support of Prisoners and Palestinian Rights showed a video in Gaza City on Monday showing Israeli soldiers executing a Christian Palestinian from Gaza city after kidnapping him in 1988. Full Story


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