Jews And Human Organ Trafficking

Israelis Do Organ Transplants On The Black Market is an article from Judicial-Inc. who can be good on subjects. This article has checkable sources too. Names are named. A similar affair was The Blood Libel, which involved stealing a Christian child and murdering him for his blood.

Amusingly, the Wikipedia's article on the subject tells us that Jewish medical ethics takes a unique approach. It accepts organ donation as a meritorious charitable act, but with two conditions: that the donor be deceased before removal of the organ and that the organ be treated respectfully (and not, for instance, merely discarded if it for some reason becomes unusable). The ethical problem stems from a lack of consensus on the definition of "deceased." Perhaps the  Israeli Surgeon Arrested For Organ Trafficking arranged for the donors to qualify as deceased. An overview is at Israeli Human Organ Harvesting Scandal.

Israeli Organjackers In Haiti
They had the opportunity. They had the wish, the greed, the market. They have the experience of doing it. Why do people think the worst? Because they know the track record of swine like them.

Israeli suspected of organ trafficking Jerusalem Post :- he got away with it last time.

Israeli Organ Agent
SAO PAULO, Brazil (AFP) — A retired Israeli army officer under arrest in Brazil on suspicion of belonging to an international human kidney trafficking ring has told a court the Israeli government financed organ transplants, press reports here said Geldaya Tauber Gady told a court that Israel financed organ transplants in other countries, primarily South Africa, through national health services. Organ transplants are not illegal in Israel. But due to religious objections mainly by ultra-orthodox Jews, there is a critical lack of organ donors in Israel, and patients in need of a transplant are usually obliged to travel abroad. Gady told the court that an Israeli government official, identified only as Ilan, put him in touch with an intermediary in Brazil, retired military police captain Ivan Bonifacio da Silva. The police captain was also arrested in Recife in northeastern Brazil. "The Israeli government is aware of the traffic in organs ...
Slave trading, narcotics, guns, you name it, Jews will sell it legal or not as long as the price is right.


Israeli human organ harvesting scandal - ex Metapedia
was revealed by Swedish freelance journalist Donald Bostrom when he began to investigate United Nations employees concerns that Israeli soldiers snatch Palestinian children in the middle of the night, murder them, and sell their organs. Bostrom ran the story in Aftonbladet, Sweden's leading tabloid newspaper. The translated headline of the article read "They plunder the organs of our sons”.
The Metapedia explains. NB It is not controlled by Jews.


Quote of the Week Archive "... in the late 1990s, Dr Zaki Shapira of Israel  simply moved his illicit practice overseas to Turkey... parallel markets in bodies for sex and bodies for kidneys."


Organ Selling, Organ Theft
Israel is arguably the world's leading procurer of vital organs from other countries, at least for its size... The Jewish Diaspora provides an effective platform to broker organ purchases around the world. The Israeli government helps by paying up to $80,000 each to those visiting other countries to purchase an organ. Brokers openly advertise their services on Israeli radio stations and in newspapers.

This Little Kidney Went To Market - Israel is big in the business.
Though Friedlaender is not directly involved with any of Israel's so-called transplant tourism, he is familiar with a physician who has repeatedly been accused by the Israeli media, including one of the nation's leading daily papers, Ha'aretz, of participating in hundreds of overseas transplants, many of them in Turkey. The surgeon's name is Zaki Shapira. ''Shapira is a mastermind,'' Friedlaender says. ''He's made a big business out of this. I'm revolted by the amount of money he's making, but not by what he's doing. He's helped a lot of patients. A lot of people owe their lives to him.''


Israeli Link In Estonian 'Human Kidneys For Sale Scam' - - this was  back in 1998.


Jews Trading Human Organs In Israel [ 7 April 2010 ]
Police on Tuesday arrested six men suspected of being involved in an organ trafficking ring in northern Israel. Among the suspects are an IDF reserves brigadier-general and two lawyers. The department for fraud and misappropriation in northern Israel has been conducting an undercover investigation which began following a complaint by a 50-year-old woman from Nazareth, who replied to an advertisement in Arabic offering 100,000 dollars for a kidney. The woman underwent medical examinations to ensure a match, and she was then flown a country in Eastern Europe where they extracted her kidney. The woman said that when she returned to Israel, she did not receive the money promised to her. Police say they have since received similar complaints. Police also said that during the investigation they uncovered a large, very well-organized industry of organ trafficking. The ring includes organ traffickers, agents, and lawyers.
They are Jews. They are thieves. If they had not robbed the punters, if they had given honest value they would have gotten away with it. Perhaps they will get away with it. It's not what you know. It's who you know.


Jews Admit Stealing Body Parts From Palestinian Dead [  20 December 2009 ] 
Israel has admitted that in the 1990s, its forensic pathologists harvested organs from dead bodies, including Palestinians, without permission of their families. The issue emerged with publication of an interview with the then-head of Israel's Abu Kabir forensic institute, Dr. Jehuda Hiss. The interview was conducted in 2000 by an American academic, who released it because of a huge controversy last summer over an allegation by a Swedish newspaper that Israel was killing Palestinians in order to harvest their organs. Israel hotly denied the charge. Parts of the interview were broadcast on Israel's Channel 2 TV over the weekend.
Jews and evil. Evil and Jews. They go so well together. Why not lie? It is just as easy as telling the truth.


Jews Abuse Reporter For Telling The Truth About Their Evil [ 1 November 2009 ]
Dozens of right-wing activists on Sunday confronted a Swedish journalist who accused Israeli soldiers of harvesting organs from Palestinians, shouting at him upon his arrival in Israel at Ben Gurion airport......... In his article, which was published in August, Bostrom attempted to tie Jewish criminals who trafficked in organs in New Jersey to Palestinian claims that Israel had removed organs from Palestinians killed by IDF soldiers. Bostrom will be interviewed at the conference on Monday by the anchor of Channel 2's Friday night news show, Yair Lapid.
Tell the truth and get aggravation. To be fair he was asked to go to Palestine, the Stolen Land by Jews. His back ground


Israel Stole Human Body Parts Of More Than 1000 Palestinians [ 26 September 2009 ]
Swedish Journalist, Donald BostrÍm, who published the organ harvest article, accusing Israel of illegal removing the organs of Palestinians killed by the Israel army, stated during a Wednesday evening press conference in Algeria, that Israel illegally harvested body parts of more than 1000 Palestinians....... Bostrom was speaking at an event organized by the National Federation of Algerian Journalists. He stated that Israel started the illegal harvest of organs since 1960, and that the illegal conduct was escalated during the first Palestinian Intifada of 1987. 
Jews are keen on claiming they are not vicious criminals and that they are victims, the Holocaust« being the prime example and a very profitable one at that.


Israeli Organ Harvesting [ 3 September 2009 ]
Just as in a multitude of other cases, Israel is using its considerable, worldwide resources to interfere with the investigative process, notes Alison Weir.
Alison has got them bang to rights. She gives us a decent summary of an ugly track record.


Swedish Article On Organ Harvesting Was Bad Journalism [ 27 August 2009 ]
Swedish article on organ harvesting was cheap and harmful journalism...............
There were cases in which the organs of Palestinians who had been killed were harvested without permission, something the Institute of Forensic Medicine has done to others in Israel, for research purposes. But it's a long way from that to suspicion of trafficking in organs based only on the fact that in 1992 a dead Palestinian was found whose organs had been removed and his body sewn back up................
The Israeli occupation is ugly enough without the contribution of Nordic fairy tales. Its wrongs are abominable even without exaggerations and inventions. We, a small group of Israeli journalists trying to document the occupation, always knew that we must not publish an unfounded report..........

Over the years, the IDF has killed thousands of innocent civilians, among them women and children. The Shin Bet security service has tortured hundreds of people under interrogation, sometimes to death. Israel prevents food and medicine from reaching Gaza. Sick people are extorted by the Shin Bet to become collaborators in return for medical treatment. Thousands of homes in the territories have been demolished for nothing. Dozens of people have been killed by special units when they could have been arrested instead. Thousands of detainees have sat in jail for months or years without trial. Is that not enough to draw a reliable portrait of the occupation? Is that not shocking enough?
Mr Levy is a decent man and good journalist. The truth is a weapon not to be wasted but I am not sympathetic this time. Comparisons with the Nazis are perfectly valid. They irritate the vicious. That is a bonus. I think in this case he is covering up evil rather than telling it like it is


Jews Killed Palestinians For Their Hearts And Livers [ 24 August 2009 ]
The Aftonbladet Swedish newspaper published another report providing further details on the ‘organs harvest’ allegations in which reporter Levy Rosenbaum said that Israeli soldiers shot and killed Palestinian youths to trade their organs. Two of Aftonbladet reporters went to the Amateen town, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, and obtained information from the mother and the brother of Bilal Ghamin, the Palestinian youth who was killed by the Israeli army at 19, during the first Intifada. His mother said that on May 13, 1992, the soldiers airlifted her son to Israel and several days later, his body was sent to them in a black bag.  She added that his teeth were all removed; his body was cut open from throat to abdomen, and was badly sewed. 
Jews in Palestine, the Stolen Land cannot see the funny side of this one. Of course if they gave up on murdering people the accusations would not get made in the first place. Sources are at Jews And Human Organ Trafficking. Follow the money and see what you find at the end of it; a rather ugly truth in this case. More at Organ Failure - Jews Sell Anything If The Price Is Right and Organ Failure - Jews Sell Anything If The Price Is Right


Jews Get Lippy With Sweden [ 22 August 2009 ]
The Israeli Ambassador to Sweden met with Deputy Foreign Minister of the Scandinavian country on Friday, in a bid to solve the developing crisis between the two nations over a recent article by a top Swedish newspaper alleging that Israel Defence Forces soldiers kill Palestinian civilians in order to harvest their organs. During the meeting, Israeli envoy Benny Dagan harshly criticized the Swedish government and called for them to issue a denunciation of the article. Belfrage emphasized Sweden's freedom of speech and how it limits the ability of the government to respond to articles in the media.......

The article claims that as far back as 1992, the IDF had removed organs from Palestinian youths killed in clashes. It also makes a link to an alleged crime syndicate in New Jersey, which includes several members of the American Jewish community, as well as one Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, who faces charges of conspiring to broker the sale of a human kidney for a transplant........ Dagan also expressed his fear that the article could lead to violence against Jews.
Related articles:
Top Sweden newspaper says Jews kill Palestinians for their organs
Jews have no compunction about mass murder or about killing children for laughs. Doing it for body organs make commercial sense. Being totally fair about this one, the Swede has given them free advertising and it all drops through to the bottom line.


Jews Moan About Publicity For Robbing The Dead [ 21 August 2009 ]
Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has rejected Israeli calls for an official condemnation of a recent article by a top Swedish newspaper that alleged that Israel Defence Forces soldiers kill Palestinian civilians in order to harvest their organs. Israel's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman had asked Bildt to print a state rebuttal to the piece, which was published earlier this week in Sweden's top newspaper Aftonbladet. Israel's Ambassador to Sweden Benny Dagan was expected to make a similar request during a meeting Friday with Sweden's Deputy Foreign Minister. Bildt denied the request, however, writing in a blog post late Thursday that he would not condemn the article as "freedom of expression is part of the Swedish constitution.".
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 Swedish daily hits back at critics of IDF organ harvest claims
Top Sweden newspaper says IDF kills Palestinians for their organs
Nazi policy regarding evil was Nacht und Nebel or night and fog. Hiding the truth was the name of the game. Ditto for Lieberman and the Jews' war machine.
PS Lieberman is a criminal waiting to be charged. The prime minister is also trying to beat fraud raps. The last president is trying to beat rape raps. Maybe some of them are not criminals.


Organ Failure - Jews Sell Anything If The Price Is Right [ 1 August 2009 ]
The arrests of rabbis who trafficked body parts uncover more complicated issues.
By Benyamin Cohen

Two state legislators and several rabbis were among more than 40 people arrested yesterday in New JerseyWith the right ingredients of salaciousness and scandal, the news appeared to be straight out of a Hollywood screenplay: corrupt politicians, money laundering, people being arrested by the busload, raids on synagogues, an Apple Jacks cereal box stuffed with $97,000 in cash, and rabbis trafficking organs. Allegedly, one paid $10,000 to an impoverished Israeli for his or her kidney and tried to sell it for upward of $150,000 in the United States. The criminal complaint quotes the rabbi as saying he was in the organ business for a decade. (And in a you-can't-make-this-stuff-up twist, it wasn't even the day's only story on Israelis trafficking human body parts.)

The rabbis' organ trafficking was only one of their many indiscretions. In addition to being against the law, it raises a complex bioethical issue for Jews, one laced in a culture of moral imperatives.
Slaves, narcotics, guns, you name it, they sell it. As long as the price is right they are up for it. If it is illegal the price goes up and it is tax free. That makes two pay offs and they both drop straight through to the bottom line. More and better details at Jews And Human Organ Trafficking Take the point that Mr Cohen is more concerned with obscuring the issue than vice versa. The Scotsman puts a rather more robust view at The Kosher Nostra Is-Trapped At Last

PS See the next one.


Jews Trafficking Human Eggs [ 1 August 2009 ]
Romania busts Israeli human egg-trafficking ring
Two Israeli doctors and three others have been arrested and are being held in detention in Romania over suspicion of trafficking in human eggs. The two Israeli gynaecologists are accused of "human egg-trafficking, involvement in a criminal group, and practicing medicine without a permit," the chief prosecutor of Romania's Organized Crime Department, Codrut Olaru, told AFP on Tuesday......................

Last week about 30 Israelis were arrested in a Romanian fertility clinic for similar offences. The clinic is owned by Israeli father and son Harry and Yair Miron, who remain in detention on the orders of Romania's prosecutors.......... They are suspected of recruiting Romanian women aged between 18 and 30 and paying them 800 to 1,000 leis ($271 to $338) for their eggs, and selling the eggs for 8,000 to 10,000 euros ($11,339-$14,174) to women in need of artificial fertilization, reported the Romanian daily Gardianul. According to the newspaper, the clinic's annual earnings are around 20 million euros ($28.4 million).
A mark up of some 3,200% sounds like a very adequate living to me. Ditto for light fingered Jews on the make.
PS Was this all over Zionist controlled main stream media? Not a chance. We had to rely on those honest little chaps in Iran to discover the truth.

The perpetrators.
PPS In vitro fertilization is a very profitable branch of medicine.


Chief Rabbi Says Jews Must Condemn China's Cruel Practice Of Organ Harvesting But It Is All Right For Jews [ 31 January 2008 ]
( Rabbi David Druckman, the Chief Rabbi of the northern city of Kiryat Motzkin and an outspoken opponent of Land of Israel withdrawals, says Jews must take the lead in condemning China for its murder of prisoners of conscience in order to harvest their organs.

"The atrocity is so great," Rabbi Druckman says on a recently released video, "that there are simply no words to express it.  From a certain standpoint it is even worse than what the Nazis did...  to cut organs from people under the cover of medical help for other people is simply astonishing and shocking from every human vantage point."

"It is especially incumbent upon us as Jews to lead the campaign that expresses total disgust at this phenomenon," Rabbi Druckman says.  "Especially us, the Jewish Nation, that suffered the crimes of the Nazis, may their names be blotted out, and those of the Communists under Stalin - who can stand by and comprehend the world's silence at all this?"

Israeli Petition Against Chinese Cruelty
Three months ago, over 220 Israeli rabbis, academics and politicians signed a petition calling for an end to the atrocities taking place in China.  Among the signatories were 8 Knesset Members (Hendel and Levy from National Union, Melchior and Cabel from Labour, Kachlon of Likud, and Oron, Gal'on and Vilan of Meretz). 
Sound chap in his way. Of course if the Chinese do it Jews will be cut out of the market place. Profits will be less and because it is crime it is all tax free. Is the good rabbi on a percentage?


Israeli Surgeon Arrested For Organ Trafficking  [  Published 05.01.2007 ]
Turkish police on Tuesday arrested an Israeli doctor suspected of being involved in an illegal ring of organ traders operating out of a private hospital in Istanbul.  The man, Professor Zaki Shapira, was arrested in the midst of a gun battle which erupted in the hospital last weekend after four armed men stormed the facility and demanded their money back.  According to Turkish media reports the four men opened fire at the medical staff and police were alerted to the scene, one of the policemen who responded to the call was wounded in the shootout. After the incident police conducted a thorough investigation and found it had been ordered to close down by a court order more than a month earlier due to illegal organ transplants it carried out. The hospital had received numerous similar warnings in the past. Four patients were waiting in the hospital for transplants at the time of the incident.
Who were the organ donors? Pass. Were they volunteers? Pass. How many organs did they donate? Pass. Not many heart donors live to tell the tale but life is cheap in Africa.

Romania Probes Israeli Adoption Agency Link To Organ Trafficking [ 12 December 2001 ]
The Romanian Embassy in Israel has asked for, and received from the Labour and Social Affairs Ministry, a list of all children born in Romania who have been brought to Israel for adoption in recent years. The Romanian officials are trying to ascertain if all such children arrived in Israel with all organs in their bodies...........

As Ha'aretz has reported in the past, some Israeli physicians were involved in illegal kidney transplants and the sale of human eggs in Turkey, Romania, and other countries in East Europe. ....... 

Romanian authorities have taken the highly unusual step in the past year of withholding authorization for the adoption of 16 Romanian babies destined for Israeli parents..... although the Israeli couples have paid $20,000 each to adopt the infants,...........  Parents affiliated with the "Future of the Children" group, based in Rehovot, have also appealed to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon [ the well known mass murderer - Editor ] to help finalize the adoptions of the Romanian children 
This report dates back to 2001.


Europeans paid 2000 Euros ($3450) each [ 15 November 2007 ]


Zoe's Ark case seen hindering U.N. work in Chad [ 13 November 2007 ]
N'DJAMENA (Reuters) - The deputy head of the U.N. refugee agency said on Tuesday a French group's attempt to fly African children to Europe was "disgusting" and had created a climate of suspicion hampering U.N. operations........ Six members of the French organization Zoe's Ark remain in custody in Chad on charges of fraud and abduction after they were detained on October 25 in the eastern town of Abeche trying to transport 103 children to Europe in an operation Chad authorities said was illegal......

The former U.S. diplomat, appointed to his post in April, said the members of Zoe's Ark had duped both the Chadian government and United Nations officials by claiming they were flying sick and destitute orphans from Darfur for foster care in Europe. U.N. officials have subsequently said that almost all of the children were from Chad, had been living with at least one of their parents, and were in good health [ and had a full set of internal organs in good working order presumably - Editor ].
Selling orphans to would be parents can be lucrative. Doing it to steal the hearts and livers would be even more profitable.


The French “humanitarian” charity NGO Zoe’s Ark (L’Arche de Zoé) involved in Chad and Darfur is under investigation by the United Nations, France and Chad for trafficking in black children in the widely under-reported “L'Arche de Zoé affair.”

Having discovered and criticized the affair, the Chadian President Idriss Déby is under attack for alleging “pedophilia” and “organ trafficking” and for arresting seventeen Europeans intercepted at an airport in Chad attempting to depart to France with 103 “Darfur orphans” aged six to ten. Some of the children were bandaged to suggest injuries that did not exist. [ Fraud was the intent presumably - Editor ]

Organ trafficking is the trade in kidneys and other organs—a rampant global trade—that is driven by elite high-paying customers in industrialized nations who can afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a life-saving organ. Children and sometimes adults in poor countries are often trafficked for organ "donations", though most are unwilling donors who do not survive the "donation." ..........

The few Western press articles that have covered this story have been very brief, and several complained that a “mob” of Chadian mothers were protesting, the unstated suggestion being that they were unruly misfits whose outrage and concern about affluent whites with security details child trafficking their children were unfounded. International NGOs like Human Rights Watch were quick to jump all over President Idriss Deby, complaining that Chad routinely uses child soldiers in it's military ranks. The international press overwhelmed the issue of white Europeans trafficking in black children by flooding the market with stories about the hypocrisy of President Idriss Deby.....

The United Nations and other relief organizations initially denied all knowledge of the Zoe’s Ark NGO but the NGO was registered as an international charity with the U.N. Mission in Sudan.

In perfect synchronicity with the "Save Darfur" chorus, the Zoe’s Ark website today ( Zoe's Ark - broken link ) lists 800,000 children “in mortal danger today who must be saved now!”

Responding to the intense international pressure, French President Nicolas Sarkozy flew to Chad and personally secured the release of seven of the seventeen who were arrested. They all flew back to France together on November 11, 2007.
This one stinks of  high level interference. Why would the Jew, Sarkozy do a personal rescue if there had not been a lot at stake for Israel? Ask who owns the main stream media that had very little to say about this one and find that Israel has its fingers deep into a very nasty pie.


Kidnap or salvation? Debate rages on Chad children [ 2 November  2007 ]
DAKAR (Reuters) - The sight of frightened, bewildered children torn from their homes by wars or poverty is one of the most recurringly haunting faces of Africa. But the case of 103 African children who were to be flown out of Chad to Europe by a French group has touched raw nerves on the continent, where trafficking of minors is still widespread and the slave trade is remembered with horror.

U.N. officials say the children, aged between one and 10 years, whose tearful faces have appeared on TV screens across the world, were not "war orphans" from Sudan's Darfur as claimed by the Zoe's Ark group that had them in their charge.........

"Was it to sell (the children) to paedophiles? Or take their organs to resell them?" Chadian President Idriss Deby has asked.
The President should also ask who the buyers would have been.


Organ Shortage Fuels Illicit Trade in Human Parts  [ 16 January 2004 ]
The National Geographical Magazine is normally sensible and uncontroversial. If they say there is a big trade it may well be true. With a waiting list of 80,000 desperation could set in and that is just Americans. There are Europeans too.


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