Jews and Human Rights

Not all Jews are evil. Here are some of the exceptions and some sources.

Shulamit Aloni
Is a Jewish politician who does not approve of Apartheid even when it is Jews are the perpetrators. She wrote Jews only roads mean real Apartheid in Israel [ 9 January 2007 ]


Association for Civil Rights in Israel
Is what the title says. They care about Palestinians when they are victimized by Jews as well, one assumes, as vice versa.


Norman Finkelstein
Did not approve of a grossly dishonest book written by a Zionist. He said so loud and clear. Getting aggro for his pains didn't stop him. It did block his promotion though. Then it got him sacked.


Neve Gordon
Served in the Jews' airborne, got wounded and went the other way.


Emil Grunzweig Human Rights Award
Was named after a man murdered by Jews in Palestine. The Wikipedia tells about it without the slightest enthusiasm. The Wiki is a Zionist front operation just like most of the media.


Amira Hass
Woman, journo, lives in Gaza, all right.


Gideon Levy
Was a big man, the truth teller of Haaretz, the newspaper written by Jews, owned by Jews, published for Jews, read by Jews. Now in 2010 he seems to have gone quiet. Ditto for Haaretz. Have they been got at? Pinching off honest sources one by one suppresses the truth. That is how Jews do it.


Physicians for Human Rights
Came in for the Emil Grunzweig Human Rights Award. They are not keen on murder, torture or land mines.


Dimi Reider
Mr Reider has popped up. He writes for Haaretz and has a view about the attitudes to illegal immigrants, the sort that Adolf shared. See Racist Israel Evicting Refugees Wholesale on the point.


Israel Shahak
Was a professor of chemistry who had a fairly nasty time in Belsen under the Nazis. He did not approve of Jews in the Stolen Land of Palestine who do the same things as the Nazis. He said so loud and clear. Zionists did not approve.


Israel Shamir
Is a Jew or not, as the case may be. He is certainly not loved by Zionist murderers. The Wikipedia is happy to do a knocking job on him. The Wikipedia is part of the problem, not the solution. It mentions his position piece called The Shadow of ZOG, which tells us that the American government acts at the behest of Zionists; that it is the Zionist Occupation Government


Palestinian Prisoners Of Jews Go On Hunger Strike Against Inhumane Conditions  [ 18 April 2017 ]
It will save the Jews money. Torturing people is fun for Psychopaths. Have a look at some of the armed thugs who run the Israel Prison Service and decide just how brutal they are.



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