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Gideon Levy is an [ sometimetimes ] honest Jew and  a journalist who works for Haaretz in Israel. His honesty makes him important and fairly unusual. There are not a lot of media people like him in Israel or anywhere else. Because he tells the truth he is hated by Zionist  Jews and other Jews who just do not want to know what their government and army are doing to Palestinians. But they have not shut him up. They would if they could. The truth has its uses and its power. Even the Wikipedia, another Propaganda operation manages to sound more or less fair about him. Here are links to some of his output. And, Yes Jewish evil is at least as bad as Nazi evil.
PS Some of his articles may not be available directly from Haaretz but they are out there at Articles by Gideon Levy and at More. He can go wrong with his adulation of Mandela and suchlike.

Mandela Explained - After A Fashion
The adulation of patter merchants who believe their own propaganda.
This time Gideon has gone wrong. He alleges that:-
"Now Mandela is in the international pantheon, along with Mahatma Gandhi [ a Racist fan of Adolf ], Che Guevara [ Marxist mass murderer, Martin Luther King [ thief, fornicator, tool of Marxist Jews ], all fighters for freedom and justice, representatives of minorities or of the oppressed [ Does he really believe this? ]......... The world will remember [ the lies about ]  Mandela, Guevara, King and Gandhi far more." Marxist Saints will get the publicity. The truth will come nowhere.


Gideon Levy ex Wiki
Levy himself has spoken of his 'modest mission to prevent a situation in which many Israelis will be able to say, "We didn't know"...... While working in Gaza in early 2007 with a French film crew that was making a documentary about him, Levy declared on camera that the Gazans' plight made him ashamed to be an Israeli. 
After the Second World War a lot of Germans said that they didn't know about the concentration camps. Some were lying. A lot were lying. Jews are fond of telling us that they were victims of Adolf and they extorted BILLIONS on the strength of it but Palestinians are treated worse. That is different somehow.
PS Mr Levy looks perfectly reasonable.
 Gideon Levy


Someone has to stop Israel's rampant madness in Gaza [ 16 January 2009 ]
Someone has to stop this rampant madness. Right now. It may seem as though the cabinet hasn't decided on the "third stage" of the war yet, Amos Gilad is discussing a cease fire in Cairo, the end of the fighting seems close - but all this is misleading. 

The streets of Gaza Thursday looked like killing fields in the midst of the "third stage" and worse. Israel is arrogantly ignoring the Security Council's resolution calling for a cease-fire and is shelling the UN compound in Gaza, as if to show its real feeling toward that institution. Emergency supplies intended for Gaza residents are going up in flames in the burning warehouses. Thick black smoke is rising from the burning flour sacks and the fuel reserves near them, covering the streets. In the streets, people are running back and forth in panic, holding children and suitcases in their hands, helpless as the shells fall around them. Nobody in the diplomatic corridors is in any hurry to help those unfortunates who have nowhere to run.

The handful of journalists trying to cover the events, despite the outrageous media closure Israel has imposed, are also in danger. The Israel Defense Forces Thursday shelled the media building they were in and now they are all crowded in one office, as fearful and horrified as the rest of the scorched city's residents.  The BBC's Arabic correspondent, furious and alarmed, swears hoarsely that nobody fired from the building or around it. Meanwhile, in our television studios, there is rejoicing.
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Do they care? They certainly do. This is a vote winner among Jews.


'Now you are paralyzed, as we promised' [ 21 June 2007 ]
"We have to make you do a little sports," the Shin Bet interrogator said, launching four successive days of questioning accompanied by brutal physical torture. The result: Luwaii Ashqar can no longer stand on his feet. He sits in his wheelchair, dressed in a fashionable quasi-military suit, super-elegant, new Caterpillar-brand shoes on his paralyzed feet. "I love this color," he says about his uniform. "It's the color of the soldiers who came to arrest me for the interrogation that did all this to me." ........ He is a young man whose world fell apart. He entered prison sound of body and mind and emerged a broken man. For four days and four nights nonstop, he says, he was interrogated and subjected to torture of the most brutal kind. The result is the person we see before us in the wheelchair, in the elegant home high in the village of Saida, north of Tul Karm, which was placed at his disposal by a friend after he was released from Israeli prison a month ago.
Torture is fun, isn't it? For some people it is just great. Torquemada ran the Spanish Inquisition and comes in for heavy weight abuse. When Jews do it things are different. To be fair about American torturers, they don't break men's bodies.
PS If you doubt Mr Levy try looking at Torture In Israel


Racist Jews Sneer At Peretz Because He Is Moroccan
Amir Peretz again was caught in failure. Nimble media photographers managed to catch the defence minister looking through binoculars whose cap was still on. True, publishing the picture is a legitimate journalistic act. But when the picture is spread across the front page of the two most widely circulated newspapers and is part of a long, systematic campaign to portray him as ridiculous, one must ask:.........

He is given no credit for being one of the only top figures who is not under criminal investigation,.... [ eg the President, Prime Minister and Justice Minister - Editor ]
 The mockery of Peretz derives from racism. There is no other way to explain the systematic ridicule of his character.....  So let's remove the mask: Unlike many Mizrahim, Peretz remains a Moroccan who did not become Ashkenazi in his personality, moustache, mannerisms, diction or place of residence...... The ethnic demon is still here, alive and kicking, this time at Amir Peretz.
A Jews tells us about Jewish racism. He should know.


No one is guilty in Israel [ 14 November 2006 ]
Nineteen inhabitants of Beit Hanun were killed with malice aforethought. There is no other way of describing the circumstances of their killing. [ Murder, massacre? - Editor ] Someone who throws burning matches into a forest can't claim he didn't mean to set it on fire, and anyone who bombards residential neighbourhoods with artillery can't claim he didn't mean to kill innocent inhabitants.

Therefore it takes considerable gall and cynicism to dare to claim that the Israel Defence Forces did not intend to kill inhabitants of Beit Hanun. Even if there was a glitch in the balancing of the aiming mechanism or in a component of the radar, a mistake in the input of the data or a human error, the overwhelming, crucial, shocking fact is that the IDF bombards helpless civilians. Even shells that are supposedly aimed 200 meters from houses, into "open areas," are intended to kill, and they do kill. In this respect, nothing new happened on Wednesday morning in Gaza: The IDF has been behaving like this for months now.  
Palestinians are Untermenschen, - subhuman. They don't matter. Ask your friendly rabbi and let him explain.


Jewish Bullies Lose. This Is Good [ 13 August 2006 ]
The bad (and predictable) news: Israel is going to come out of this war with the lower hand. The good (and surprising) news: This ringing failure could spell good tidings.........  

On the other hand, the failure in this little war might teach us an important lesson for the future, and maybe influence us to change our ways and language, the language we speak to our neighbours with violence and force......

If indeed the war ends as it is ending, maybe more Israelis will ask themselves what we are killing and being killed for, what did we pound and get pounded for, and maybe they will understand that it was once again all for naught. Maybe the achievement of this war will be that the failure will be seared deeply into the consciousness, and Israel will take a new route, less violent and less bullying, because of the failure. In 1967, Ephraim Kishon wrote, "sorry we won." This time it is almost possible to say, it's good we did not win.
If they did not get huge subsidies from America and all the military hardware too, it would not be so easy. No wonder they make Americans fight their wars for them.
PS This would not down load from Haaretz. They are not that keen on telling the truth.


The price of ignorance - Haaretz - Israel News [ 29 December 2003 ]
The suicide bomber at the Geha Junction, Shehad Hanani, was from Beit Furik, one of the most imprisoned villages in the territories that is surrounded by earth roadblocks on all sides. It's a place where women in labour and the sick have to risk walking through fields to get to the hospital in adjacent Nablus. At least one woman in labour, Rula Ashatiya, gave birth at the Beit Furik checkpoint and lost her infant. Few Israelis [ that means Jews not Arabs - Editor ] are capable of imagining what life is like in Beit Furik: the almost universal unemployment, poverty, endless siege and humiliations of life inside a prison.............

The Israeli media have next to nothing to say about life in Beit Furik. By the same token, few Israelis heard about the killing of the suicide bomber's relative, Fadi Hanani, 10 days ago in Nablus, just as they hadn't heard about all the killings of Palestinians in the past few months........
Jews don't know how many people their army murders and they care not at all. They are deeply racist.


For the pilots' information [13 November 2003]
His body will never move again. Not a single muscle, except for the face muscles, will move again, and oxygen will not enter the lungs without the help of a respirator. Ever. This, too, is the result of a marvellously accurate hit by an Israel Air Force missile, which was launched three weeks ago at a car containing two Hamas activists driving down one of the crowded main streets of Gaza. 
He was only a Palestinian, call it collateral damage. To make an omelette you must break eggs.


There's a wall in the way - Haaretz - Israel News [ 7 September 2003 ]
A little girl in her school uniform, her hair carefully combed, was walking to her first day of school on Monday. Walking to school? Not precisely. There's a wall in the way. Trying to squeeze between the big cement blocks of this wall besieging her home, she nearly manages to get her little body through, but not her new school bag....... Welcome to the first grade!

No need to travel far to see this evil. Fifteen minutes from downtown Jerusalem, you can see what cruelty for its own sake looks like: collective abuse bearing no relation to its declared purpose. The little town of Abu Dis, once was nearly the temporary capital of Palestine, with an imposing parliament building to prove it, is just a dusty village nowadays, scarred and abandoned, with a wall that bisects everything.

For over a year now, an ugly concrete wall has divided the good people from the bad there, the prisoners from the free, the blue (Israeli identity cards) from the orange (West Bank ID cards). Officially, Palestinians who live west of the wall are okay; Israel leaves them alone, they're deemed residents of Jerusalem. Those to the east of the wall are caged like animals.
Bullying people is fun for sadists. Murder is too. Jews do it for laughs then wonder why they are hated.


One Swift Kick
In the testicles. That was all it took to make a Palestinian half dead and not very amused. But murder is fun for Psychopaths &  Jews. So is torture.


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