Jews and the Bolshevik Revolution

Pravda was the major mouth piece of the Soviet propaganda machine. Now it is rather more free than it was before the Berlin Wall fell. It tells us in passing that the Jews were heavily influential in the Bolshevik Revolution. Richard Pipes, an eminent historian denied it by omission rather than the lie direct in Three Whys of the Russian Revolution. Professor Pipes does not bother to tell us that he is a Jew with an agenda. For more on the whole issue go to Bolshevik Revolution

From On the evils of American 'Multiculti'
America was an experiment, a dialectic which links the past and the future. Similarly, the failed ideology of Soviet Communism, in its several decades of existence, linked a past way of life to the final bankrupt years of a massive, costly and deadly social experiment. Soviet Communism, established through violence and aggression and strongly influenced by European Jews who pushed their own ethnic and anti-Christian agenda, never had a chance (although the Chinese version of communism is managing much better). The Soviet Union collapsed finally because the experiment had reached its historical conclusion; it could no longer function, and thus gave birth to the current corrupt system which dominates Russia and other parts of the former empire.

From On the evils of American 'Multiculti'
It’s the trinity of relativism, political correctness, and multiculturalism that ultimately destroyed America. Political correctness is wrong because it privileges certain groups and discriminates against others. America’s promotion of Kwanzaa celebrations and annual African-American History Months reminds me of the Soviet Union’s cultivation of communist myths. One notes certain similarities in the public cults of Lenin and Martin Luther King Jr. King in recent decades has been promoted by the American government as a superhuman figure, a secular American saint. He was, no doubt, a pioneer for African-Americans, and his accomplishments had not previously been matched in Black America. Yet adulterer and plagiarizer King is no role model for me, and I question the decision of America to elevate him to civic sainthood. MLK Day is, for me, not a sign of “progress,” but a symbol of decadence, propaganda, and injustice.
NB Pravda does not tell us that the Jews ran King but notice that they run Congress, the Senate and the White House too. They had to in order to get MLK Day enacted into law.

Sources which confirm Pravda's comments are:-
Martin Luther King
MLK's 'Other Woman'
Ed Steele
NB The
Wikipedia  is owned by a Jew and controlled by a Jew so there is an agenda built in at the top.


Jews and the Revolution
This names some of the perpetrators.


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