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The National Vanguard was never going to be part of the Martin Luther King fan club and with good reason. They have done the research into his very nasty track record and published it. Here is one of their links - The Beast as Saint: The Truth About Martin Luther King. Communist subversives, post Marxists and Lefties generally will dislike these sources because they do not like National Vanguard but there the left has a problem. They are operating against the truth. They are used to this and they have answers, well practiced answers; lie, suppress the truth, ignore it or lay on the diversion. But analyzing that is not the purpose of this particular page.

PS Sadly National Vanguard is now [ January 2008 ] off line. Communists are pleased but there are other sources telling the truth. One such is Honest Media Today which gives us copies of the Congressional records regarding the man. Having read them you might wonder why Congress chose to institute a national holiday in his name. You might wonder why Congress was so keen to invade Iraq. You might wonder whether Congress acts in American interests or even whether it is full of traitors acting for a foreign power. The answers are much the same for all of these questions. Which foreign power? The one that controlled King.

Jews used King to incite Black Hate in the South. They succeeded too. See King assassination riots for proof. Notice that King was not merely murdered; he was assassinated. They used Manning Johnson, who was also black and Bella Dodd to infiltrate The Catholic Church, to destroy it from within - see Christianity Under Attack on this.

"I'm fucking for God!"
"I'm not a Negro tonight!"
Martin Luther King's words recorded by the FBI


Martin Luther King - A Communist Fraud
One marketed by Jews of course.


Martin Luther King Was A Marxist
In fact, this “conservative Republican” denounced Goldwater in the strongest possible terms in a speech he gave after he won the Nobel Prize. He not only condemned Goldwater, he explicitly condemned Goldwater’s message of liberty, freedom and limited government:

Another indication that progress is being made was found in the recent presidential election in the United States. The American people revealed great maturity by overwhelmingly rejecting a presidential candidate who had become identified with extremism, racism, and retrogression. The voters of our nation rendered a telling blow to the radical right. They defeated those elements in our society which seek to pit white against Negro and lead the nation down a dangerous Fascist path.

Pretty odd talk coming from a conservative Republican, don’t you think? Goldwater never sought to pit whites against “Negroes”; he simply believed it was unconstitutional for the federal government to force anyone, black or white, to do business with people they didn’t want to do business with.
The whole of the Main Stream Media is infested with Marxist liars.


King Sorted Out By US Government - Allegedly
Someone puts a view, quotes sources, makes a case. I go with the Jews using King to incite Black Rage line.


Christopher Dorner
One of King's victims; a paranoid black crazy who came unstuck.


The Unknown Martin Luther King
AmeRen tells all. Do they get called liars? The news black out, truth suppression is the answer for inconvenient facts.


Was King A Christian?
Not for my money. NB that this is a Jew explaining.


MLK Quote
Cowardice asks the question - is it safe?
Expediency asks the question - is it politic?
Vanity asks the question - is it popular?
But conscience asks the question - is it right?
And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but one must take it because it is right.
The man was a swine, a black swine but useful to the Jews who hate America because he was an orator who incited Black Rage & White Guilt.


Wikipedia Bias On Race
Tells us about Hunter Pitts O'Dell, black communist trouble maker, associated with Martin Luther King; the Highlander Folk School ditto - founded by Myles Horton [ not a Jew according to the Wiki ], Don West, [ allegedly not a Jew ] and James A. Dombrowski [ allegedly a Methodist ]


Jews Incite Hatred
They pay blacks to make rap music full of foul mouthed incitement to hate. Jews are criminals on the make. Jews get away with it because they have influence with corrupt politicians.


Marchin' Lootin' Killin' Day
Ed Steele takes a look at King and doesn't like what he sees.


Martin Luther King Marketed As A Hero
The Daily Mail tells the truth sometimes. This is not such an occasion.


MLK Day Quiz
Find out how little the main stream media and the education industry told you about him.

Martin Luther King Jr. Traitor - Alan Stang Tells All
Remember that the media hookers made him the nation’s leading "apostle of nonviolence." But there is a photograph of King listening intently in attendance at a Communist training school in Tennessee, sitting beside Communist Aubrey Williams, [ low grade source - Editor ], chairman of the Southern Conference Educational Fund [ a Communist subversive boasts about its operations - Editor ], a Communist front that financed him. In front of "Dr." King, close enough to touch, is a gentleman named Abner W. Berry, who just happened to be a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.  As Communists, these people of course believed in the violent overthrow of the United States government.

King was president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference [ A Wikipedia propaganda piece - Editor ]. Fred Shuttlesworth, [ Another Wikipedia propaganda piece - Editor ] was vice president. Fred was also president of the Southern Conference Educational Fund [ A communist source - Editor ], another Communist outfit, whose field director, Carl Braden [ A corrupt source - see what it says about his attack in Louisville - Editor ], a Communist terrorist, had been convicted of bombing a house in Louisville. Carl’s wife, Anne, was also a member of the Communist Party. In a letter to Anne dated October 7, 1959, Martin Luther King urged her and her husband Carl to become permanently affiliated with King’s SCLC. By then, again, they had become notorious as violent Communists.
Indeed, it is not an exaggeration to say that King’s closest associates in his quest for "nonviolence" were people high up in the violent Communist apparatus. His "secretary" was Bayard Rustin, who spent a lifetime up to his eyeballs in Communist activities. James Dombrowski was another Communist who helped finance King.
It goes on. Mr Stang was there. He knows the ground, the people, the pay masters. He tells it like it is. Jews were inciting blacks in order to over throw American civilization and indeed Western Civilization They still are. The Main Stream Media and Hollywood are theirs and part of it. Another enemy is Aubrey Williams.


MLK's Final Dream - A Separate Black Nation
Martin Luther King was going to propose a separate black nation just before his assassination. The word "dream" in relation to Martin Luther King is going to be heard ad nauseum as America's ruling class marks the 40th anniversary of his assassination. King's "I Have a Dream" speech was delivered at the 1963 March on Washington, with the full backing of the United States government and a coalition of special interests. The end result of the speech was the passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which ushered in a new era of multiculturalism and began the death of the United States as it once was.

Far from being a courageous radical, King was an establishment icon. His wild personal behaviour and close relationship with Communists attracted the attention of J. Edgar Hoover, but King got a free ride from the mass media and the interests they and he represented. Even the fact that King plagiarized not only his doctoral dissertation, but twenty percent of the "I Have a Dream" sermon itself was ignored.

But King was no longer of much use to the rulers after the Civil Rights Act was passed, and he began to flounder for relevance, eventually becoming a nuisance to his former owners.
Getting shot was his final publicity stunt and it worked like a dream. Rioting in a hundred cities. Blacks believing that they had been oppressed by nasty white men. What more could communist subversives want? Communist in this context means Jew of course.


Plan For Racial Strife Revealed
Henry Makow puts a case. It has a denial from the Wiki, implying that using black front men to incite hatred is a technique used well before King started his campaign of hate.


FBI's Complete File on Martin Luther King
It is not complete but there is a lot of it. He had a major connection to Levison, his handler, Jew and communist


I Have A Dream
He wanted us all to be equal. At all events he said that. It played well. The race relations industry has had none of that. They want superiority.


Jesse Jackson, Politician And Crook
This is an addition to flesh out the Martin Luther King story.


Martin Luther King Junior and Levison
Jewish Communist Stanley Levison can best be described as King's behind-the-scenes "handler." Levison, who had for years been in charge of the secret funnelling of Soviet funds to the Communist Party, USA, was King's mentor and was actually the brains behind many of King's more successful ploys. It was Levison's who edited King's book, "Stride Toward Freedom." It was Levison who arranged for a publisher. Levison even prepared King's income tax returns! It was Levison who really controlled the fund-raising and agitation activities of the SCLC. Levison wrote many of King's speeches. King described Levison as one of his "closest friends."
You can believe the main stream media Wikipedia or but not both. I am settling for the latter. A better write up on Levison comes next.


Stanley Levison
Jew, communist, trader, rich, Communist Party treasurer, King's handler.


MLK And The Plagiarism Cover Up - broken link but saved
The Unknown Martin Luther King King was a crook who stole other men's writing. Academics lied about it or suppressed the truth. This is collusion in fraud.


Stanley Levison- Wikipedia version of truth
Was a Jew, communist subversive and King's handler. The Wikipedia claims that King was not a communist. The FBI has 11,408 pages of data on Levison which are presumably the raw data from their surveillance.


Stanley Levison - ex Metapedia
Levison was a fund-raiser for the Communist Party USA Levison handled the finances of the Communist Party until 1955 when he moved his talents to the so-called Civil Rights Movement. Thereafter Levison would continue to contribute and personally finance the party. The FBI suspected Levison's alleged break with the party was a cover and his special relationship with King was an assignment designated to him by the party’s Soviet sponsors.

In 1956 Levison along with Bayard Rustin and Ella Baker founded In Friendship to raise funds for southern civil rights agitators.

Relationship with King
Levison was King’s chief advisor and spoke to him by telephone almost on a daily basis. The FBI with authorization from Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy wiretapped most of these conversations. Communist party leaders would brag their old comrade was King’s number one advisor and was writing most of his speeches. President John F. Kennedy personally warned King to break his association with Levison because of his communist affiliations. Levison for a while backed away for King but continued to direct him thru an intermediary.

Levison was the brainchild in suggesting the development the coalition of Black clerics that became the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He was instrumental in finding ghost writers to King's book Why We Can’t Wait.
The Metapedia does not have left wing bias. It tells us that King was a communist handled by Levison


The Other Woman In King's Life - broken link pro tempore but saved
JUST MOMENTS after the news of Coretta Scott King’s death, the first inquiring e-mail arrived: How long would it be before the woman some King scholars have for years privately thought of as “the other wife” either stepped forward or was identified by some unprincipled [ what kind of principles are we talking about here? - Editor ] news outlet?

Her story is not exactly secret; it’s one that was known to dozens if not hundreds of people even before Martin Luther King Jr.’s tragic assassination on April 4, 1968. A number of biographers and historians (myself included) have met and interviewed her, and several have made reference to her. But although she was his most important emotional companion during the last five years of his life, her identity has remained hidden for even longer than that of Watergate’s “Deep Throat.”

None of King’s surviving intimates or the handful of historians who know parts of this wonderful woman’s intensely personal saga will knowingly aid or abet a mass media invasion of her privacy. If she chooses to tell her story before her death, all well and good, but to date every serious student of King’s life has quietly and independently concluded that that decision is hers and hers alone, and not one that should be forced on her.
King was fornicating with her  - and others - but that is all right because he was a communist subversive, useful to the Los Angeles Times' political agenda.


Honest Media Tells Us About The FBI Investigation
Due to King's FBI record being sealed since some time after his untimely death, due both to government censorship and in the public's interest, I have decided to provide many pages taken from the Congressional Record, which related to his life.  You will find out what the government knew about him, and what some in the government thought of him.  I am neglecting to include many pages that are common knowledge, and am rather trying to focus on his activities that aroused controversy. 
Another decent source.


Martin Luther King Jr. - A Historical Examination - The REAL truth
The truth is out there but the main stream media are not in the business of telling us. Politicians are not either. There is an agenda and they are controlled by dark forces. Does that sound like paranoia? It isn't. I only wish it were.


The Straight Dope - Was Martin Luther King, Jr. a plagiarist?
Cecil, the man who knows everything says the man was a swine but had a major achievement in re race relations. He reads as honest but I would be inclined to give a lot more weight to his handler's agenda - inciting blacks to hate.


Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day History Quiz - broken link
Find out what they don't want you to know about the Reverend King.

New links that stick a knife in the King myth!

Take the MLK Quiz! - broken link

and - broken link

The Shocking Truth About Martin Luther King - broken link

MLK: The Investigator's Original Documents - broken link

MLK: A Socialist Saint
Fake "hero" collaborated with pro-Soviet Marxists at the height of the
Cold War - broken link

Plagiarism and the Culture War: The Writings of Martin Luther King Jr - broken link

MLK's 'Other Woman' he used her when he wasn't using whores. - broken


Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day History Quiz

MLK's 'Other Woman' he used her when he wasn't using whores.

See to or find out about his track record of fraud, fornication, brutality and Jewish communist handlers. The  Wikipedia says begrudgingly that his doctoral thesis was only one third fraudulent, that he did fornicate and that he was handled by only one communist. It is rather more enthusiastic about the FBI disliking him.  Ed Steele tells us about his thieving and whore beating.

King's widow received a 1977 Federal court order which sealed the huge FBI file on her husband for 50 years, "because its release would destroy his reputation!"  - See  Ed Steele on the point. Also [ The Martin Luther King Jr. Plagiarism page ] on his plagiarism - that is copying other people's work and pretending that it was his.

FACT #75-77: On Jan. 31, 1977, Martin Luther King's FBI records were sealed by court order until the year 2027 because, as his wife said, "its release would destroy his reputation" These records are rumoured to contain instances of bizarre sexual perversion and homosexuality, and proof that King was under the direct orders of Soviet spies and financed by the Communist Party. FACT #78: The Wall Street Journal (Nov.9, 1990) disclosed that Stanford University editors of The Papers of Martin Luther King Jr. have long known that King was guilty of plagiarism in his l955 Boston University doctoral thesis, having lifted significant portions from the works of other writers and graduate students. FACT #79: Martin Luther King frequently enjoyed prostitutes and paid for them with his church's money. Still, congress has voted to make King's birthday a national holiday, in most places replacing Columbus Day or Washington's Birthday as an official observance. FACT #80: Almost every state in the union has a King holiday, and almost every city has a King Boulevard or King Civic Centre. Yet the electoral evidence suggests that Americans will almost always vote down honours for King when given a chance. Martin Luther King (Man Behind the Myth) by Des


Martin Luther King Was A Filthy Animal Said FBI [ 14 November 2014 ]
The full, unredacted text of the FBI’s supposedly anonymous letter to Martin Luther King has been unearthed at the National Archive by Beverly Gage, an historian from Yale University. It has to be read to be believed
Was it true though? Yes! The FBI knew what King was up to, what he was getting away with. The Puppet Masters market him as a saint because they are Propagandists, lying to destroy America.


Eight Shot As Blacks Celebrate Peace On Martin Luther King Day  [ 18 January 2017 ]
A day of celebration was marred when eight people were shot and several others injured during a stampede to get out of Miami-Dade’s  Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, on a day when the civil rights icon was honored across the country. Police had two people in custody and had recovered two weapons within an hour of Monday’s gunfire.
A commentator suggest firearms training; it would improve the number of kills. Another offered to give ammo to help things along.


  [ 4 November 2017 ]
An FBI report has been declassified as part of the newly released John F. Kennedy assassination files, and claims Martin Luther King Jr. had an 'all-night sex orgy' at a training workshop. The report released on Friday was written just weeks before the revered civil rights leader was assassinated in 1968, and details allegations about a workshop King held earlier that year in Miami.

The FBI's sex smears [ sic ] against King have been well known for years, but the newly released 20-page report offers new insight into the harsh portrait the Bureau attempted to paint of him as he campaigned for civil rights and economic reforms.

It is not clear whether the FBI was able to confirm any of the salacious claims it included in the analysis, and they could not be independently verified. [ The is lying ].
The Very Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King got his PhD by fraud. He liked fornicating with white whores then beating them up. But the Main Stream Media market him as a saint with out mentioning that his handler, his manager was a Marxist and Jew called Levison. The is just as corrupt as the rest of the Propaganda machines waging Culture War against us.
PS The Reverend Jesse Jackson, another black race hustler is just as bent.


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