Jews from the Ukraine

Jews have risen to prominence in various fields. Here are some from the Ukraine.

Pavel Axelrod
Was a Marxist revolutionary influenced by Mikhail Bakunin and colluded with Georgi Plekhanov,  and Vera Zasulich, Julius Martov, Vladimir Lenin and Alexander Potresov to edit Iskra, a Marxist propaganda  newspaper. He didn't get murdered so he was lucky or clever.


David Bronstein
Is a chess grand master and a cousin of Trotsky.


Levi Eshkol
Was the third president of Israel. He didn't do a cover up on the Lavon Job, a Jewish false flag operation that went wrong. This annoyed Ben-Gurion, who encouraged Sharon in mass murder.


Ze'ev Jabotinsky
Was intelligent, active and big in the  World Zionist Organization. He was an  Anglophile to boot.


Lazar Kaganovich
Was a Jew from the Ukraine and Joe Stalin's favourite mass murder. He was a very good one too. The Wikipedia is keen on skirting round the truth regarding this comedian. Notice words like alleged, claimed etcetera.


Karl Radek
Was  a Bolshevik and an international Communist leader. He confessed his guilt at one of Joe's show trials,  the Trial of the Seventeen and died in nick.


Sidney Reilly
Might have been born Georgi Rosenblum in Odessa but no one really knows. He was  a spy for various countries. Treachery was a way of life and death too.


Leon Trotsky
Trotters was hated by Joe Stalin so he could not have been utterly evil. He was the Minister of War and led from the front. He had the bottle to do it unlike Lenin and Bernadette Devlin. Joe had him murdered in Mexico.


Simon Wiesenthal
Wiesenthal made a name for himself hunting war criminals but  only if they were Nazis. Jews were exempt. He also made a nice little earner out of it.


Grigory Zinoviev
Was born as Ovsei-Gershon Aronovich Radomyslsky (Радомысльский), alias Hirsch Apfelbaum. He was a major Bolshevik revolutionary and a Soviet Communist politician.


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