Jews In Austria

Austria has had Jews for many centuries. They ran the brothels which is one reason why Adolf didn't like them. He saw them  at it in Vienna. Then there is the matter of murdering children for their blood. They were caught doing it after they got kicked out of Austria and went down to Italy. See what a Jewish professor has to say about this matter at Blood Passover or The Blood Libel. There are more current affairs.

Jewish Politician [ Schlaff ] Has Light Fingers
Police probing Lieberman for alleged money transfer. The National Fraud Police Unit suspects that Yisrael Beitenu head Avigdor Lieberman fraudulently continued to be involved in private business ventures while he was infrastructure minister under Ariel Sharon in 2001. Haaretz has discovered that on Aug 14th 2001, a Cypriot company "Trading Trasimeno" - which police suspect was controlled by Lieberman - transferred $650,000 to an Austrian company owned by Jewish gambling tycoon Martin Schlaff.

This monetary transfer stands at the centre of the police's investigation into Lieberman. The police suspect that Lieberman lied to the comptroller and the Knesset Chairman and continued to make private business deals after he was made minister. Lieberman's aides said in response to the allegations that Lieberman had no link to the Cypriot company as of April 2001.

Martin Schlaff is also under investigation in Israel in suspicion that he sent former prime minister Ariel Sharon a 3 million dollar bribe.
The President is a rapist. The Prime Minister is under investigation for multiple frauds. The previous PM [ Sharon ] is a mass murderer. It goes on. Lieberman is a nasty bit of work among a pack of very nasty rogues.


Are rich, make that very rich, highly influential and dangerous important. Financing wars - when it suited them was just part of it. Stealing Palestine ditto.