The Jews set up Concentration Camps camps in Israel to hold illegal immigrants, refugees from countries run by blacks. Ketziot in the Negev Desert is one site. Another is Saharonim Concentration Camp. It is even written up by the Wikipedia. Fun it is not. We are not supposed to notice any similarities to Auschwitz. Jews whine about being oppressed. They enjoy being perpetrators.

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Jews Oppress Blacks In Israeli Concentration Camp [ 24 October 2012 ]
Ha'aretz reports that the Social Affairs Ministry is objecting to the Defence Ministry's handling of the African refugee detention centre being built in Ketzot near the border with Egypt to hold what Israel call "infiltrators" and what the rest of the world calls "refugees" and "asylum seekers":

Living conditions in a detention facility for African asylum seekers now under construction in the Negev Desert will be "unreasonable," the Social Affairs Ministry has warned.

In an internal ministry document recently presented to the National Planning and Building Council, the ministry objected to the Defence Ministry's request to use tents instead of permanent buildings for half the living quarters at the camp, which is being built as part of a government plan to encourage asylum seekers to leave Israel. [emphasis added]

The Social Affairs Ministry also criticized the plan to start populating the camp with families and other asylum seekers before all the communal facilities, such as an infirmary, are completed. In addition, it objected …[to using] each structure to house up to 20 refugees, instead of six as the ministry recommends.........

The issue of having so many people living in one residential unit was also not examined…The technical appendices add that the units are intended for up to six residents…But the permanent housing units [which] are converted cargo containers…hold up to 20 people each. This could lead to violence.
Putting 20 illegal immigrants in one 40 foot container at Ketziot or at Saharonim Concentration Camp sounds like a squash. Keeping them on short rations will stop them getting fat. Haaretz is being very tactful; there is no mention of Auschwitz, far less their Holocaust® Story. The reality is that Jews don't want blacks any more than anyone else. They are very keen on flooding England, America, Oz, New Zealand, wherever. That is Ethnic Fouling. That is policy. Doing it on their own doorstep is another matter.

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