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Professor MacDonald of the California State University Long Beach specializes in the psychology of group survival strategies which is why he takes an interest in how Jews survive so well, writing the Culture Of Critique on the subject. Another and hostile review is at The Culture of Critique.

The potted biography in the Wikipedia is in hate mode, using words like claim & allege. It knows that Words are Propaganda Tools.  The Wiki can be good but is, ultimately a political Propaganda machine. He deals with the Zionist crazies and their Long March Through The Institutions, which led to the Marxist Takeover Of The Ruling Classes. Their objective is the Cultural Genocide of Western Civilization. This leads to their hostility to Kev. He edits The Occidental Observer, a worthy source. Some of his articles are at Kevin MacDonald.

He feels that the Southern Poverty Law Center has misrepresented him in The Thirteen Scariest People In America. Also in The SPLC Promotes Hate, which was sourced by the SPLC. Given the ugly reality of  the SPLC, an operation run by an exceptionally nasty Jew, one Morris Dees  he is entirely likely to be right. Frank Salter is different, a friendly voice among the chorus of hate.

Kevin Started By Studying The Old Testament
He found that the Jews have always been grossly Racist, caring deeply about preserving their genetic heritage. Now they use Racism as propaganda tool against us, alleging that it is the Great Evil, that we must allow Western Civilization to be overrun by Third World aliens.


Jews versus Kevin MacDonald
Jews hate, Jews attack. Simple, isn't it?


Kevin MacDonald ex Wikipedia in hate mode 
Kevin B. MacDonald (born January 24, 1944) is a professor of psychology at California State University, Long Beach, best known for his use of evolutionary psychology to inform his study of Judaism as being a "group evolutionary strategy."

MacDonald's most controversial claim is that a suite of traits that he attributes to Jews, including higher-than-average verbal intelligence and ethnocentricism, have eugenically evolved to enhance the ability of Jews to conspire to out-compete non-Jews for resources while undermining the power and self-confidence of the white majorities in Europe and America whom he insists Jews seek to dispossess.

His colleagues at the university's psychology department, as well as the Cal State Long Beach academic senate, have formally disassociated themselves from his work. The academic senate described his views as anti-Semitic and white ethnocentric.
Notice that the Wiki tells us that various people make allegations against Kev but they do not address his arguments. They can't because he is right. This article is part of the  Deafening Silence which is defeated by the truth. Do you think they are taking it down the middle? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


The SPLC Promotes Hate
LONG BEACH, Calif. — Given its diverse student body, it would seem that CSLUB would be the last place to find a tried and true Anti-Semite and white supremacist lecturing. But that is where Kevin B. MacDonald, a 63-year-old man who developed a deep-seated mistrust for Jewish activists while protesting the Vietnam War, is employed as the psychology professor for those seeking degrees in child development.

From an office inside the bunker-like, six-story Psych building, a tall, thin, bespectacled MacDonald pumps out pages and pages of material on how Jews are genetically driven to destroy Western societies. According to MacDonald, who considers himself an evolutionary psychologist, Jews, who have typically been in the minority in countries around the world, are compelled by an evolutionary strategy that makes them push for liberal policies, like immigration and diversity, with the intent of weakening the power of the majority that rules them.
Little Miss Beirich says that "MacDonald, who considers himself an evolutionary psychologist". That is curious. Doesn't Professor MacDonald know? Does Heidi know better? We are not told. Jews do not like the good professor, which is why they put the boot in. Go for the messenger when they can't go for the message; That Jews hate us, that Jews are destroying us. The Deafening Silence is used to hide their lack of answers to an honest man. The Southern Poverty Law Center has its very own track record. It is not pretty.


The Thirteen Scariest People In America - another  SPLC propaganda piece
From the scariest presidential candidate to the scariest billionaire to the scariest cop, these truly are the worst America has to offer.
Scariest Presidential Candidate: Sam Brownback / Senator (R-Kansas) [ Who is he? - Editor ].........
Scariest Cop: Joe Arpaio / Sheriff, Maricopa County, AZ [ the well known comedian ].....

Scariest Academic: Kevin MacDonald / Professor of Psychology, California State University at Long Beach
by Mark Potok and Heidi Beirich

Once Kevin MacDonald was a flower child, a peacenik, a man who abandoned his Catholicism during the Vietnam era. Then it dawned on him: There seemed to be an awful lot of Jews in the antiwar movement, and it all went south from there. Today, the 62-year-old tenured psychology professor is the man that hate groups hope will make Anti-Semitism respectable.

In a nasty series of weighty-sounding books like The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements (1998), MacDonald, who received a Masters in evolutionary biology from University of Connecticut, argues that Jews engage in a "group evolutionary strategy" to weaken the "host societies" in which they live. Jews, he says, have historically been in the minority, so they've collectively decided to push multiculturalism, interracial marriage, and socialism on Gentiles -- even as they hypocritically pursue group cohesive-ness among themselves -- to destabilize society and diminish threats to themselves.

This leads MacDonald to some remarkable conclusions; he blames the deaths of "millions of people" on "the failure of Jewish assimilation into European societies," and suggests that colleges restrict Jewish admission and Jews be heavily taxed "to counter the Jewish advantage in the possession of wealth." Such ideas have earned MacDonald scorn from his academic colleagues (though tenure has insulated him, thus far, from firing). Harvard's Steven Pinker, a respected psychology professor, characterized MacDonald's work as failing "basic tests of scientific credibility."

But MacDonald is an intellectual star of the radical right, and he is cited by the likes of former Klan leader David Duke to justify neo-Nazism. MacDonald sits on the advisory committee of the National Policy Institute, a racist think tank striving to "elevate the consciousness of whites." He also contributes regularly to The Occidental Quarterly, a journal known for rants against (non-white) immigrants.

In 2004, the journal gave MacDonald its $10,000 Jack London Literary Prize, awarded to authors whose work "is intended to promote the timeless values of Western civilization."
Mark Potok and Heidi Beirich are the director and deputy director of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project.
Nervous Nellies might be scared. It is a routine hate list for left wing activists. The bit about Kev comes from the Southern Poverty Law Center which made a lot of money by using blacks to mount malicious prosecutions.


The Culture of Critique Series - the Hornbeck Review
Professor(?) Hornbeck puts a position. This cost him lots of Brownie points among academics.


Frank Salter review of Culture of Critique
Is Kevin MacDonald a Scholar?
Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements
Reviewed by Frank Salter, Max Planck Institute, Andechs, Germany
Human Ethology Bulletin
, September 2000, Vol. 15(3), pp. 16-22.

    Most readers of this Bulletin will be aware of the controversy that embroiled ISHE member Kevin MacDonald at the recent annual meeting of our kindred organization, the Human Behavior and Evolution Society (HBES). At a special session MacDonald was charged with anti-Semitism and his scientific standing questioned. Any review must now be counted as contributing to that controversy since it bears on MacDonald's status as a scholar and evolutionary psychologist..................

    Charges of anti-Semitism, political motivation, and shoddy scholarship are clearly plausible to many colleagues. The broad political Left, which constitutes the academic establishment since at least the 1960s, views interest in evolutionary accounts of human nature, and even claiming that such a thing exists, as tantamount to fascism (Singer 1998).............

    Given such a defensive posture it is little wonder that a long, cold inspection of Judaism should raise a storm. What is one to make of a scholar who: (1) like so many anti-Semites takes pains to show the great overrepresentation of Jews in radical political movements such as post-WWI Bolshevism in Russia and Central Europe, the Communist Party of America, and the New Left of the 1960s and 1970s (including the claim that in 1928 Jews were 1000% overrepresented among socialist Reichstag deputies); (2) who revives the old Nazi canard about Freud by alleging that he was a Jewish activist nurturing hatred of 'Aryan' Europe, leading an essentially Jewish cabal of psychoanalysts intent on subverting Christian sexual standards; (3) who portrays Jensen's hereditarian theory of IQ as mainstream; (4) who maintains that on average Jews constitute a quarter of America's elites and draws attention to 58% representations in the senior ranks of Hollywood (which it 'dominates'), 50% of network television producers, and 40% of elite university law faculty; (5) who maintains that since the mid 1960s the media elite has pursued a leftist agenda that includes promoting racial integration through school busing; (6) who goes so far as to question the appropriateness of large Jewish over-representation in a democratic elite (7) who suggests that European-Jewish intellectual prominence is genetically based and the result of eugenic processes within traditional Jewish communities; (8) who argues that Jewish intellectuals such as Franz Boas, Felix Frankfurter, Harold Laski, Max Lerner, Morris Cohen, and Robert Merton, accelerated the 'deChristianization' of America's public life by selectively promoting as cultural heroes Gentiles who advanced their goals, such as Margaret Mead, John Dewey, and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes; (9) who agrees with T. S. Eliot's most famous anti-Semitic statement, that any large number of free-thinking Jews is undesirable if one wants to maintain or develop a society in which a Christian, ethnically homogeneous tradition can flourish........

 Unfortunately the knowledge gap is closing slowly because some of his most hostile critics, including colleagues who make serious ad hominem accusations, have not bothered to read MacDonald's books. If this sounds incredible, please read on.
There are honest academics out there. Lord/Professor/Doctor/Herr Salter is one.


The Culture of Critique Series ex Wikipedia
The Culture of Critique 1998
MacDonald examines Boasian anthropology, political radicalism, psychoanalysis, the Frankfurt School, and The New York Intellectuals, arguing that Jews dominated these intellectual movements and that a strong sense of Jewish identity was characteristic of the great majority of the individuals in these movements.

He argues that these individuals were pursuing an ethnic [ i.e. Racist - Editor ] agenda in establishing and participating in them, yet he stresses that the Jewish community does not constitute a unified movement and that only a small and elite minority of that community participated in these movements.

Nevertheless, he alleges Jewish efforts to shape United States immigration policy in opposition to the interests of the peoples of non-Jewish European descent, particularly the peoples of Northern and Western Europe. He concludes the book by claiming that intellectual movements he examines are movements that are either Jewish by nature or Jewish-controlled, and that these movements are associated with the deaths of millions of people: "In the 20th century many millions of people have been killed in the attempt to establish Marxist societies based on the ideal of complete economic and social leveling, and many more millions of people have been killed as a result of the failure of Jewish assimilation into European societies ... the result has been a widening gulf between the cultural successes of Jews and Gentiles and a disaster for society as a whole."
This reads as fair comment apart from the use of words like claim, allege, argues. The Jews are trying to destroy Christendom. They set up the Bolshevik Revolution and the consequent massacres. It goes on.


Professor MacDonald Is The Neo-Nazis' Favourite Academic Alleges Neo-Conservative Jew [ 3 September 2016 ]
Donald Trump Jr. retweeted
Kevin MacDonald, a retired psychology professor that the Southern Poverty Law Center has called “the neo-Nazi movement’s favorite academic.”......... MacDonald has argued that anti-Semitism is a “logical” response to Jewish control of the media and world financial systems. MacDonald has attributed Jewish motivation to control societies in which they are the minority as an “evolutionary strategy,” one that can explain Jewish liberal politics.
Anti-Semitism is a logical response to the Genocide being perpetrated by Jews in Gaza. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Propaganda machine run by thoroughly unpleasant Jews on the make. One is  Morris Dees. You might feel inclined to contact Feldman at to comment on his little piece.


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